Super Morpher Preview

I’ve been trying some new things with my blog lately to try and see what you guys are looking for, and it seems like my summaries of my past posts are doing fairly well, so I’ve decided to try and do a summary every weekend and call it my weekend review, just to get you guys caught up on the story that I’m going to be posting the next week. I’m going to try and do something at the beginning of each week to give you a glimpse of what the next chapter I’m going to post is going to be, as a way to try and build up some hype. So, without any further explanation, I give you a glimpse of what the next chapter of The Super Morpher is going to be like. In this chapter of the Super Morpher, Ryan is going to go out and take on his first two crimes, which gets the police’s attention. Ryan also gets to deal with his former teammates anger about him quitting the football team and takes another shot at getting Kari to date him, and he’s trying some different tactics this time. The entire city is excited about the appearance of the Super Morpher, and that includes the police station, and one police officer in general.

That has been a quick look at what’s coming out next for the Super Morpher, check back on Wednesday to see more about Ryan and Jordan’s adventures in the Super Morpher, Chapter Four: The Super Morpher’s Arrival. Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget to check my blog for the other three parts of this story!

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