The H Files, Chapter Two: Operation Beginning

The H Files

Operation Beginning

This file has been downloaded from the files of Rebecca Akathend, also known as the superhero, Mind Games. After the group disbanded, these records were released to the public so that others might learn more about who the heroes that protected them were. This is file number 1, or Operation beginning, when all the heroes and villains received their powers. The account starts with Agonel seated across from General Quinton…

General Quinton held out his hand to Agonel. “I just wanted to thank you Mr. Akathend for agreeing to meet with me today. I greatly admire the work that you do.”

Agonel reached out and took the General’s hand and shook it. “Thank you for having me here today. I enjoy working on my own projects, but when the government requests something specific, it always provides me with the most fascinating challenges. What is the project that you wanted to discuss with me?”

The general leaned on his desk with his elbows, one hand gripped the other fist as he rested his head on them. “The problem we would like to request your assistance with is one that has plagued the military for a long time. Now, I don’t want to offend you Mr. Akathend, because I know that you have a similar… gift, but the military would greatly appreciate it if you could turn that beautiful mind of yours toward finding a cure for ADHD.”

Agonel leaned back against this chair and a look of concentration crossed his face. “You know that I credit the way my mind works and my genius on my ADHD, General, don’t you? Why would you want to take that gift away from your men?”

General Quinton threw his hands up in the air. “I knew you would have misgivings about the project, but you need to look at the issue from the perspective of the military. I’m sure that ADHD is great for you creative smart types, but a soldier needs to be able to focus, sit still, not get distracted. Wars have been lost because one soldier lost his concentration at the wrong time because of ADHD!”

Agonel gave General Quinton a Skeptical look. “Really General? Which wars were those?”

“Ah, um, well I can’t think of which ones they were at the moment, but the main point is that you can help to strengthen your country and make a nice little payday for your services. Come through for us on this and we will guarantee you all of our military contracts that you want for the next five years. What do you say son?”

Agonel sat in thought for several moments. “I can certainly see the advantage for your soldiers to lose their ADHD, and I must admit this seems like quite an exciting challenge, so I will agree to do this for you.”

“That’s what I like to hear!: The General opened up the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out two glasses and a glass bottle of scotch. He filled each glass about halfway, and held one out to Agonel.  “You can stop and talk with my secretary on your way out to discuss if there is anything that you need from us and pick up your initial research funding check. I’m sure you will keep me up to date with your progress?”

Agonel stood up and held his hand up in refusal. “I appreciate the offer General Quinton, but I never touch the stuff, personally. And, yes,I will keep you up to date with my progress.”

General Quinton looked longingly at the glass of scotch in his hand and the one on his desk. He muttered to himself, “Well, I already poured both of them, no sense in letting them go to waste.” He raised the glass in his hand up to his mouth and thrust his head back and downed the contents of the glass in one big gulp. He slammed his glass down on his desk and let out a big gasp of air before grabbing the other glass and doing the same with it. He gazed longingly at the bottle sitting on his desk.

Agonel cleared his throat and started walking toward the door. “I’ll just let myself out, have a good day, General.” Agonel opened the door stepped through it and closed it behind him.


Agonel looked through a microscope at a sample of his blood and then he scribbled a few notes. He adjusted the magnification on the microscope and studied it for a little while before scribbling more notes.

Rebecca walked down the stairs into Agonel’s lab. She looked over his shoulder at his notes. “What are you working on now?”

Agonel looked up, startled at her arrival. “Ah, perfect timing, hun. I need to use some of your blood.”

“What? Ouch!” Rebecca glared at Agonel as he pulled the needle out of Rebecca’s arm with a small sample of her blood. “A little more warning would be nice. What are you up to, anyway?”

Agonel put a few drops of her blood onto a glass plate and put it under his microscope. “The military has hired me to find a cure for ADHD, but first I need to determine what causes ADHD and how to isolate it, before I can figure out how to eradicate it.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “As amazing as that sounds, you promised to take me to  my favorite Italian place tonight, so get cleaned up and lets go.”

Agonel looked up at Rebecca in surprise. “No, I promised to take you out Friday night, it’s only Tuesday.”

Rebecca sighed and shook her head. “You always get like this when you start a new project. Flanders, what day is it?”

A smooth voice seemed to come from all around the room, “It is Friday, March 30th 605 AD. Is there anything else I can assist you with Ms. Brooks?”

Agonel looked longingly at his microscope and his notes, and then sighed. “Alright, give me half an hour to shower and shave and we can go out.”


Agonel looked up from his page of equations when he heard footsteps coming down his stairs. He saw DJ coming with an exasperated look on his face. “We’ve been waiting for you for over a half an hour Agonel, did you forget that we’re having game night tonight?”

“Is it seven o’clock already? I’m sorry DJ, I just got lost in these equations. I’m getting close to isolating what causes ADHD in humans. What are we playing tonight?”

“We’re trying out that new game that EZ Games just came out with, the Defenders of Zimmdara.”

“Ooh, it has been a long time since I’d heard they started work on that game. It’s finally out?”

“Yeah, and we’ve all been waiting patiently upstairs for you so we can try it out, so come on!”

Agonel jumped up from his chair and started up the stairs after DJ. He paused halfway up and stared longingly at his notes but then turned and continued on. He followed DJ down the hallway into his kitchen, where his friends AJ, Jake, and Joe were already seated, each with a deck sitting in front of them.

Joe grinned at Agonel. “Well look who decided to show up? I saved you a seat over here, buddy.” Agonel walked over to the seat at the end of the table between Jake and Joe, and DJ sat down next to Jake and across from AJ. Agonel excitedly looked down at his deck and his smile turned into a frown when he saw a Tunn card next to his deck instead of a Swift one. He glanced over at his friends’ decks and his eyes lingered on Jake’s deck.

“What’s the deal, man? You know Swift is my favorite character from the books, why would you take that deck on me?”

“Well, if you had bothered to show up on time maybe you would have gotten your chance to pick the deck you wanted. Besides, AJ called dibs on Techy before I got a chance to. We can exchange decks for the next game.”

Agonel glanced at the clock which read 7:40, and then picked up his deck and began to shuffle it. “Alright, lets get this game started, then. How do we start?”


Agonel jumped up to his feet, lifted his hands up, and started dancing around. “I’ve done it! Flanders, do you understand what I’ve done?”

A computerized voice with a British accent responded, “Yes sir, you have created a formula that theoretically will cure ADHD. Shall I begin running some simulations just to be sure?”

“Go ahead, Flanders. And while you are doing that, begin synthesizing some samples of it so that I can start running some tests for the military.”

“Synthesization has begun. Running simulations. It appears that you have done it sir, in one million trials, all tests were successful.”

“Excellent. Flanders, go ahead and give General Quinton a call for me. I need to give him an update.”

“Sir, might I advise against such a course of action? It is 3 AM, the general is likely sleeping.”

Agonel stopped and pondered this for a moment. “Call him, anyway. I want to let him know that I’ll be coming over first thing in the morning to begin the tests.”

“I can take care of that myself sir, why don’t you go and get some sleep? It seems you will have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.”

“Indeed I will, Flanders. Go ahead and synthesize 20 samples of my proposed formula, and have it prepped for transport in the morning.” Agonel got up from his desk, stretched and yawned. “How did I not realize how tired I was before this? Good night, Flanders.”

“Good night, sir.” Agonel turned off the lights in his lab and went up the stairs to his bedroom. Chemicals began flowing through different tubes scattered throughout the lab all into one central mixing chamber. Once the chamber was half full of the mixture, a set of paddles on the bottom of the chamber began to spin, mixing the formula together.

A bright light flashed and a hole in the air opened up and something stepped through. The light on Flanders’ screen started flashing, “Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” The flashing light revealed a man with finger gloves on and a brown trench coat. He carried a large brown tome under his left arm and a satchel bulging with books on his right side. He reached into the satchel and pulled out a small, circular device. He held up the device and pushed a button on it. The alert stopped sounding, and the light stopped flashing. “Last two minutes of security footage, deleted. Phantom mode activated.”

The man pushed his glasses further up on his nose before reaching into his satchel again and pulling out a vial with a golden liquid in it. “Sorry about this, Agonel, but someday you and the whole world will thank me for this.” He walked over to the mixing chamber, lifted up the lid and poured the liquid in. The golden liquid mixed in with the rest of the chemicals. The man stepped back through the hole in the air, which closed up behind him.

Once the hole closed, flanders said, “Phantom mode ended. Ah yes, Agonel asked me to contact the General and tell him he would be visiting in the morning. Connecting with General Quinton’s voicemail…”


Agonel drove through the street at Fort Lancaster and pulled his car up in front of the medical center, where General Quinton was waiting for him. Agonel stepped out of his car and General Quinton saluted him. “Thank you for coming out today, Mr. Akathend, I’m looking forward to seeing this cure of yours at work.”

“I’m glad to hear it, General. If you wanted to have some of your men grab my equipment from the trunk of my car, we can get to testing this new cure. Did you find twenty volunteers like I asked?”

Agonel and the General walked into the medical building, soldiers following them carrying a few brief cases that they had retrieved from Agonel’s trunk. “Yes sir; I got every single one of the ones that you requested. May I ask why you specifically wanted those twenty?”

“I want those twenty because of all the soldiers you have at this base with ADHD, these twenty had the greatest number of variations in their condition. I know the cure worked on me and the ADHD that I have, but I’m confident that if this test works, we will be able to mass produce this without fear of any negative side effects.”

The generals eyebrows raised up. “You already tested this on yourself? You must have been pretty certain that it will work. Have you noticed an differences?”

“I have. It seems as if my thoughts have slowed down a bit, and I’m finding that I have a greater focus than I ever have before. Sound like what you were looking for from the cure?”

The general pushed open the door to a medical lab, where twenty men and women were seated. They looked up at the door when it opened. The general smiled as Agonel walked into the room past him. ‘It sure does.”

The soldiers who retrieved the items from Agonel’s trunk walked into the room behind General Quinton and placed Agonel’s briefcases onto a table, saluted General Quinton, and then walked out of the room. Agonel opened up one of the briefcases. Inside was an injector gun with five vials of his ADHD cure strapped down. He picked up one of the vials and the injector gun, and attached the vial to it. “Thank you all for volunteering for this test, before we get started, I just want to assure you that I have confidence in this formula, so much so that I administered it to myself this morning before I came down here. So, if you are all ready, let’s get started.”


General Quinton sat behind his desk, his pen scribbling across his checkbook. He looked up at Agonel and grinned. “I’ve already been getting reports from the soldiers that you administered the cure to this morning that they can feel the difference. As promised, here is $500,000. How soon can you give us, oh say, 1,000 more treatments?” General Quinton ripped the check out of the checkbook and handed it over to Agonel.

“After the successes this morning I called home and had Flanders start brewing another batch. I should be able to finish it up and have it delivered by the end of the week.”

“Good to hear, and as promised, I already have your next military contract for you. How would you like to look into making an affordable, light-weight, body armor for our troops?”

“Hmm, that would pose an interesting problem. I might have to develop a whole new alloy. Yes, I’ll start looking into that right away for you, General.” Agonel rose from his chair to leave. “If I have  your permission, sir, I’ll go start working on that right now.”

The General also rose and saluted Agonel. “By all means son, go out there and make your country proud! We expect many more great things from you!”


Agonel sat down on his stool facing the giant computer screen that was projected onto the wall of his lab. “Okay Flanders, bring up a list of all known metals and alloys, as well as all proposed alloys.” A list of metals started filling up the screen, and a blue spark jumped between Agonel’s fingers. He shook his hand and stared at it. “What was that?”

“What was what sir?” Flanders voice replied.

“That blue spark! Didn’t you see that?” A series of blue sparks went out of Agonel’s body and into the stool he was sitting on. The stool started shaking and vibrating faster and faster, and Agonel jumped off of it. The stool exploded, sending splinters of wood flying everywhere.

Agonel stared at where the stool had been for a moment. “Flanders, are we under attack?”

“I’m not detecting any foreign presence on the grounds. I am however getting an abnormally high energy reading coming from you sir.”

“From me? That’s odd. Wait, is this a side effect of the cure? Is it possible that instead of ridding my body of the extra energy, I’m amplifying it to destructive levels? Flanders, run a scan on me and let me know of any anomalies.”

“Scan in progress. Scan complete. Sir, every cell of your body seems to be producing ten times their normal energy output, and that energy seems to be leaving  your body, and entering into anything  you touch. Adding that much extra energy into most objects will be enough to destroy them. I’d advise against touching anything you wish to keep whole, including myself, sir.”

“Hmm, bring up a detailed analysis of the energy signature. Maybe we can find some way to safely displace the extra energy without having it be so destructive.” A large number of equations, images, and paragraphs of text appeared on the screen. “Amazing, it appears that I may be able to harness this extra energy and use it as a powersource in place of electricity. Well, this certainly will help to cut down on my electric bill. Flanders, write down and record everything I’m about to say. This is going to a bit different from my usual inventing sessions.”


Flanders’ voice filled the lab. “The prototype should be finished within the hour, sir.”

Agonel sat on the floor of his laboratory. “Oh, this is so boring! I haven’t been able to touch anything for the last two days! Interestingly enough though, I haven’t really felt tired either. I wonder if that has anything to do with the enormous amounts of energy my body is producing. Hmm, that could be an interesting experiment, to see if I can fall asleep now! I’m going to give it a try. Wake me when the device has finished fabricating, Flanders.”

“Sir, you have guests. Rebecca, Jake, Joe, DJ, and AJ are on their way downstairs at this moment.”

Agonel looked at his friends coming down the staircase into his lab. “I guess this experiment will have to wait. What are you guys doing here?”

Rebecca put her hands on her hips and started taping her foot. “What do you mean what am I doing here? I’ve been calling and texting you for the last two days to see how your meeting went and you have completely ignored them! When I asked your friends if they had heard from you, none of them had either! We thought maybe something had happened to you, and here we find you, lying on the floor in your lab!”

“I’m sorry Rebecca, but I couldn’t touch my phone. I would have destroyed it if I had.”

Joe looked at Agonel skeptically. “What, did you drop a call or something? It happens to everybody, dude. That’s no reason to break the thing.”

Agonel held his head between his hands. “No, you just don’t understand. I gave myself the cure for ADHD that I produced, and now my body is producing so much energy that I destroy everything I touch!”

Jake’s eyes went wide in surprise. “Really? That’s soo cool. Here, touch this ruler.” Jake handed a ruler to Agonel. Agonel grabbed it, and blue sparks came out of his body and went into the ruler. The ruler exploded the instant the sparks touch it. Jake jumped back when the ruler exploded.

DJ nodded his head in appreciation. “Neat.”

“This isn’t “neat”, guys. I can’t touch anything or anyone! Do you have any idea what that’s like?”

AJ shrugged. “Kinda. My mom wouldn’t let me touch anyone or anything when I had pink eye.”

DJ looked at AJ, rolled his eyes and sarcastically replied,. “Yeah, pretty much the same thing. So, Agonel, how are you going to fix this?”

“Obviously I’m working on finding a cure for this, but I’m having Flanders put together a prototype of a device that will channel the excess energy that I’m producing, and turn it into a power source for other things. If I’m correct, I’ll be able to run my mansion entirely off of H energy.”

Rebecca looked at Agonel with a confused look on her face. “H energy?”

“Yes, it’s what I’ve decided to call my new type of energy, since it is power by the excess energy being produced by my ADHD. You guys want to wait to see if my device will work?”

Rebecca sat down on the floor three feet away from Agonel. “I’ll wait with you, Agonel.” The others looked at each other and they all sat down where they were standing as well

They chatted while they waited for Flanders to finish fabricating Agonel’s prototype device. Flanders finally said, “Sir, the prototype is completed, and I have installed the receiver into the generator. Would you like to test it out?”

Agonel got up and walked over to his fabrication device. “Yes I would, Flanders. Go ahead and switch the mansion down to emergency backup power, and then please cut off the flow of that to everything in the mansion except for the lights in my lab and you.” Agonel flipped the on switch on his device, and then strapped the device onto his chest. There was a tangle of wires and spinning gears that sprang to life once Agonel touched it, and blue sparks began forming on the end of an antenna that poked up over Agonel’s head.

Agonel looked over at the receiver, which was attached to the power box underneath his breaker box, and the antenna on the receiver was surrounded by blue sparks as well. The whirl and grind of the other devices scattered around Agonel’s lab began to sound as they began powering up. “Flanders, what do the power output levels look like?”

“Power levels are at three hundred percent capacity, and is growing. Sir, if we keep this up much longer the damage this causes to the mansion and its systems could be catastrophic.”

“Well, it’s working at least. And that is a step in the right direction. Flanders, I need you to activate every device in the mansion and on the grounds that is connected to the mansion’s power system, and power them up to the highest level that we can. Hopefully that can drain the excess power until I can find a better solution.”

“Powering up all electrical devices… power dropping down to ninety five percent capacity. It seems that at least temporarily the problem has been solved.”

Jake got up, picked up a socket wrench, and handed it to Agonel. “Here, let’s see if you still blow things up.” Agonel grabbed the wrench and nothing happened.

“I guess this thing is working the way I wanted it to. I’m going to get started on making this thing more portable. I think it can only send the energy about five miles, if I did my math correctly.”

Jake took the wrench back. “More portable? What are you going to do to it?”

Agonel pulled out a pencil and put a sheet of paper on the top of his desk. He started scribbling some designs onto the paper, explaining as he did so. “I’m going to design this so that instead of just transmitting the energy to my generator, I’m going to make a special high capacity battery charger that I will always carry on me. I’ll then create a special generator that I can dock the batteries into to power the mansion. I’m thinking that I can make all kinds of different designs that I’ll be able to hook these batteries up to, starting a new line of devices I’m thinking of calling H Tech. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.”

AJ started heading for the stairs. “Good luck with that, I just wanted to make sure you were okay, and I need to get down to the station.”

Joe started heading for the stairs as well. “I need to get going too; Kaylin and the kids will be happy to hear that you’re okay. You should stop by sometime.” The other three followed Joe up the stairs, all saying their goodbyes and giving reasons why they had to leave, but they fell upon deaf ears, as Agonel was already immersed in his new designs for his new device.

After two hours of drawing, erasing, and muttering to himself, he finally held up a finished design. “There you go, Flanders. Scan this and get started on fabricating it. Now I just have to figure out the battery, and the H converter.”

“Very good sir, General Quinton would like to speak with you. Should I tell him that you are busy?”

“General Quinton! I forgot all about him and the others I gave the treatment to! Yes, put him through right away!”

General Quinton’s voice came through Flanders speakers. He said angrily, “Mr. Akathend! You have a lot of explaining to do! All those soldiers that you treated have started breaking out with strange abilities! I need you to get down here right now and fix all of this right away!”

“I’m afraid that I can’t at the moment, General Quinton. I am reacting to the cure as well, and am unable to leave my home at this moment. I’d probably do more damage to your camp than good at the moment, but I nearly have it under control. I’ll be over as soon as it’s safe for me to leave.”

“Listen, you need to get down here right now, otherwise…”

Agonel interrupted General Quinton, “. Goodbye General. Flanders, hang up.”

“Agonel, don’t you dare hang up on me! I’ll…” General Quinton’s voice cut off.

“Are you sure that was wise, sir? I believe you have only angered the General more.”

“I don’t have time to worry about that, this problem has become bigger than me right now. How is the fabrication coming?”

“It is almost complete sir. How are your designs for the battery coming?”

“It is ready to go. Start work on fabricating three of these batteries, I hope that will be enough for now. After you finish the batteries, you can begin work on fabricating the H converter.”

Half an hour passed before Flander’s voice sounded again. “Sir, the batteries and charger are completed.”

“Excellent, put two of the batteries into a special carrying case.” Agonel walked up to his fabricator and put the battery into the charger, and strapped it to his chest. “Give me a reading Flanders.”

“It appears to be working sir. At its current rate that battery should be filled up after 8 hours.”

Just then the door to Agonel’s lab burst open, and soldiers came marching down the stairs, and leveled their guns at Agonel’s chest. General Quinton followed them down the stairs and stopped about halfway down. “Agonel Akathend, you are under arrest for suspected terrorist activities. You shouldn’t have hung up on me boy. Read him his rights, men, and get him down to the base.”

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