Ahir, Guardian of Malor, Chapter 11: Ahir Arrested, Part 2

Ahir parried a slash from an arm that was striped orange and black and ended in the sharp claws of a tiger. The arm connected to the body that looked like it belonged to a shark, a curved fin resting upon its back. It bounced around on a pair of giant frog legs. It had a large spider head resting upon the shark’s body, it’s eight eyes staring emotionlessly at Ahir. Ahir ducked under another slash of the creatures claws and slashed back at it, but it jumped away. “Were you as surprised as I was when Milton called?”

A fireball flew at Trixie and she raised up her shield. “I knew he would call. Well, I thought he would anyway.” The fireball reflected off her shield and flew back at a creature that was made from loose hanging chains in a humanoid shape. ” Okay, yes, I was surprised too.” The chains were connected to sea shells wherever a joint would be on a human body, and two green lights glowed where its eyes should be and a red light glowed from inside of its chest. The fireball crashed into the creature’s chest. The creature was knocked down into a pile of chains from the force of the blast. The chains rose back up and began to advance toward Trixie. “Um, I don’t suppose you want to switch fighting partners?”

Ahir spared Trixie a glance and saw the chain creature advancing on her. He looked back at the shark-bodied creature he was fighting against, and it was still sitting back, watching Ahir. “When I say, “go,” we switch…Go!” Ahir turned and ran toward Trixie. That’s when the shark-bodied Aureus’Aevum launched itself at Ahir. It flew through the air, one of it’s arms pulled back, prepared to slash at Ahir’s unprotected back. It drew near to Ahir, and began to swing its arm forward, and Trixie ran past Ahir and met its claws with her shield.

The shark creature was sent flying away from them and Ahir swung his sword though the chain creature’s arm that was reaching for Trixie. The arm broke down into dust, and the dust was blown away by an unfelt breeze. The shark creature crashed into the side of a brick building and landed in a crumpled heap. Ahir turned smiled at Trixie. “Nice timing on that switch, Trixie.”

Trixie returned the smile and then a shot was fired. Trixie and Ahir both turned to see a police officer with his gun pointed at the shark Aureus’Aevum. “What the heck are these things? Kevin, call for backup!”

Ahir and Trixie looked at each other, panic on their faces. Ahir swallowed and said, “Run, Trixie.”

Trixie looked back at Ahir. “Those police officers can’t handle these Aureus’aevum, if we don’t stay more people will be taken.”

“I know, and that’s why I’m staying.”

Trixie gasped. “But, Ahir, you’ll be caught!”

“If you don’t run, we’ll both be caught. Besides, I might be able to get away. I escaped from Lang’kahn, I should be able to escape from some police officers. Now go!”

Trixie looked at Ahir for a moment and kissed him on the cheek. Ahir raised his hand up to his face in surprise. Trixie smiled at Ahir. “You had better escape.” Trixie turned and ran into a nearby alleyway, and Sil’abo darted after her.

More gun shots sounded off behind Ahir, and he turned to see the shark creature jump at the police officers, who were firing shots at it wildly.

One of the police officers pulled the clip out of his pistol and put a fresh one in. “How the heck is this thing still up? I’ve emptied a clip into it already!”

Ahir sighed and charged at the creature attacking the police, but tripped and fell. He looked down at what had tripped him and saw a chain from the other Aureus’Aevum wrapped around his leg. He slashed through the chain, jumped up onto his feet and ran at the creature about to attack the police. Unfortunately, the shark-bodied creature reached the police officers first and slashed its claws through one of the police officers’ arms. The police officer’s gun dropped from his hand and he cried out in pain. The monster turned its attention onto the other police officer and pulled its arm back to slash him.

The police officer reached down to his belt and pulled out his can of pepper spray and squirted it into the creatures eyes. The creature bellowed out in pain and brought both of its hands up to its eight spider eyes. Moments later Ahir brought his sword through the creature’s neck, and the creature broke down into dust. Ahir turned his attention to the two police officers, who were staring at him in disbelief. “Who the heck are you and how did you hurt that thing?”

Panic filled Ahir’s face, but it quickly turned back to confidence. “There isn’t time for that right now. Take care of your partner and leave the other creature to me, your weapons aren’t going to do you any good here.” Ahir didn’t stop to see if they followed his instructions or not, but turned and charged at the creature made from chains.

Electricity sparked between the links that made up the creature’s body and the chains jumped away from the sea shells and wrapped around Ahir. Ahir’s body twitched and spasmed, and his hand tightened around the hilt of his sword. He slowly brought his sword up, slicing through the chain links one at a time until he had sliced every strand of chain that had wrapped around him. Ahir dropped to one knee as the chain beast broke down to dust and floated away.

Ahir took a deep breath and struggled to his feet. He stumbled over to where the blue shimmering field hung in the air and he plunged the sword into it. The portal shrank down around Ahir’s sword and a flash of blue announced that the portal was closed. Ahir heard a gun cock behind him and an authoritative voice say, “Put the sword on the ground and turn around slowly.”

Ahir groaned and muttered under his breath, “Sorry, Trixie. I guess I won’t be able to keep my promise to you.” He bent over and placed the sword on the ground and slowly turned to face five police officers who had formed a semicircle around him, each with their pistol pointed at his chest. He looked behind him and saw the sixth police officer being treated by paramedics for the slash on his arm. Ahir weakly grinned at the police officers. “Anything I can do for you, officers?”

The officer standing in the middle of the semicircle replied, “You can start by telling us who you are and what just happened here.”

Ahir sighed. “I am Ahir Bohater, and what you just saw was me repelling invaders from another dimension.”

The police officer holstered his gun and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. “Ahir Bohater you say? We’ve been looking for you for a while in relation to the fire at your apartment complex, and you are our prime suspect in the death of Thaddeus Dillard, whose charred remains were found in the ashes of your apartment building. You are under arrest.”

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