The Super Morpher, Chapter 5: Learning Through Practice, Part 2

A firefighter supervised his team moving into position to combat the flames eating up a building. “Get a hose on the east side of that building! If we let it get out of control the building next to it is going to go up as well!”

Another firefighter ran up. “Chief, we have two adults and a baby trapped on the second floor. We need to send someone in to get them out of there!”

The chief bit his lip and stared at the fire. “Alright, get Stromski and Wansworth prepped to go and fast. We don’t have long before the building comes down.”

Ryan landed on the ground next to the fire chief. “I’ll get them out of there for you, chief, but I’ll need to borrow this!” Ryan reached out and touched the firefighter chief’s jacket and absorbed it. His body transformed to become the same material as the firefighters jacket.

The firefighter pointed at Ryan. “Hey, you must be that Super Morpher guy that I’ve heard people talking about! Can I get an autograph?”

The chief glared at the firefighter. “That’s not what’s important right now, and I thought I gave you an order.” The firefighter saluted and ran off. “I appreciate the offer of help but you aren’t trained for this situation and we are. Stick to stopping muggers.”

Ryan shook his head. “Can’t do that, chief. My powers give me an advantage over your training and I’m going to help people whenever I can!” Ryan turned and ran toward the building despite the chief’s protests. Ryan burst through the door of the burning building and tried to get his bearings. He saw a stairway at the end of the hall and ran for it.

The stairs had started on fire, but he dashed up the smoke-filled stairway. He breathed in smoke and started to cough. The smoke made his eyes water, and he lost his concentration and turned back to normal. The fire coat reappeared and fell down the stairs, and Ryan reached for it, but it was out of reach. Flames jumped up to lick at his now exposed hand, and in a panic Ryan tried to focus on absorbing fire. To his surprise he absorbed the flames and his body transformed into flame.

Ryan looked down at his blazing palms. “This is incredible.” Fire shot from his hands and started to make the ceiling smolder. “Ah! I can’t control this!” Ryan focused on rejecting the fire. His body turned back to normal and he started to run up the burning stairway.

Jordan’s voice sounded in Ryan’s ear. “Ryan, what’s going on?”

“I lost the fire suit, found out I can absorb fire, but can’t control it, so now I’m running through fire and pretty sure I’m going to have some burns from this.”

“My suit should protect you from the flames, but it can’t do anything about the heat. Get out of there as fast as you can and get back here. I should be able to whip up some cream for that burn for you.”

Ryan made it up onto the second floor and looked at the hallway with five doors running along it. “Where are you? I’m here to help!” Ryan started running down the fire-filled hallway, kicking a door open. He looked inside the room and saw nothing. He moved onto the next door. “I want to help you, but I can’t find you!”

Ryan was about to kick another door down when he heard a muffled cry from the baby. Ryan moved to the door at the end of the hallway, kicked it open and found the mother and father collapsed and unconscious. Ryan quickly scanned the room looking for the baby, but was unable to find it. He finally noticed that the muffled cries were coming from under the parents. Ryan picked the two adults up and found the crying baby girl. Ryan ran to the window on the room and opened it up. “I have two unconscious adults here! I need someone to catch them!”

The firefighters down below started moving and set up a life net below the window. Ryan picked up the mother and tossed her down onto the lifenet. She hit the net, bounced a few times and then the firefighters pulled her off of the net and set it up again to catch the father. Ryan tossed him down, didn’t wait for them to clear him off of the net before he scooped the baby up and jumped out of the window, over the firefighters heads, to land on the ground a short distance away. A paramedic and the fire chief ran over to Ryan.

The paramedic took the baby from Ryan and started checking its vitals. Ryan started coughing, but managed to get out, “Those two need medical assistance, they were passed out on top of the baby.”

The fire chief stared at Ryan in disbelief. “They need help? What about you? You must be covered in burns and be suffering from smoke inhalation!”

Ryan gave the fire chief a weak smile. “Don’t worry about me, I heal pretty fast. I lost your jacket, though. Sorry.”

The fire chief shook his head. “You’re crazy, you know that?”

“It’s not the first time I’ve heard that.” Ryan heard sirens approaching from down the street and glanced nervously in that direction. “I believe you have a fire to fight, and I have to get back to protecting this city. Keep me in mind if you have to fight any more fires.” Ryan took off running.

A man wearing a bunny mask lifted a machine gun over his head and fired it up at the ceiling of the bank. People turned and stared at him in panic, some even fell to the ground and covered their heads. “This is a robbery! I want you all down on the ground with your hands on your head,” he pointed his gun at the teller, “except for you! I want you to open up the vault for me.”

The teller began sobbing and turned to start turning the knobs on the vault. One of the security guards rose to his knees and pulled out his pistol. He aimed it at the robber’s back, and a burst of machine gun sounded out from behind the security guard. The robber turned around and saw the security guard collapse onto his face, a puddle of blood beginning to form under him. The robber looked up at a man wearing a turtle mask with a smoking machine gun in his hands.

The man with the turtle mask made a disgusted sound. “You’re starting to get sloppy. This guy had you dead to rights.”

The other robber growled, “Maybe I was counting on you to watch my back for me!”

The teller snuck over to the booth and pressed the silent alarm button, but a third man wearing an elephant mask backhanded her face. “You’re both getting sloppy! She just triggered the silent alarm! Let’s get this vault cleaned out before the cops show up!”

The other two robbers ran and jumped over the tellers booth and pulled the vault door open. They ran inside and the three of them began filling the duffle bags they wore over their shoulders with money and gold bars.

Ryan walked into the vault and touched a gold bar, turning himself into metal. Ryan tisked, crossed his arms and shook his head. The robbers all turned and looked at Ryan. “I’m pretty sure this isn’t the right way to make a withdrawal, fellas. If you put the money down, maybe the teller will be able to help you find the proper forms?”

The robber in the bunny mask shouted out, “Who the heck is this guy?”

The robber in the elephant mask picked up his machine gun and pointed it at Ryan. “Who cares? Waste this guy!” The three robbers stood there and fired bullets at Ryan, and all of them bounced off of his suit.

Ryan started laughing, “Stop it, that tickles!” The robbers stopped firing and stared at Ryan in confusion. The turtle-masked robber reached into his jacket and pulled out a grenade. Ryan darted at the robber with the grenade in his hand and punched the man in the face. “If you are going to be that way about it…” The robber collapsed to the ground, and the grenade rolled out of his hands with the pin still in it. “Then you give me no choice but to play this way!” Ryan punched the other two robbers, and they dropped down onto the ground as well.

Ryan turned back to normal and the gold bar dropped back onto the pile with a klink. Ryan groaned in pain, reached down and grabbed the three robbers by the collar of their jackets and drug them out of the vauld. “I thought turning into gold would help to protect me from their bullets, but I can already feel I’m still covered in bruises.”

Jordan’s voice came over the radio in Ryan’s ear. “Gold is a soft metal, so of course it’s still going to hurt. You should have absorbed part of the vault door.”

“I’ll try to remember that next time.” Ryan dropped the three thieves off behind the booth and closed the vault door. He smiled at the teller and she smiled back. Ryan looked at her name tag. “Here you go, Amber. I don’t think these three should cause you any more trouble. Make sure the police put these three somewhere they won’t hurt anyone else, and call an ambulance for that security guard.”

Amber’s smile faded. “Oh, no! Jerry!” Amber picked up the phone that sat on the bank booth, and Ryan turned and ran out of the bank.


Ryan ran past screaming people into Sam’s Electronics and Things, and took in the scene. Five men wearing the red and orange uniforms of employees of the store were carrying flat screen TV’s and crying. Behind them walked five men with machine guns in their hands. One of them pointed at Ryan. “I think that’s that Super Morpher I’ve been hearing about lately! Waste him, boys!” He walked forward and shoved one of the men carrying TV’s over and started firing at Ryan.

Ryan frantically looked back and forth for something to absorb, but found nothing within reach. “I hate it when this happens.” Bullets crashed into Ryan’s chest, and he cried out in pain. His hands came up to clutch onto his chest, and he dropped to his knees.

One of the other gunmen laughed. “I don’t know why anybody had any troubles with this guy. He wasn’t anything special!” The other robbers laughed as well, and started to nudge the employees with the muzzles of their machine guns. “Keep moving, we have a truck to fill.”

Ryan rose back up to his feet, his body turned to lead, and he darted at the gunman that had shot at him. He punched the man in the face before he had a chance to react, sending him flying into a display, where he collapsed to the ground. “I really hate being shot before I absorb anything!”

The other robbers pointed their guns at Ryan and started firing. Ryan smiled and nodded his head. “Yes, now that I absorbed one of your bullets it’s fine to shoot me all you want. Just so you know, if you keep doing that I’m going to have to do this!” Ryan ran up to one of the other robbers and punched the man in the face. The man’s eyes rolled back and he fell face first to the ground. Ryan grabbed the machine gun from the man as he collapsed, and bent the barrel of the gun so that they couldn’t fire it any longer.

The employees dropped the TV’s they were carrying and ran toward the front of the store. One of the remaining gunmen turned to point their gun at the backs of the fleeing employees, but Ryan threw the gun he held and nailed the robber in the face with it. the robber fell over unconscious, his gun firing bullets up at the ceiling, one of them hitting one of the light bulbs. Sparks flew from the broken light bulb and the lights started flickering.

Ryan started running at the remaining two gunmen. “Stop right there, or I end this man’s life!” yelled one of the gunmen. He had grabbed one of the retreating employees and had his machine gun aimed at the man’s head.

Ryan stopped. “Let him go!”

The gunman laughed. “Oh, we’ll let him go. After you do exactly what I say! I want you to move to the back of the store, and lay down on the ground! Once we’re safely outside, we’ll let him go!”

Jordan came over the radio. “Do what they say, Ryan. The police are forming up outside to form a raid. Take this opportunity to get away and let the police handle the rest of this.”

Ryan started to move toward the back of the store. “Alright, I’ll do what you want. Just don’t hurt him.”

The store employee was sobbing, and the men started to move to the front of the store. Ryan continued to the back of the store, and started running for the loading docks. After a little while, Ryan said, “Jordan, give me an update! Do the police have the men in custody?”

The line was silent for a few moments before Jordan replied. “I don’t believe it. Those gunmen killed their hostage, and injured two police officers before they were shot down.”

Ryan stopped, and his hands formed into fists. He screamed out in frustration and punched through the concrete wall he was standing next to. “How could I have let this happen? I should have stopped those men. I should have been able to stop anyone from dying today.”

“Ryan, this isn’t your fault. There wasn’t anything you could have done to save that man. You need to get out of there, the police are sweeping through the building looking for other gunmen.”

Ryan started running. “Jordan, I want you to come up with a new way for me to train. I need to become better so I can prevent things like this from happening again.” Ryan opened the door at the back of the building and started to make his way onto the roof.

Jordan replied, “Sure, just head back to the dorm, you’ve had enough crime fighting for one day.”

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