Ahir, Guardian of Malor Summary

Hello everyone, I’ve decided to try and do something new this week. Since I only upload a new part of each story once a month, it might help if I posted a summary before each new chapter. So here is a summary thus far for Ahir, Guardian of Malor.

The story starts out with an entertainer named Ahir doing some tricks to try and earn money for his rent, when his monkey, Bar’bou tells him that there is an Aureus’aevum that has come through a portal. Ahir runs to fight against this monster using a special sword that is the only thing that can kill an Aureus’aevum. A girl named Trixie witnesses the fight, and Ahir and Bar’bou decide to let her in on their secret. Bar’bou reveals that he is an Aureus’aevum that has come to help humanity fight against an evil sorcerer named Lang’kahn whose goal is to retrieve the sword that Ahir uses, and use it to take control of his world.

Trixie decides that she wants to help Ahir fight against the Aureus’aevum that are invading the planet, and threatens to reveal what Ahir and Bar’bou are doing if they don’t allow her to help them. Trixie follows Ahir and Bar’bou to the site where another portal has opened, but by the time they get there, someone else has defeated the Aureus’aevum and closed the portal. At the same time Thaddeus is walking along, minding his own business when some gang members decide to jump him and try to rob him. While he is getting beaten up he gains access to magic and uses it to reduce the men robbing him to ashes. He decides to take on the persona of his favorite hero, Captain Ember, and fight crime. He doesn’t understand that the more you use magic, the closer you get to being turned into a puppet for Lang’kahn.

Ahir and Trixie go to yet another portal opening, and once again, the Aureus’aevum is dealt with and the portal closed before they get to the scene. This time they get there in time to see who is doing it, a man named Milton with a special bow that allows him to attract object together, like with gravity. He calls Ahir a murderer and says not to worry about fighting the Aureus’aevum anymore, that he will take care of it from now on. He tells Ahir to focus on trying to get Captain Ember to stop using magic before he turns into Lang’kahn’s puppet. In the mean time Captain Ember is fighting crime, but people don’t feel safe, are afraid that he could decide to destroy any of them at any time.

Ahir tries to convince Captain Ember to stop using magic, but all he manages to do is anger him. Captain Ember starts attacking Ahir until he is turned, and Lang’kahn takes over Captain Ember’s body. He chases Ahir through the town back to his apartment. Milton shows up at the apartment and helps Ahir to fight against Captain Ember, but things are looking bad for him until another Aureus’aevum comes through the portal and gives Trixie a special shield with the ability to deflect any attack back upon its source. Together the three of them manage to defeat Captain Ember and they discover that Lang’kahn will be increasing the frequency and strength of his attacks, desperate to get the sword.

That is a brief look at the story up to this point, if you are interested in seeing the details, you can check my past posts out here, https://ejborchardt.wordpress.com/index/, and make sure to look for the next part of this story coming out on Wednesday!


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