Analyzing a Mentos Commercial

So something that many of you probably don’t know about me is that I minored in college in advertising, and the field that I work in now is advertising related. I enjoy watching commercials and deciding if what I’ve seen is a good commercial or a bad commercial, what did they do well, and what should they have done better. So I have decided to start posting commercials that I liked, doing a discussion on the commercial, and hopefully seeing what you guys think of it as well. Maybe we can learn more about advertising together.Let’s start off with what they did well. The first thing that I thought of when I watched this ad, was it was funny. I was entertained by it, it made me want to tell my friends about it, to share the video. A lot of commercials I see don’t do that, they don’t get me talking about the ad, they don’t make me want to share it, but a lot of the ones that you remember do. Humor is a very powerful tool used in advertising.

The second thing that I thought that they did well was their choice of music. The music fit very well with the idea of a couple on their first date. It also didn’t reveal the big twist that was coming, and we’ll talk more about that later. The choice of music is very important for an advertisement, it’s part of the formula that hold everything together. Could you imagine this piece if it had something from Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga instead? Sets a totally different mood, doesn’t it?

The third thing was they made the product a key part of what is going on. All of the fun parts of the video happen because they had a Mentos, even if they didn’t do a very good job of letting you know that it was Mentos, but we’ll talk more about that later. It gives you the feeling that Mentos can make magic on a first date, and I can assure you that fresh breath is very important. Mentos was the reason that blown kisses can make butterflies appear out of blown kisses, or flowers, or even cute, little, adorable, screaming bunnies.

The final good thing that I want to touch on is the twist at the end. It’s literally all butterflies and flowers until the end. Suddenly it goes from being all lovey dovey to terrifying. Suddenly, there is a bunny that is screaming in some guys face and causes an accident. Then the guy goes running off leaving the girl to deal with the consequences. It was unexpected, and it was the part that makes the commercial worth talking about and remembering.

So now the things that they didn’t do quite so well. In the new age of advertising videos on the internet and dvrs, commercials don’t have much time to get you attention and get you to watch. On youtube, it’s usually five seconds before the skip button shows up. If you watch this video, the first five seconds don’t really have anything to them. You don’t see the two characters, you don’t see anything about the product, you really don’t see anything that would make you want to stick around to see what comes next. What you put in the first five seconds is very important. Many commercials create a youtube version of the ad so that they have something attention getting in the first five seconds, and if Mentos has done that with this commercial, I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment on that.

Secondly, until the very end of the commercial you can’t tell what the product is unless you are familiar with Mentos new packaging, which I am not. You can barely tell it’s a commercial for Mentos up until the very end of the commercial. That means that it’s not memorable, which is the whole reason for advertising. If people don’t know what they are seeing, it may as well just be a product placement in a movie, because the people can easily miss it.

Finally, the logo for the product is barely seen during the commercial, and you can totally miss that it’s for mentos. I know I had to watch it twice to see that it was for Mentos. That is a good thing for the ad, it made me want to watch it again. In my advertising classes I was taught that you have to mention something a minimum of three times for it to stick in your mind, and they only show the product twice, and as I said you can miss it the first time. Plus the mentos logo it self is only shown for about three seconds at the very end.

So that is my look at what this commercial did well and not so well, I’m sure there is more to it, and I hope that you will comment with your take on it as well. As I said at the beginning, if we do this right, we can learn a lot about advertising together. Have a great weekend everyone.


2 thoughts on “Analyzing a Mentos Commercial

  1. Reblogged this on The Famous Brand New and commented:
    This advertisement is the perfect combination of romantic, cute, and funny. Opening with a scene that looks straight out of Rom-Com, Mentos caters to the needs of many young single daters, the biggest need being a great first kiss. Adding a whimsical element to highlight the fresh breath, what would’ve been a mediocre blow of a kiss turns into something much more magical and funny. Throwing an adorable bunny into the mix does nothing but help the brand solidify this advertisements awesomeness.


  2. Great post! I haven’t seen an advertisement for Mentos in ages, but I remember them being super cheesy. This commercial seemed to take a lot of elements that are guaranteed to catch an audiences attention. I agree that the absence of the logo throughout the commercial was a potential negative, but on the other hand it’s also great that the company didn’t try to shove the product in the face of the viewer. Focusing on the entertainment value is what makes a good advertisement these days, giving the viewer something to stay instead of skip through is a huge challenge. I thought Mentos definitely succeeded in this aspect. Thank you for sharing this great commercial!


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