Preview for Chapter 4 of Beast Blades

Hello everyone, it is the beginning of the week once again, and that means several things. For some it means the beginning of the work week, for others it means the beginning of another week of school. It also means a preview of what I’m going to be posting for those of you lucky enough to follow my blog. I’ll give you a few glimpses of what to look forward to as far as the post goes, and then I’ll have a few special surprise announcements for you. So let’s get started with the preview.

Lucas, Apollos, and Tara are going to continue their journey to Sharen City, and unless you include Apollos and Tara’s constant arguing, it’s a peaceful one. You will get a brief glimpse of Lucas’ past, and little more information about the rebellion that Tara is a part of. They finally make it to the city, and journey into the city’s underground to get some information, but look out, there are unseen eyes watching everywhere. The way that magic works in this world is revealed this week, and the location of the next legendary beast blade is revealed as well.

That is a very brief summary of what is going to happen in this weeks post, so obviously you’ll just have to come back on Wednesday to see more of what’s going to happen. If you want to see the first three parts of beast blades, you can just click on these links here: Awaken Pyrequine! Aquacornu’s Tidal Stampeed, Herbacervus’ leaf storm.

Now, for those special announcements I promised you. First of all, I have recently purchased a new microphone for my computer, which means that I will beginning to record my older posts and publish them as audio files, so if you want to have my posts read to you by their writer, that is coming soon. Also, my family makes maple syrup, and that season is fast approaching us. I’m afraid I won’t have much time to write during that time, but I’ll post when I can. If you want more information and to be kept up to date, check out my facebook page: E J Borchardt. Have a good week everyone


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