Summary of the H Files

So, here we are at the beginning of another week, and I have another post coming out soon, this time from the H Files, the records of a team member from a group of ADHD powered superheroes. While on the surface, this might sound like a really weird idea, but in truth, is it any weirder than having people get powers through gamma radiation, or through exposure to cosmic energy? I don’t think so, but before we start with a look at what has happened so far, I’m going to introduce our heroes to you.

There is Agonel Godard who is the leader of the team. His super power is that his body started producing large amounts of H energy, which would transfer from his body into whatever object he touches, and destroys it. This character idea is somewhat based off of me, because I have ADHD, and when I was growing up, I had a tendency to break everything I touched. I came up with a joking explanation for this by saying that the extra energy would go into the things I was touching, they weren’t able to handle this energy, and that’s why they would break. Back to Agonel, he developed a way to use this energy to charge special batteries and use as an alternative power source. He also uses it to power a suit of battle armor. Think Tony Stark, except he’s his own arc reactor.

Next in the group is AJ Schrier, and his ability is super preparedness… essentially. He has the ability to see the future, but he is unaware that he is doing so, and doesn’t remember what he’s seen, but as a result of his powers, he always has every item the team will need for every situation they’re in. Good thing you brought that fork with you AJ, otherwise we’d never have been able to pick the lock and escape. Why did you have a fork with you?

Then there is Rebecca, the love interest for Agonel, as has telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Your basic get inside of peoples’ heads and move things with your mind. She uses her abilities to connect the minds of the team so that they can communicate silently while in the field, and to make it so that the villains can’t concentrate to give the team an edge.

Joe has the ability to harden any substance, including air, water, anything! He uses his abilities mostly to hold people in the air while the team gets into position, and create barriers. Agonel makes him a pair of special gauntlets that allow him to create small earth quakes in anything that he hits, so first he hardens the air around someone, then boom, makes a quake in the hardened air.

Jake has some fun abilities, he converts his body into light, and has the ability to travel super fast as that light, but he always leaves behind a trail of ice. The way that this works is Jake absorbs the kinetic energy from the matter around him to power his super speed, and therefore drops the temperature considerably, enough to leave ice behind.

DJ is the final member of the group, and his abilities are that he can summon characters from role playing games and control them with a set of dice. Can you imagine fighting a group of people, when suddenly a barbarian in hide armor with a sword almost as big as he is shows up to fight? Or a wizard ready to let loose a fire ball spell? Having a cleric ready to heal your friends wounds is a nice advantage to have as well. The most interesting part of this character is that how his summoned characters perform, is entirely up to how well he rolls the dice.

That’s enough about the characters for now. It’s time to let you know what has happened in the story thus far. It starts out in further along in the teams career, and one of their enemies, known as Chess has just announced to the whole city that he has placed bombs throughout the city and unless the H Force can disarm them in time, the entire city is going to be destroyed. Also, disarm one bomb, it will set off a different one.

Agonel has Jake gather up all the bombs and thinks that they can safely dispose of them outside of the city, but AJ reveals that those bombs were just a distraction, and that the bigger bombs will do even more damage. Agonel decides that they need to set of an EMP wave to save the city, but in the process they will fry all the electronics within the city. Agonel has some portable EMP shields equipped on the teams vehicles, but they can only save two buildings. They chose to save the hospital because of the sick and injured that might die otherwise, and the police station so that they can have assistance in dealing with the riots. The discover that this was part of Chess’ plan all along, to cause the H Force to look like the bad guys and discredit them.

The story then jumps back to the beginning, of how they all got their powers. Agonel was hired by the military to develop a cure for ADHD in their soldiers so that they can focus better. Agonel creates a cure, but before he can administer it to the soldiers, a mysterious figure breaks into his lab and tampers with the formula. Agonel tests the formula on himself and twenty others, and instead of curing their ADHD, it amplified it giving them each different powers. Agonel’s friends, the other members of the H Force, get their powers from the H energy spilling out of Agonel. Agonel is told by the General that hired him to do this experiment that he can either face a life in prison, or help to capture all the soldiers with super powers and find a cure for them, or go to prison. Agonel decides to do as the General says and makes himself a way to contain his excess energy and builds himself a super suit and joins the one soldier with abilities that didn’t desert, a super strong man named Sergeant Davis on the military’s task force.

The first Hyper Villain they come up against is named Squish by DJ, because he has the ability to make everything he touches super soft. through team work the team is able to defeat him, but a disagreement between Agonel and Davis over whether to take the prisoner alive or kill him on the spot breaks out, and tensions rise. Agonel wins and Squish is taken into custody for Agonel to study and try to find a cure for their abilities.

That is a summary of everything that has been written for the H Files thus far, if you are interested in what you read tonight, feel free to check out the rest of the story, as well as the other stories I’m working on here: Tales of the Imagination, and don’t forget to come back and check out Chapter Four: Operation Break up on Wednesday.


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