The H Files, Chapter 4: Operation Break Up

This file has been downloaded from the files of Rebecca Godard, also known as the superhero, Mind Games. After the group disbanded, these records were released to the public so that others might learn more about who the heroes that protected them were. This is file number 3, or Operation Break Up, when the team decided break away from the military and start going after villains on our own. It all started when we heard about a robbery…

The television in Agonel’s lab was on, and Agonel’s head jerked up from the stack of papers he was studying and his attention was focused on what the news reporter said next.. “… And the police haven’t found a shred of evidence. If anyone has any information relating to this crime, please call your local police department and report it right away. Now to Dale with the weather.” Agonel hit the power button on the remote and the television switched off.

Agonel turned back to the test results from Private Sango for the tenth time, and then he threw the clipboard at his desk in disgust. He growled. “These test results aren’t telling me anything!” He slouched back in his chair. “I just need to get out of my lab for a little while, then I’ll be able to look at this from a fresh perspective. Agonel stood up and walked out of his lab and over to General Quinton’s office.

Agonel knocked on the door and received a barked, “Come in!” Agonel opened the door and walked inside. The General looked up and saw Agonel and said, “Agonel, what can I do for you?”

Agonel sat down in the chair in front of the General’s desk. “There was a news report on television just a few minutes ago, about a semi hauling military grade weapons that was robbed. I think that it’s possible that one of your special soldiers may have done it.”

General Quinton raised an eyebrow. “What gives you that idea? I heard the report myself and I didn’t see anything unnatural about it.”

“It seems too perfect, everything went off without a hitch. The police have nothing to go off of. I have gone over a list of your soldiers that have gone missing. In the report it says that Private Marco was possibly showing signs of being able to see the future?”

The General nodded. “Yes, some of Marco’s friends reported that before he ran off he started rambling about all sorts of things that didn’t make too much sense. When we went over his belongings we found a lottery ticket he had bought, and it had the winning numbers on it. Too bad for him that he left it behind when he went AWOl, but good thing for the defense department.”

Agonel nodded. “With abilities like that he would be able to account for everything that will happen, and make sure that he avoids anything that could lead to him getting caught. With your permission I would like to take the team to the crime scene and do a little investigating.”

General Quinton looked at Agonel with a confused look on his face. “I thought you just said that he could make sure that he didn’t leave anything behind. What good will poking around the crime scene do?”

Agonel smiled at General Quinton. “Change the future even the slightest bit, and you change the outcome. What he did made it so that we’re going to get involved, and that means he did make a mistake.”

General Quinton nodded, “Yes, go ahead and take your team to investigate. Have you made any progress with Sango?”

Agonel frowned. “I seem to have run into a dead end with his test results. I’m hoping that I’ll see something I missed if I take a break from studying his results.”

General Quinton frowned back at Agonel. “You said you could handle this, that you could make a cure and turn my men back to normal.”

“And I can, sir. It will just take some time. Once we find some more of these people and I get a chance to study them, I’m certain that I will be able to reverse the process. Could you let Sergeant Davis know that we’re going to be heading out?”

General Quinton sat back and folded his hands. “I’m no one’s messenger boy. You can ask my secretary to contact him for you. I expect to see some results soon.”

Agonel stood up and walked out of the General’s office and stopped next to his secretary’s desk. “Hello, June. Could you contact Sergeant Davis and let him know that the team is going to go and investigate the scene of the robbery?”

June smiled back at Agonel. “I sure can do that for you, Agonel. How did your meeting with General Quinton go?”

Agonel sighed and started massaging his temples with his right hand. “I don’t even know why I inform him on what’s going on. The only thing he cares about is my progress with a cure, and he refuses to give any assistance.”

June nodded in sympathy. “I know what you mean. General Quinton holds a grudge better than anyone I know, and as a general he has the power to do some pretty nasty things. You didn’t hear that from me, though.”

Agonel chuckled. “Have a good day June.” June waved and picked up her phone and started to dial Sergeant Davis’s number. Agonel typed out a message on his phone as he walked the halls back to his lab.

Agonel put his phone away once he reached his lab and walked to his computer. He typed in a few commands, and the floor in the center of the room rose up to reveal a special chamber holding Agonel’s suit of armor. He walked up to the chamber and pressed his thumb up against a scanner. It scanned his thumb print, and then a needle poked out of the scanner and pricked his thumb, taking a DNA sample. Flanders’ voice came from a speaker on the side of the chamber. “Hello, sir. I require a voice matched password before I can allow entry.”

Agonel shook his hand in pain and said, “Dihydrogen monoxide.”

The door to the chamber opened up and Flanders’ voice said, “Password accepted. Off on another adventure, sir?”

Agonel started pulling out and putting on the pieces of his armor. “I’m off to investigate a weapons robbery that happened this morning. Remind me to figure out a better way to get to my armor. I know that all this security is necessary, but having to go through all of that is such a pain. It could cause some trouble if I need to get my suit in a hurry too.”

“I’ll make a note of that, sir, but I don’t know when you’ll find time to work on such a thing, you are already working on some rather large and important projects.”

Agonel sighed. “Unless I find something new soon I’m afraid that my search for a cure has come to a standstill, so I’ll have plenty of time to work other projects. What are the locations of the others?”

“Rebecca and DJ are waiting in the parking lot for you, Joe is two miles away yet and Aj is already at the site. Jake is ten miles away, update, Jake is at the motor pool waiting as well.”

Agonel placed his helmet on his head and hesitantly asked, “And Sergeant Davis? What is his location?”

“He is also waiting in the motor pool. Should I include him in future inquiries, sir?”

“Yes, for the time being, add him to the team roster. Hold down the fort while I’m out, Flanders.” Agonel turned and walked out of his lab.

Flanders called out after him, “I will be sure to do so, sir.” The chamber closed and disappeared into the floor once more.


The jeeps pulled up to the site of the robbery and the H Force got out and walked up to the crime scene. Reporters flashed pictures and tried to get closer, each shouting out questions and asking for an interview, and the group was stopped by some police officers. “I’m sorry, but this crime scene is closed to the public.”

Sergeant Davis responded, “We are here to investigate this incident on General Quinton’s authority. We believe that it may involve an AWOL soldier.”

The police officer lifted the yellow tape and motioned for them to enter the crime scene. “We were told to expect you, but I don’t know what good you think it will do. We’ve been over this entire scene with a fine-toothed comb and we haven’t found any evidence.”

The members of the team walked past the police officer and starting looking over the scene, except for Agonel who stopped to talk with the police officer. “We don’t doubt that you have officer, but we’re hoping maybe we’ll see something that may not have been obvious to you. Do you have a copy of the shipping manifest and a list of what is missing from the trailer?”

The police officer pointed at AJ, who was studying two stacks of papers. “One of your associates already requested to see them and is looking them over. Let me know if there is anything else we can do to help.”

“Thank you, officer.” Agonel turned and walked over to AJ. “Finding anything useful, AJ?”

AJ looked up from the stacks of paper in his hands. “A few things that we can make some assumptions about. He took a large number of the crates containing firearms, ammunition, and explosives. That indicates that he must have had a some method of transportation, likely another truck. It is also likely that he has a number of assistants. He moved a lot of goods very quickly. We can also assume that he may be arming a large force and may be making some kind of an attack. Either that or he’s selling the equipment to people who are going to make an attack. Either way, it’s nothing good.”

Agonel shook his head. “We need to find this guy before he can make his next move. Have the police searched the area for where they may have hidden their getaway vehicle?”

“They are looking right now, but there wasn’t anything immediately evident, so we’re going to have to wait till they are done with that. But looking around, there really isn’t anyplace they could have hid it that wouldn’t be obvious. Lot’s of grass and trees to show the passage of something that large.”

Agonel thought for a moment. “I think the guy who did this might be an H-er that can see the future. He may have had another H-er helping him to move the cargo.”

AJ looked at Agonel confusedly. “An H-er? What is that?”

“You know, someone who has powers, like us.” AJ shook his head at Agonel. “It’s nothing official, but we need to come up with a name for these guys, so I was just trying it out. Maybe I’ll ask DJ if he has any name ideas.”

“That’s really not very important right now. What makes you think that the person who did this can see the future?”

“Everything about this feels… too perfect. Military shipments dates are chosen at random so that no one can plan to do something like this, they drive them in unmarked semis, and he didn’t leave behind any evidence or anything that could give him away. Doesn’t that scream too well planned to you?”

AJ slowly nodded his head. “I see what you mean. There is a way that we could know for sure. You have a scanner on your suit right? Can it pick up traces of H energy?”

Agonel pressed his fingers against the side of his helmet. “Good thinking. My suit is picking up H energy signatures, but with all of us moving around, it’s too difficult to tell if there is an extra one here. I’ll have to run over these results back at my lab.”

“Are you going to head back now?”

Agonel shook his head. “No, I’m going to do a little more looking around here. Maybe I’ll see something that you missed.”

AJ nodded. “Alright, you do that. I’m going to check over these manifests one more time. I get the feeling that there is something that I’m missing.”

Agonel walked over to the front of the semi truck to examine a trench that had been blown in the road. The front tires of the semi had gone over the edge of the trench and now the truck sat suspended over the edge. Jake was looking down into the five foot deep trench, but he looked up when Agonel approached. “That is some hole. Police said it was made using explosives. The driver reported seeing the explosion, but didn’t have enough time to get the truck stopped. He passed out shortly after that.”

Agonel looked down into the crater as well. “I wonder what kind of explosive they used. This trench only goes the length of the road. It is likely that this was intentional. Hmm, we should look into whether Marco has any experience in demolitions. It could give us some insight on who else is working with him.”

Jake frowned. “If he can see the future, couldn’t he figure out how much explosives to use from that?”

“It’s possible, but unlikely. I’ll admit I don’t know exactly how his powers work, but it is quite likely that he can only see what is going to happen, and then make his plans off of that. It is more likely that he saw that there was going to be an explosion, so he got a demolitions expert to help him.”

The inside of Agonel’s helmet started ringing, and the internal display showed the phone number for General Quinton. “Answer. Hello General, what can I do for you?”

General Quinton’s voice came back panicked and furious. “Agonel, you and your freaks need to get back here now! Someone has broken into the detention area and is in the process of freeing Private Sango!”

“What?! This can’t be allowed to happen. I’m not done studying him! We’ll get back to base as soon as we can! How did they break into a detention cell on a military base?”

“The people doing this are well armed with the latest weapons! Stop wasting time and get back here now with Sergeant Davis!” General Quinton ended the call.

Wings popped out of the back of Agonel’s suit and he flew over to where Sergeant Davis was talking to one of the police officers. He picked him up under the arms, and started to take off. Davis started to struggle and get out of Agonel’s grasp, but Agonel gripped tighter. “General Quinton ordered that we return to the base right now, They’re under attack.” Davis stopped struggling and Agonel called the phones of Jake, DJ, Rebecca, Joe, and AJ. “The base is under attack and they need our help. Get back as soon as you can, Sergeant Davis and I will be going on ahead.”

Agonel flew the twenty miles back to Fort Lancaster, briefing Sergeant Davis on what he knew about the attack. Sergeant Davis formed his hands into fists. “Can’t this tin can fly any faster?”

Agonel gritted his teeth. “Yes, my suit is capable of achieving higher velocity, but in order to achieve those speeds, I’d have to let you go.”

Davis growled back at Agonel, “That would be a pretty dumb move for a smart guy.”

“You’re not the only one who wants to get back to the base, Davis. General Quinton said that they are trying to free Sango. I need to study him if I’m going to find a cure for our condition. Look, the base has just come into view, we should be there soon.”

Agonel activated the radio in his helmet. “Fort Lancaster, this Is Agonel Godard requesting permission to come in for a landing.”

A voice responded over the radio, “Permission granted, but you missed all the fireworks. General Quinton wants to see you in his office as soon as you land.”

Agonel groaned. “That does not sound good. Quinton isn’t going to be happy.”

Davis looked up at Agonel. “What isn’t General Quinton going to be happy about?”

“Sounds like the fighting is all over and Quinton wants to see us as soon as we land.”

Sergeant Davis muttered a curse and crossed his arms. “This is all your fault. If you hadn’t insisted that we all go to look at that crime scene we could have stopped them.”

“I assumed that you would want to investigate with us, and I thought your past experience with the suspect would be valuable. I won’t make that mistake again.” Agonel landed in front of the building that had General Quinton’s office. Agonel pulled his helmet off, tucked it under his arm and started for the door. Davis followed behind, and walked into Quintons office while Agonel stopped at June’s desk. “Hi, June, any idea what I can expect during this meeting?”

June looked up at Agonel and gave a sad, forced smile. “Only this: I’d put your helmet back on if I was you.”

Agonel opened his mouth to reply, but stopped when he heard General Quinton’s voice roar out from his office. He slipped his helmet onto his head and started for the door. “Thanks for the advice.” Agonel opened the door and stepped into the office.

General Quinton’s face was beet red and veins were popping out of his forehead and neck. “About time you got in here! Thanks to you taking your time, Agonel. Private Sango has escaped, and I lost fifteen men today! Fifteen! On my own military base! Do you have any idea how that’s going to make me look to Emperor Gregory? I’ll be lucky if I don’t get court-martialed for letting some civilian scientist have free run of my base!”

Agonel replied, “This isn’t my fault, Quinton. I was doing what you ordered me to: trying to capture all of your AWOL soldiers and find a cure for their condition. It’s not my fault you can’t defend your base.”

General Quinton glared back at Agonel. “If I go down, I’m going to find a way to take you with me! At least tell me that you found something useful!”

Agonel looked down. “Nothing certain, but AJ believes that the way that these events went down indicates that this wasn’t someone acting alone. If it is Private Marco, he’s enlisted some help, possibly a demolitions expert. He stole a large number of weapons and ammunition, and we believe that he has plans to use them soon.” Agonel paused and gasped. “Wait, did you see Marco during the attack? This might have been his plan all along!”

Sergeant Davis grabbed Agonel around the neck and shoved his back into the wall. “This is all your fault! If we had done things the way I wanted to, we wouldn’t have to worry about losing soldiers to escape attempts!”

Agonel reached up and knocked Davis’s large hand away from his throat. “We still would have ended up with dead soldiers if we had done things your way! Killing these people is not the answer!”

Davis grabbed Agonel by either shoulder and shoved him back into the wall. “Those scum aren’t soldiers! They have abandoned their post and their vow to protect the people! They are lower than dirt already, and then they decide to go about doing whatever they please? For the sake of the people of this city, they must be eliminated!”

Agonel punched Davis in the chest with all the force he could muster, but it was like punching a brick wall. Davis pulled back one of his arms and punched Agonel in his chest, and sent him flying through the wall and tumbling across the compound. Agonel finally came to a stop and tried to stand up. He felt a sharp pain in his chest and found the source of it. On the right side of his chest plate was a dent in the shape of Davis’ fist. Agonel looked up and saw Sergeant Davis leaping through the hole Agonel had made, and his eyes went wide in terror. He activated his wings, but instead of his wings popping out, sparks flew. Agonel muttered a curse and deactivated his wings.

His terror turned into rage and he started to charge at Sergeant Davis. “This was a new suit. I would have appreciated it if it could have lasted longer than my second fight!” Sergeant Davis punched at Agonel, but Agonel stepped out of the way, grabbed Davis’ arm, and threw him across the compound. Davis landed on his back with a thud. Agonel pointed one of his arms at Davis and started to charge up the blaster on his wrist. “Switch from stun to blast.” Davis stood up and started charging at Agonel. Agonel aimed for Davis’ right shoulder and fired his blaster.

The blast hit Davis, and knocked him to the ground. Davis got back up and looked at his shoulder, as if expecting to see it damaged, but the only damage done was to his uniform. “You tried to shoot me! You’re going to regret that, Agonel!” Davis started charging at Agonel again, but stopped when a gunshot sounded.

Agonel and Davis turned and looked at General Quinton, who was standing outside of the hole in his wall, a smoking pistol pointed up at the sky. General Quinton replaced the pistol into his holster and started walking toward the two of them. “Stop this fighting immediately! This base has seen enough tragedy today; it certainly doesn’t need the two of you destroying it because you can’t decide which of you is prettier!”

Agonel turned and started walking away. “I can’t work with this man anymore, my friends and I are done answering to you. I’ll send someone over later to gather my equipment.”

General Quinton pointed a finger at Agonel. “Agonel, you get back here! This is your mess and you have to fix it!”

“Don’t worry, I intend to, but things will be much easier without your bureaucracy or Sergeant Davis in my way. Make sure to thank June for me, her suggestion likely saved my life!”

General Quinton and Sergeant Davis watched him walk away. Davis shouted after Agonel, “That’s fine! Get out of here, coward! It’s clear that you don’t have what it takes to deal with these freaks anyway!”

Quinton shook his head. “Shut up, Davis. You just chased away the best resource we had for fixing our problem.” He turned and looked at the hole in his wall. “The repairs for that wall are coming out of your pay, and you are replacing the bottle of whiskey that was lost because of your fight.”

Davis turned and looked at General Quinton confused. “Our fight wasn’t anywhere near your desk.”

“No, but it’s going to need to be replaced all the same.”


AJ walked down the stairs into Agonel’s lab, the bang of a hammer on metal echoed off of the walls. Agonel was looking at the breastplate of his armor, shaking his head and muttering to himself. He placed the piece of metal back on his workbench and lifted his hammer to start banging on it again, but AJ cleared his throat. Agonel turned and AJ said, “So I hear that we don’t work for the military any longer.”

Agonel put down the hammer. “Yes. That is correct, but it’s for the best. They were just holding us back anyway. Have you seen what Sergeant Davis did to my armor? He certainly deserves the code name Sergeant Savage.”

AJ looked over at the dented piece of metal and shrugged. “No one suggested that he didn’t, but that’s not why I came down here. I think I know where the Seer is going to hit next.”

Agonel looked at AJ confused. “The Seer? Who is that?”

“DJ decided to name Private Marco that. It fits pretty well if he can see the future. I did some more digging into the robbery, and I found out that the shipment that was robbed was only half of that order. The second semi is shipping later this afternoon.”

Agonel looked over at his clock. “This afternoon yet? That doesn’t give us much time to figure out where the Seer is planning on ambushing it.”

“I’ve already looked over the route and found the place that the ambush is most likely going to happen, but we need to get the team there now.”

Agonel nodded. “Flanders, I need you to make a call to Rebecca, Joe, Jake, and DJ.”

Flanders’ voice sounded from the speakers in the lab. “Certainly, sir. Dialing up the H Force members now.”


An explosion blew pieces of blacktop, dirt, and rock flying into the air, and an unmarked semi slammed on its breaks in an effort to stop before the front end of the truck reached the newly formed trench in the road. The driver heard Rebecca’s voice inside of his head saying, “It’s fine, just keep driving!” The driver took his foot off of the brake pedal and put his food down onto the gas pedal. The truck accelerated up to the trench that crossed the road and the driver squeezed his eyes shut, certain that the truck was going to get stuck in the trench. When he opened his eyes a moment later he was surprised to see that the truck had made it past the trench without even feeling a bump.

The truck sped down the road and disappeared around the next turn, and a second semi that was parked on the side of the road started up and drove after the first semi. Agonel stepped out onto the road and said, “You may as well reveal yourself, Marco. We already know that you are here and we have you surrounded. It looks like your friends have abandoned you as well, but not to worry, the police are waiting to make sure that you all get reunited once again.”

A man stepped out onto the road with his hands raised up in the air, and a rifle hanging by its strap over his back and sun glasses on his face. “This is not the future that I saw… how did you find me?”

Agonel lifted up his arm and aimed his blaster at the Seer. “Let’s just say that I have a team that you can’t always trust to do what your visions say they will. Joe, if you will please hold him while we disarm and cuff him, I would appreciate it.”

Joe walked onto the road and held his hands up, and a look of concentration crossed his face. “Sure thing H, and I thought we agreed to call each other by our code names when we’re out in public like this.”

Agonel sighed. “Sorry about that, Quake. I’ll try to remember that for next time.” Agonel pulled the rifle off his back and took the pistol away from his waist. AJ walked up to the Seer and put a pair of handcuffs made from the special alloy around Seer’s wrists, and activated the sonic device to solidify it.

Two military jeeps pulled up and Sergeant Davis stepped out of one of them. “I thought that explosion might have something to do with you, Marco. The military will take it from here, Agonel.”

Agonel raised his blaster and pointed it at Davis’ chest. “Back off, Davis. I’m not going to let you kill him.”

Sergeant Davis laughed. “Under what authority are you taking that man into custody? Go ahead and take him back to your lab, but the police and military will show up at your front door and take both of you away. Why not save everyone some trouble and just hand him over to me? Besides, we both know that your little gun doesn’t work on me.”

Agonel fired his blaster at Davis. Davis’ body went limp and he fell onto the ground. “No, but my stunner does.” Agonel turned and looked back at his team. “Get the Seer into the car, and watch him. I’ll get General Quinton on the phone and get his permission to keep Marco in our custody.”

General Quinton stepped out of the second jeep, and four soldiers jumped out of the jeeps and pointed their firearms at Agonel. “That won’t be necessary, Agonel. I’m here to ask you to return to my base. I’m sure we can work out an agreement between us that will make everyone happy.”

AJ stepped forward. “These are our terms, General Quinton: If we come back to you, we will have complete autonomy from you. We will work on our own, and deal with our prisoners on our own. We will keep you up to date on our progress, but we will not allow you or Sergeant Davis to interfere in our operations. Those are our terms, General. What do you say?”

Before General Quinton could answer, Sergeant Davis tackled Agonel. He pulled his arm back to punch Agonel, but Agonel brought his head up in a headbutt. Davis fell over backwards holding his head. Agonel grabbed his as well, but got up onto his feet. Davis got back up to his feet and Agonel charged toward him. Davis started charging with his head down back at Agonel, but Agonel sidestepped and swung his arm so that his elbow caught Sergeant Davis’ neck, and clotheslined him. Sergeant Davis fell to the ground and Agonel stood over him. “Stay down like a good little boy and let the adults talk, Davis. You got lucky in our first fight, but it won’t happen again.”

Davis kicked Agonel in the chest and sent him flying. A dent in the shape of Davis’ boot was left in Agonel’s chest piece. Agonel crashed into a tree, slid down to its base, and slumped over. Davis stood up coughing and holding his throat. “That was a cheap shot Agonel, but I won’t have to worry about those from you, anymore.” He punched the blacktop, sending cracks throughout the road. He bent down and slowly picked up the largest piece – about the size of a small car – and held it over his head.

The Seer got a panicked look on his face. ‘You have to stop them, they’ll destroy the whole city if this keeps up!”

AJ pulled out his futuristic looking pistol and started running at Sergeant Davis. “He’s right, we have to stop them! DM, guard the Seer. Mind Games, bombard Sergeant Savage’s mind. We need him distracted so he can’t focus on this fight! Quake, harden the air between them so that Sergeant Savage can’t throw that blacktop at H. And Cold Streak, get H out of there before he can throw it! H Force, go!”

Sergeant Davis let go of the chunk of blacktop with one of his hands and grabbed the side of his head with it as Rebecca mentally invaded his mind. AJ fired several blue glowing shots out of his pistol into Sergeant Davis. The shots connected, and sent Sergeant Davis’ body limp and sprawling to the ground, the chunk of blacktop landing on top of him. A trail of ice grew from where Jake had been standing to where Agonel had been lying against the tree, and then over to behind AJ, where Jake breathed heavily and Agonel laid on the ground. Joe held out his hands, creating a dome of hardened air around Davis so that if he got back up, he would be trapped.

AJ put his pistol back into his holster. “Agonel needs to study these people that were affected by his cure, General Quinton, and if we let them stay in your custody, with Sergeant Davis, they won’t live long enough for that to happen. I don’t care who you have to talk to to make this happen, but we will have the rights to take any of these Hyper Villains into custody, and to hold them indefinitely.”

General Quinton stroked his chin. “There’s only one problem with your proposal, you don’t have Private Marco anymore.”

AJ turned and looked back to see DJ lying on the ground, and the Seer nowhere to be seen. “You watched him escape and didn’t tell anyone?”

General Quinton held up his hands defensively. “I was just as distracted by Davis’ and Agonel’s fight as the rest of you were. It’s your friend’s fault that Marco escaped, but I will consider your request for future incidents. Men, gather Davis up and let’s get out of here; and someone get the police on the horn before someone tries to drive their car through this.”

The soldiers loaded Davis into the back of the jeep and drove away. Agonel groaned. “What hit me?”

Rebecca knelt down by Agonel’s side and took his helmet off. “Davis’ foot. Are you okay?”

Agonel nodded. “I think so, but I’m going to need to make another suit.”

Rebecca slapped Agonel in the face. “I’m glad that you’re okay, but don’t ever do something as reckless as that again, do you understand me?”

Agonel rubbed his cheek. “Reckless as what? Being a superhero? This is the sort of thing we signed up for when we decided to do this. At least we caught the Seer.”

Joe frowned. “About that: he sort of escaped.”

Agonel jumped up to his feet and groaned. “Escaped? What do you mean he escaped? How could you let that happen?”

DJ looked at the ground. “Sorry, Agonel, when we saw that Davis was going to crush you we all got involved in trying to stop him. He hit me from behind when I was distracted and ran off.”

Agonel smiled sympathetically back at DJ. “As long as you are okay, that’s the important thing. We’ll just have to be more careful when we run into him next time. Let’s head back. I need to fix this suit up, and come up with something special for the next time Davis decides he wants to fight.”  Agonel looked down at the place where the Seer had been apprehended and saw a black rook chess piece sitting on the ground. Agonel walked over and picked the chess piece and looked at it. “Where did this came from?”

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