Rebellion on Aquore preview

Hello, everyone. I have an announcement to make. I have decided to discontinue my story, the H Force. I really liked the idea of the team that I came up with for this story, but now that I started writing it, it’s just not turning out as well as I was hoping that it would. So I’m replacing it with a new story, The Rebellion on Aquore, and I’ll give you a preview of what to look forward to starting tomorrow. The Rebellion on Aquare is a story about a man named Tarren. Tarren is a young man that is fervently devoted to the rebellion against the government. He lives and works at the orphanage that he was raised at by Eugene, Tarren’s best friend. He does everything he can to keep the orphanage open, looks for people willing to donate food for the kids, and a way to bring in some extra money. The orphanage is going through a tough time because they have more kids to provide for than ever before and the government is cutting the funding that they give. Couple that with Tarren gets into fights he knows he can’t win whenever he sees the Aquore Enforcers, the governments security force on Aquore, Tarren is having quite a tough time. If you want to find out more about Tarren’s struggles, or what the rebellion is up to, make sure to come back on Monday for Part one of The Rebellion on Aquore, Chapter One: Tarren’s Fight.


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