The H Files, Chapter 3: Operation Genesis

This file has been downloaded from the files of Rebecca Godard, also known as the superhero, Mind Games. After the group disbanded, these records were released to the public so that others might learn more about who the heroes that protected them were. This is file number 2, or Operation Task Force, when the team formed and went out on their first mission. It all started with Agonel in military custody…

A guard pushed Agonel into a cell surrounded by stone walls on three sides and iron bars, part of which swung open and now slammed shut in the front. Agonel turned around and grabbed the bars to his cell as a key turned in the lock of the door, imprisoning him. General Quinton stood in front of the cell, his arms behind his back frowning at Agonel. “I’d like to know exactly what it is that you did with my men, Agonel. Those people you did your test on started doing all kinds of strange things. One of them turns everything he touches into mush, while another started pulling monsters out of God only know where.”

Agonel looked General Quinton in the eye. “My formula should have worked, but clearly something went wrong, but I can’t do anything to fix it from in here.”

“Fix it? I don’t think there is anything you can do to fix it. These people have gotten some kind of freaky powers, and I don’t think any of them will volunteer to have those powers taken away, so unless you have some sort of machine that can stop these super powered freaks, I think holding you in a prison cell for hanging up on me will do more good.”

“I was given powers as well General, and with these powers you can’t keep me in here if I really wanted to get out. I can find a way to fix this if you give me an opportunity to.”

General Quinton snorted. “If you think you can just walk out of that cell anytime you wanted to, why don’t you go ahead and prove it?” Agonel frowned and held his head in thought. General Quinton turned and started to walk away. “That’s what I thought. Men, watch him, I’m going to go and get our only hope ready for action.”

Agonel grabbed the battery strapped to his chest and pulled it off. Blue sparks of energy started jumping around all over Agonel’s body, and he touched the lock on his cell door. The door started glowing blue and shaking, and then blew up. Agonel put the battery back onto his charger. General Quinton turned and stared in shock at where the door had been. “I can fix this if you give me a chance.” The soldiers pulled their hand guns out and pointed them at Agonel, who raised his hands up.

General Quinton raised up his hand and walked between the guards and Agonel. “At ease men. Agonel, do you really think that you can cure these men?”

“I don’t have any doubt that I could cure them… eventually. I’ll need more time to study the effects of this formula and the people who have gotten super powers.”

General Quinton grimaced. “I don’t have that kind of time to offer you.” General Quinton turned and started walking away. He turned around, and thoughtful look on his face. “I’ll make you a deal. We will pardon your sentence, as long as you agree to these two conditions. First of all, you must research a cure for this, and secondly, you will join a task force I’m putting together. Those are my terms, take them or leave them.”

“I accept your terms, of course. I won’t be able to do any good imprisoned, but I am curious about this task force. Are you going to send normal soldiers up against these super powered humans?”

The General grinned. “Not quite. I’ve already seen that normal soldiers don’t have much of an effect on these freaks, but fortunately I still have one soldier that received powers and hasn’t gone AWOL on me. You will be working with him, and any other super powered person that is willing to join us. So tell me, do you have any other amazing things you can do with your powers besides break doors?”

“I have discovered that my power is that my body is creating an excess of H energy, so when I touch something, the energy goes out of my body, and goes into whatever I’m touching. Most things can’t handle having that much energy in it and it explodes. I have figured out a way to turn it into a power source. The thing on  my chest is actually a battery I’m charging up to give my excess energy someplace to go.”

General Quinton gripped his chin in his hands. “Doesn’t sound like the most useful ability. Maybe you won’t be of much help after all.”

“Not so fast General Quinton. I am a portable power source, I think I could make myself a battle suit that can channel this energy. With the combination of the designs my brilliant brain can imagine and this power source, I can come up with something that I think will really impress you.”

General Quinton turned and started to walk away. ‘I suggest you start working on that right away. Show me some plans for it by the end of the day and I’ll give you permission to return to your lab to start working on it. Don’t mind those two with the guns, they’ll just be watching you while you are on my base.”

Agonel turned and regarded the two soldiers. “I’ll work better on my own in my lab. I like to bounce ideas off my AI, Flanders.”

General chuckled. “Should have thought of that before you decided to hang up on me. Get to work.”

Agonel stomped his foot on the ground. “Curse generals and their egos.” Agonel turned and regarded the soldiers. “Alright gentlemen, I need a work space, some paper, a calculator, and something to write with. Can you help me out?”

“Of course. Just follow us, sir.” The soldiers turned and walked down the hall, and Agonel followed.


Agonel flicked on the light switch and walked down the stairs into his lab, several rolled up sheets of  paper held under one of his arms. “Flanders, I’m back, did you miss me?”

A computerized voice replied, “Welcome back, sir. Did you have a nice visit with the General?”

Agonel dropped the rolled up papers on his work station. “The General arrested me. I left here in handcuffs. Why would you think that I had ‘a nice visit’ with him?”

“You programed me to understand and use sarcasm, sir, but not a way for me to express it. I don’t sense an armed guard on the premises. Am I to assume that the charges have been dropped?”

“The general offered me a deal, I can either join his task force for fighting against the others who got super powers from my formula, or I can sit in a prison cell. So I’m going to be joining his task force. I need you to scan these pieces of paper and make a wire frame model for me to modify.”

“One moment sir, scanning. Formulating a wireframe based off of the design schematics. Projecting holographic three dimensional model now.” A 3-D projection of the battle suit that Agonel had drawn up appeared in the middle of his workspace.

Agonel walked around the wire frame and analyzed it. It was a very basic design, more of a metallic exoskeleton than anything else, with a spot in the middle of the chest for the battery to go. “Hmm, looking at it now it looks kind of sparse. How would the suit operate with current specs based off of my body’s energy output?”

“The suit would require ten percent of your body’s energy output. You would still have to wear the battery sir or risk destroying the suit.”

“Either that or add some bells and whistles to suck up more power. What percentage of my body’s energy would I need to eat up with this suit so that it won’t destroy itself? Sixty percent? Seventy?”

“I would recommend an eighty five percent energy usage. That will give you a nice cushion in case you get into a situation that you need to push your suit past its limits.”

“Good idea, Flanders. Do you have any others, like what I can build into this thing to make it more battle ready?”

Jake came running down the stairs into Agonel’s lab. “Agonel, you have to help me! How do I get it to stop?”

Agonel turned and looked at Jake. “Get what to stop?”

“This!” Jake disappeared from view and then reappeared next to Agonel.

Agonel’s eyes went wide. “Woah, did you just teleport? How did you do that?” A light shined in his eyes and he looked down and noticed the trail of ice that went from where Jake had been standing to where he was now. “And where did this ice come from?”

“I don’t know! I was crossing the street earlier today, and a car was coming, so I tried to run across the street to get out of the way faster, but instead of running like normal, the world seemed to stop, and I was on the other side of the street before I knew it! I left a trail of ice behind me, like I did now, and the car spun out and crashed into a light pole when it hit the patch of ice I left behind. What is happening to me?”

“That’s very strange, because that sounds a lot like what is happening with all the soldiers I gave my treatment to, but I didn’t give it to you. Maybe it’s not a side effect of my cure, but some sort of infection that just hit the people I gave the treatment to. Flanders, do a bio scan on Jake’s physiology and tell me if you see any anomalies.”

“Scanning sir. Scan completed. I have detected trace amounts of H energy throughout his system. All of his cells seem to be supercharged with H energy.”

“So it is related to H energy. But the only way that makes sense if he was affected by the energy I was putting out before I fashioned this energy siphoner. That means that, oh no! Rebecca, Joe, AJ, and DJ are most likely infected as well. We need to find them before something terrible happens! Flanders, call Rebecca, AJ, DJ, and Joe.”

“Group call initiated.”

Rebecca’s voice came over the speakers. “Agonel? What do you need? I’m at work.”

Joe’s voice answered confused. “Rebecca? I thought Agonel called me. What’s up?”

Agonel sighed. “This is going to take too long. You all need to come to my lab right away. I’m afraid that you might have been infected by my H energy and be developing some…. side effects.”


Agonel’s friends were all gathered in his lab an hour later. DJ crossed his arms and stared at Agonel. “Okay Agonel, spill. What kind of superpowers do you think you accidently gave us all?”

“To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I don’t know for sure that I did give you all powers. Have you noticed anything strange lately?”

AJ scratched his head. “I’m working on a case where a man was killed with a toilet plunger. Does that count?”

Agonel gave AJ a weird look. “Really? A toilet plunger? That is strange, but I was talking more like this. Jake?” Everyone turned and looked at Jake, and he seemed to teleport ten feet away, leaving a trail of ice behind him.

Joe closed his eyes and shook his head. “Man, that is cool. Pun intended by the way.”

Agonel gave Joe a flat look. “That wasn’t very punny Joe. Have you guys noticed anything like this happening lately?”

Rebecca cleared her throat. “I think I’ve been hearing people saying things that they’re not saying. Does that count?”

Agonel got an excited look on his face. “It certainly does. Anybody else?”

Joe answered next. “People at work are saying that they seem to be tripping over things that aren’t there.”

DJ crossed his arms across his chest. “I keep swearing that I see someone in the workshop when I’m working, but no one is there.”

AJ shrugged. “Other than the plunger thing, everything seems to be fairly normal for me. Maybe I didn’t get powers like everyone else did.”

Agonel shook his head. “I’m certain that you did, AJ, for several reasons. First of all, everyone else that was around me yesterday has manifested some kind of power. Secondly, Flanders scanned you all on your way in and you all were giving off high levels of H energy. I may not know what your power is, but I’m sure you have one. So it sounds like Rebecca has telepathy maybe, but I’m not sure what the rest of you can do. The next thing we should do then is have you guys try to manifest your powers. This could take a while.”


After five hours of work and focus, Rebecca sat on the floor with a test tube, a book, and a shoe all floating around her, DJ had a man with a sword almost as long as it was tall, dressed in animal skins with long wild hair growing and a greasy beard with braids in standing next to him, Joe was standing five feet off of the ground with his eyes clenched shut, Jake was running back and forth across the room, making it as slick as an ice skating rink, and AJ was standing next to Agonel.

Agonel patted AJ on the back. “I haven’t figured out what your power is yet, but I will.”

AJ shrugged. “It’s no big deal, maybe I just don’t have powers like everybody else.”

Agonel shook his head. “No, you do. I’m sure you do! For now maybe you can help give me some ideas. Flanders, display suit wire frame.” A projection of the suit that Agonel was working on appeared before him. “I’m trying to thinks of things to put onto this suit to make it better for battle, and also to eat up more energy. Do you have any idea’s AJ?”

AJ started stroking his goatee. “I think you should put blasters on the wrists, with both damage and stun modes. I think that should help.”

DJ walked over and looked at the projection. “Neat suit, Agonel. Is it going to fly?”

“Ah, excellent suggestions! I can add blasters and a jet pack to the suit. I’m probably going to need to add something else, yet. Perhaps a way for me to scan environments and some sort of projector. I like it.”

Rebecca opened her eyes and looked over at the projection, and the book fell to the ground. “What are you making that for?”

Agonel sighed. “One of the conditions for me to get out of prison was that I would join General Quinton’s task force for catching the other people with powers. So I needed to develop a suit to use since my powers aren’t as useful as yours are.”

Joe’s eyes opened wide and he fell to the ground and staggered back a few steps. “You were in prison? What for?”

Agonel gave a sheepish grin. “I was arrested by General Quinton for ‘suspected terrorist activities,’ but really he was just mad at me for hanging up on him. He dropped all the charges, though.”

Jake slid up next to Agonel on some of his ice. “So you are getting around it by joining a task force? How many people are on this task force?”

“There is just me and one other guy who is super strong. He’s the only one that didn’t go AWOL after getting his powers.”

DJ looked at the others. “Maybe we should join this task force as well.”

Agonel frowned. “It’s going to be dangerous. These other guys we’re going to be hunting down have powers and military training.”

Joe smiled at Agonel. “It won’t be any more dangerous for us that it will be for you. Besides, like you said before, our powers are better than yours.”

Agonel looked at his friends, his gaze lingering on Rebecca. “Do you want to do this too?”

An uncertain look crossed Rebecca’s face. “Yeah, I want to be a part of this. Besides, with me there reading the bad guys minds, I should be able to help keep everyone a little bit safer.”

Agonel looked at Joe. “Is Kaylin going to be okay with you doing this?” He then turned to look at DJ. “And what about Melissa? Will she be alright with you doing this?”

Joe smiled, “Kaylin would want me to do the right thing, and not selfishly worry about myself. Besides, if these guys decide to attack the town, I’ll be in danger anyway.”

DJ nodded his head. “And my powers are to summon others to fight for me. I should be able to stay out of the fight and remain fairly safe. I’m in.”

AJ sighed. “I may not have powers, but I’d like to help out if I can. If nothing else my forensics experience might be of some use. I’m in too.”

Agonel smiled at his friends, and gave Rebecca a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help. Maybe I can make some tech for you to use too, AJ. For now, I think we all need to work on our powers a little more. The better control we have over them, the better we’ll be able to use them.”

Everyone went back work on gaining control over their powers, except for AJ and Agonel, who began work on designing upgrades for Agonel’s suit, and some equipment for AJ to use in the field.


Agonel and his friends walked into General Quinton’s office, Agonel wearing his new suit. The general’s eyes opened wide when he looked at Agonel. “That’s a nice suit son, what can it do?”

Agonel’s voice was broadcast through his faceplate. “I was hoping you would ask that, sir. The armor itself will keep me safe and comes equipped with scanners to keep me informed of the different elements of whatever environment I find myself in. It has blasters that have settings for lethal and stun, and it has flight capabilities. Enough of that. though. I’d like you to meet the other members of our task force. This is DJ, AJ, Rebecca, Jake, and Joe.”

“Forget them, give me a legion of soldiers with suits like what you have on and I will be able to handle this problem myself.”

“Forget about it, General. It’s out of your price range, and I wouldn’t be able to give you a way to constantly power it. These people have been gifted with extraordinary abilities, and they are willing to join your task force.”

General Quinton raised his eyebrow. “These people have powers too? What did you do, give them some of your formula? What can they do anyway?”

“No, I didn’t give them my formula. They seem to have been infected by the energy my body is producing. This is Jake, he has been gifted with super speed, Joe, who has the ability to harden objects around him, Rebecca, who has the abilities of telepathy and telekinesis, and DJ, who has the ability to summon a barbarian to fight for him.”

General Quintion gestured at AJ. “What about the one in the trench coat? What can he do?”

Agonel grimmanced. “We haven’t figured that out yet, but he’s on the task force too. So where is our other member?”

“Ah, yes, follow me. He’s in the gym.” General Quinton stood up and walked past Agonel and his friends and out the door. They followed him across the base to their fitness center. The General led the way inside, walked down the hall and turned into the weight room. “Agonel, I’d like you to meet your teammate, Sergeant Davis.”

Agonel stepped into the weight room and gasped when he saw a man laying under a car, lifting it up and lowering it back down to his chest as if it was nothing. AJ followed him in and his eyes went wide. “Holy cow! Is that a 45 Gensch in mint condition?”

The man lifting up the car set next to him with a grunt. He sat up and wiped sweat from his brow. “It certainly is, a very nice, solid car. Great for driving or for a workout.” He stood up and walked over to the group and held out his hand. “Sergeant Charles Davis. Which of you is the one joining me on the task force?” He looked at Agonel in his suit of armor. “It must be you. Nice suit.”

Agonel reached and shook his hand. “Actually, we’re all joining the task force.”

“Wow, General Quinton didn’t mention any of them before, but I suppose the more soldiers we throw at this problem, the better we’ll be able to do against it. What are their abilities?”

General Quinton stepped forward. “You’ll find out when we start our exercises, Davis. We’ll go out to the parade ground and do some drills.” He lead the way out of the room.

Agonel walked alongside Charles. Charles leaned over and whispered, “What code name did they give you?”

Agonel turned his head and asked confused, “Code name? What do you mean by that?”

“You know, the name that refer to you when you are out in the field.  They call me Sergeant Savage. How about you?”

“I don’t have one yet, and neither does anyone in my group.”

“Oh well, I’m sure they’ll give you one soon enough. What does that suit all do for you?”

“All sorts of things, like enhancing my strength. I’d like to test later which of us is stronger.”

Charles chuckled. “You’re on, Agonel.”

The two walked out of the building and into the sunlight and saw tanks lined up in front of them. The General smiled and gestured towards the tanks. “They have instructions to fire upon you in three minutes. You have that long to figure out how to deal with them. Good luck.”

Sergeant Davis ran forward and grabbed the barrel of one of the tanks and lifted the tank up over his head. He jumped up and when he came back down he shoved the barrel into the ground.

General Quinton held his hands to his head. “No, don’t destroy them! They’re still military property.”

Davis turned looked at Quinton. “If I can’t break em, what am I supposed to do with them?”

The General glared back at him. “Use your mind son. I can think of fifteen ways you can stop these tanks without damaging them!”

Agonel turned to Rebecca. “Quick, read Quinton’s mind.”

Rebecca closed her eyes. After a few seconds a grossed out look crossed her face. “I only count five ways rattling around up there to deal with the tanks, and one of them is the way that Davis did. You don’t want to know what else he’s thinking about right now.”

Joe walked over. “So what were the other four ways for us to deal with them?”

“Two of them had to do with the people operating the tanks, but I don’t think that killing them is an option, so that brings it down to three ideas. Agonel taking one apart was an idea, but we don’t’ have time for that. Lastly he was thinking of us taking him hostage and forcing him to call off the attack.”

DJ grabbed his chin in thought.“I feel that any of these other than dealing with the operators will end badly for us.”

Joe nodded. “I agree. Rebecca, can you make the operators stop?”

Rebecca closed her eyes again and everyone turned their focus onto the tanks. Sergeant Davis jumped up onto the top of one of the tanks and ripped the hatch off. He reached inside and pulled the operators out and threw them onto the ground. They landed with a groan, and was met by more yelling from General Quinton. The hatch of the final tank opened up and the operators popped out of the tank with their hands held up.

Sergen Davis jumped over onto the final tank and pulled his arm back to punch the operators in the face, but General Quinton stopped him with a shout. “Davis! That’s enough, they’ve surrendered!”

Davis jumped off of the tank, stuck his hands into his pockets and walked past General Quinton. “They should have never threatened us in the first place.”

Two soldiers ran up to the General. “Sir! Private Sango has been spotted in the downtown area! Reports say he’s robbing a bank!”

General Quinton frowned. “So soon? I was hoping to give the task force more training before sending them out, but nothing like a baptism by fire, I guess. Davis!” Davis turned looked at General Quinton. “We just got a report in about an attack by Sango on a bank downtown. I’m putting you in charge of this team, get them ready and moved out now!”

Sergeant Davis smiled and turned to the others. “You heard him team. Lets get going!”


The wall of the bank turned soft, and started to drip down onto the ground, creating an opening large enough for a car to drive through. A man in dark clothes pulled his hand away from the wall and walked inside. People inside of the bank stared at him and then started to panic. He dropped a bag onto the bank tellers’ counter. “I’m going to give you the option of filling the bag up with money. If you choose not to accept my offer, I’ll bring this bank down around you and take the money anyway.”

The woman behind the booth looked at the hole in the wall and then back at the man. “I can’t do that, sir.” She slowly reached under the counter for the emergency alarm, but when she touched it, her finger squished through it and the booth. Her eyes went wide in panic.

The man waved his finger at her. “Naughty, naughty. No getting the police involved. I’m afraid that this is going to expensive to take care of. The booth solidified again, and the woman struggled to pull her arm out, panic filling her eyes. The man walked through the booth, it turning soft and flowing around him, some of it dripping onto the ground. He walked up to the vault and put his hands onto the vault. The metal of the door started dripping down onto the ground faster and faster, until a hole large enough for him to walk through opened up in it.

A hand reached out and grabbed the back of his jacket and pulled him onto his back. Sergeant Davis smiled down at him. “Hello, Private Sango. I’m here to bring you back to the base. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” He cracked his knuckles. “Please choose the hard way.”

Sango lay on the ground staring up at Davis. “Davis, what are you doing still working for Quinton? We have been made into gods compared to these people! We should own this town!”

Davis smiled down at Sango. “Staying with General Quinton gives me everything I want already. I get to hit wimps like you!” Davis pulled his fist back and before he could bring it forward in a punch the floor beneath him turned soft and he dropped down into it. Once he was submerged up to his hips the floor solidified once again.

Sango stood up and smiled as Davis struggled to break free. “Thinking with your muscles isn’t going to get you very far, Sergeant. If you will excuse me, I was in the middle of making a withdrawal.”

DJ pointed at Sango and said, “Okay, we have to call him Squish.”

Agonel leveled his arm at Squish and charged up the blaster on his arm. “Call him whatever you want. I’m taking him down now!” Agonel fired a stun blast at Squish, but Squish walked into the vault and made the vault door start to flow closed behind him, blocking the stun blast. The metal of the vault solidified and the blast reflected off of the metal and back at Sergeant Savage, who was punching the floor in an effort to break free. He flopped forward onto the floor, twitching. “Sorry, Davis. It should wear off soon.”

Jake flashed forward, leaving a trail of ice behind him. He ran in circles around Squish, forming a tube of ice around him. He jumped off the top and stopped next to DJ. “I think that should trap him for a while.”

Laughter echoed out of the ice tunnel, and Squish stepped through the ice tube, ice flowed down around him. “Those are some interesting abilities that you have there, but I’m afraid they’re no match for my powers.”

Joe sighed. “Try it again, Jake. I’ll try hardening your ice so that he won’t be able to break out as easily.”

The floor beneath Jake softened and he sunk in up to his ankles. Squish laughed again. “Yeah, I don’t think so.

DJ roared out, “I’ve had enough of this!” He held his hands in front of him and closed his eyes. “Asher, come forth!” A mist formed in front of him and the barbarian from earlier stepped out of it. “Asher attack!” The barbarian stood next to DJ, as if he was waiting for something.

AJ pulled a set of dice out of his pocket and handed them to DJ. “Here, give these a try.”

DJ looked at the dice skeptically for a moment or two, shrugged, and then tossed the D20 and d12 onto the ground. The dice rolled for a while and then came to a stop with the d20 showing a five and the d12 showing a 7. Asher let out a bellow and charged across the bank, his sword held high over his head.

Squish held up his hand and Asher’s blade melted away until he was just holding the hilt, which he still swung at Squish as if it still had a blade. Squish stood there unimpressed and turned the floor under Asher’s feet into mush, and rehardened it after Asher sunk up to his knees.

AJ shouted out, “This isn’t working! We need to do this as a team otherwise we are going to fail. Rebecca, use your telepathy to fill Squish’s mind with jibberish to distract him. DJ, unsummon Asher to get him free of the floor and resummon him. Hopefully it will also restore his blade and have him charge at Squish again. Roll well this time. Agonel, charge up another stun blast and wait for your shot. You will know it when you see it. Joe, you focus on hardening anything that squish tries to soften! You are our counter to his powers. Jake, try to run over by me. Don’t question it, just try it. Once you are free, I want you to run around Squish and freeze the floor under him.” AJ reached into one of the pockets on his trench coat and pulled out a futuristic looking pistol that glowed with blue energy. “Let’s take this guy down.”

Jake motioned like he was going to run and his body turned into light and sped over to AJ’s side. “Wow, how did you know that would happen?”

AJ reached into his pocket and pulled out a vial of liquid. “I don’t know, it was just a feeling I had. Don’t forget your part of the plan!” AJ ran over to Sergeant Davis’ side, lifted his head up, took the stopper off of the bottle, and held the bottle under his nose.

Sergeant Davis’ eyes snapped open and his head snapped back. “What happened?”

AJ tucked the vial back into his pocket before responding. “You got hit by a reflected stun blast from Agonel, and I just woke you up. I need you to break out of the floor and try to…”

Sergeant Davis flexed his muscles and the floor shattered around him. He pushed his way up out of the ground and threw himself at Squish. “Sango!”

AJ muttered to himself sarcastically, “No, don’t follow my awesome plan. Looks like he’s doing what I was going to tell him to do anyway.” AJ watched the rest of his plan unfold. Squish held one hand to his head, trying to focus while Rebecca bombarded his mind, slipping on the ice that Jake was leaving behind. Everytime he tried to soften the floor or ice, Joe hardened it back up on him. He tried dodging the attacks that were coming in from Davis and Asher. AJ glanced over and saw that DJ had rolled an 18, and smiled when he saw Asher connect with one of his ham sized fists. Squish stumbled back a couple of steps, free of all of their teammates and Agonel released the blast he was charging up.

Squish took the attack and fell to the ground, his body twitching. Davis grabbed Squish by his collar and started pounding his face with his fists over and over again. Agonel darted over to Davis and grabbed his arm. “That’s enough, Davis. We’re here to stop these people from hurting others and find a cure for their condition, not to kill them!”

Davis shoved Agonel, sending him back a few steps. “Killing them is the cure!”

Agonel pointed the blaster on his arm at Davis. “Either you stop now or I’m going to stun  you, too.”

Davis looked at Agonel as if he was going start attacking him until Rebecca, Joe, Jake, AJ, and DJ all came and stood next to him. “Fine. You win this round, Agonel, but don’t get used to it. We handle the next one my way.” Davis released Squish and walked out of the bank.

Rebecca shook his head. “I understand why he got the code name Sergeant Savage now.”

AJ walked over to  Squish’s bloodied and unconscious form and turned him onto his stomach and pulled his arms together. He pulled a vial of liquid out of his pocket and poured the contents out onto his hand. It was a metallic green colored putty, and stretched it out to form into a pair of handcuffs around Squish’s wrist. He pulled a small circular device out of his pocket and embedded it into the putty. He turned it on and the metal around Squish’s wrists hardened.

Agonel walked up to Squish and examined the handcuffs. “Is that the new alloy I was experimenting with? What ever made you decide to bring this along with you? What made you decide to bring half of the things with you that you did today? You seemed to be really prepared for everything that happened today?”

AJ shrugged. “I don’t know, I just sort of felt like it would be a good idea to have it with me.”

Agonel smiled and jokingly said, “Maybe that’s your superpower, super preparedness.”

Joe walked up and looked at the handcuffs. “What good will these do? Won’t Squish just be able to melt his way out of these?”

Agonel responded, “That won’t be an issue. This metal is already in a semiliquid state until you bombard it with a supersonic frequency. As long as that device is in it, the handcuffs should be unbreakable and no matter how much he tries to melt them, they will reharden. No worries at all.” He lifted Squish up and threw him over his shoulder. “Let’s get this guy back to the military base. We’ll have to work out some way to hold him with General Quinton.”

Agonel walked out of the building, and the others followed him. Jake was walking next to DJ. “So Davis is Sergeant Savage, Private Sango is Squish, but what about the rest of us?”

DJ replied, “Hmm, well I think you should be called Coldstreak, Rebecca should be called Mind Games, AJ should be called Trenchie since he’s wearing a trench coat and I don’t know what his powers are, Agonel should be The H, and I’ll of course be The DM.”

Joe ran up and bumped into DJ. “Hey, what about me? Don’t I get a cool code name?”

DJ chuckled. “Your power is the ability to make things hard. I can’t think up any names for you that aren’t dirty.”

Joe punched DJ in the arm, and everyone started laughing. Agonel turned and looked at Joe and said, “I have an idea for some equipment that should work pretty well with your powers.”

“Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?”

“Well I was thinking of making some gauntlets for you that can cause miniature earthquakes whenever they hit something. The science is a little difficult to figure out, but I’m confident that I’ll have it worked out soon. So how does the name Quake sound to you?”

Joe grabbed his goatee and started stroking it in thought. “Quake. I like it. But don’t we need some kind of name for our group too? Are people just going refer to us as that task force?”

Jake held out his hands in front of him. “Wait a second guys, we are a task force made up of H-powered heroes right? How about the H Force?”

Rebecca nodded her head. “H Force, I like it.”

Agonel walked out of the bank and was blinded by a camera flashes, and deafened by the cheering crowd that had gathered outside. Agonel turned and regarded his team. “I’m going to take this guy back to the base, I have something that I need take care of at the base right away. Can you guys deal with the press?”

Joe walked towards the photographers and as he walked past Agonel he said, “You go ahead man, we have this covered. Just remember to send a jeep back for us. Looks like Davis left with ours.”

Agonel nodded. “You’ve got it, buddy. See you all back at the base.” Two wings popped out of Agonel’s back, rockets on them started up and Agonel flew away over the crowd, which oohed and ahhed as he flew past.

Agonel flew over the town and Squish woke up. His eyes popped wide open and he started to struggle when he looked down and saw the town beneath them. “Woah, what are we doing up in the sky?”

“It’s called flying, and I recommend you don’t struggle too much. If I drop you from this height I don’t think it’ll matter how Squishy you make the ground.” The military base came into view and Agonel activated the radio in his helmet. “Fort Lancaster, this is Agonel Godard. I’m inbound with the fugitive Private Sango, requesting permission to land.”

A voice came back over his radio. “Agonel, this is Fort Lancaster, you have permission to land.”

Agonel flew down towards the airfield on the base and he landed in the middle of the runway. General Quinton walked out to Agonel, a big smile on his face. He held out his hand to Agonel. “Good work son, I knew I could count on  you! I’m looking forward to a full report on what went down today.”

Agonel dropped Squish down to the ground. Squish let out a grunt and Agonel took the General’s hand. “I’ll give you part of my report now. Sergeant Savage went way too far today. Squish was subdued and he kept on beating on him until he was bloody. If I hadn’t stopped him, he would have killed Squish!”

General Quinton looked confused. “Squish? I’m not sure who that is but…”

Agonel interrupted the General. “Sango over there. You need to talk to him about this. If it happens again I’m leaving this task force and I’ll deal with this problem on my own.” Agonel turned and started walking away. “I’ll leave Squish in your custody for now. I need to set up some sort of containment unit for him.” Agonel charged up a stun blast on his suit and fired it at Squish. “That should keep him sedated for a while.”

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