Summary of Beast Blades

Hello all, it is Friday so that means that it’s time for another weekend review, and this week I’ll be reviewing what has happened so far in my story, Beast Blades.

The story starts off with Lucas being chased by beasts made from shadow known as Acerbi. He stumbles into a cave only to find a red glowing sword thrust point down into the ground. The Acerbi surround Lucas and are about to take the sword when an old man comes running into the cave and summons a bear made of stone and a cobra made from air and attacks the Acerbi. Through some help from the old man Lucas is able to use the sword that he found to summon a fiery Pegasus named Pyrequine. The Acerbi are all defeated except for the one that manages to escape back to its dark master, Lord Geraldo. The old man reveals himself as Apollos, someone who is seeking the five legendary beast blades that hold the power to defeat Lord Geraldo and his shadow beast blade. Apollos tells Lucas that he is destined to find all five legendary beast blades and free the country from Lord Geraldo, and that Apollos is going to travel with him. Apollos then gives Lucas one of his beast blades, Petrusa the stone bear. Lord Geraldo is given news of Lucas and Apollos and sends for one of his Generals to go and deal with the two of them.

Apollos begins to train Lucas to fight with a sword blade, and when Lucas shows disinterest in the art form, Apollos fights against Petrusa to show just how valuable the skill can be. General Caine attacks the two of them but is defeated, primarily by Apollos and his skill with the sword. Lucas manages to recover General Caine’s prized beast blade, Aquacornu, a water rhino, and sends General Caine back to Lord Geraldo.

Lord Geraldo offers General Caine one last chance to capture Lucas and Apollos, and sends him after them with a new beast blade and a group of Acerbi behind him. He ambushes Lucas and Apollos on the road to Sharen City, and it looks as if he is going to be victorious until a wagon crashes into the scene. Thanks to some aid from a girl named Tara, Apollos and Lucas are able to defeat Caine once again, but Lucas looses Aquacornu but gains a steel wolf beast blade instead. Apollos agrees to allow Tara to travel with them as far as Sharen City since she is alone. Lord Geraldo throws General Caine into the dungeons for his failure, and then sends General Aldrick after the group instead.

That is a quick look at what has happened in the story so far, if you are interested in reading the whole story, you can find the other parts here: Awaken Pyrequine!, Aquacornu’s Tidal Stampeed! Herbacervus Leaf Storm! and make sure to check back next Monday for a sneak peak of my next chapter, and on Wednesday when chapter four of this series publishes. You can find me on facebook here: EJBorchardt. Have a great weekend everyone.


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