A Summary of The Super Morpher

This week I am posting the next part of my story, The Super Morpher, and if you have missed the previous parts, here is a brief summary of what has happened so far to help you get caught up.

Ryan is a college football player that is lives a normal life, he goes to school, likes a girl named Kari, and plays foot ball. He doesn’t have much luck with Kari because she won’t date anyone that isn’t a christian, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing her. Ryan lives with his best friend from high school, Jordan, who is a scientific genius. Ryan agrees to assist Jordan with a scientific experiment he was working on, a process to make indestructible clothe. Due to some unintentional tampering by Ryan, the experiment goes wrong and Ryan is given new and amazing abilities. He has super strength, enhanced agility, and the ability to absorb any material he touches his his hands and turn his body into that material.

Ryan has difficulty controlling his powers at first, so Jordan makes Ryan a special pair of gloves to wear that prevent him from absorbing materials, and while helpful, Ryan gets a lot of ridicule for wearing them. After Ryan accidentally hurts a team mate during football practice, Ryan quits the team until he can better control his new strength. Ryan and Jordan start doing testing to get a bench mark of how much Ryan’s natural abilities have increased, and practicing with his powers to get control over them.

Jordan’s invention of indestructible clothe gets him a lot of attention in the scientific community, and a local scientist that specializes in the fabrication and advancement of prosthetic limbs, a Dr. Timothy Mechanique, approaches Jordan and offers him an internship with him, and Jordan happily accepts.

Ryan finally feels ready to go out and use his abilities to try and stop crime, and his friend Jordan creates some special gear for him, including a suit made out of indestructible clothe and a watch that has the ability to switch his street clothes out with his super suit at will. Ryan and Jordan are sitting in class when a classmate informs everyone that there is a robbery going on at a jewelry store. Ryan and Jordan decide that this would be a good time for the Super Morpher to make his first appearance, and Ryan runs to the crime scene, announces his intentions and name to the crowd gathered there.

That is the story thus far, but there is an exciting confrontation in the next chapter that comes out on Wednesday of this week. If you are interested in seeing the first three parts of this story The Accident, New Powers, Learning Control or any of the other stories I am working on you can find those on my index page here: Tales of the Imagination.


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