The Super Morpher, Chapter 5: Learning through Practice, Part 3

Lieutenant Jacob stood next to his car with the fire chief. “The Super Morpher was here? And you didn’t detain him?”

The fire chief chortled. “He just saved the lives of three people after running into a burning building. Why would I want to detain the guy? He’s a hero!”

“Either that or he’s trying to make himself look like one. He could have been the one to set the fire.”

The fire chief shook his head. “I looked into the cause of the fire. Someone left an oven mitt too close to the soup cooking on the stove. Once the parents regained consciousness, they said they had left the soup simmering on the oven and were giving their little girl a bath. By the time they realized the fire had started, they were trapped on the second floor.”

“You interacted with him, what can you tell me about him?”

“Besides his blatant disregard for his personal safety? Not much. He touched my jacket and it disappeared, and then his body changed. He ran inside the building after that. Next time I saw him he was coughing, but that’s no real surprise. Darn fool, running into the building like that without an oxygen mask.”

“He was coughing. Maybe he’s not invincible after all. You said that his body changed. What do you mean by that?”

“Suddenly his body looked like it was made from the same material as my jacket. There’s not much else I can tell you.”

Lieutenant Jacob started stroking his chin. “Hmm, thanks for your time.”

Lieutenant Jacob’s partner walked up to him. “I just heard over the radio that there’s a bank robbery in progress.”


Lieutenant Jacob looked at the computer screen showing the security footage of the robbery. “There, stop the video! Now rewind it a bit.” Jacob watched carefully as Ryan reached out and touched a gold bar, and it disappeared. “He just took that gold bar! The guy’s a thief!”

The security guard looked up at Jacob. “Are you kidding? We have witnesses that saw him walk out of the bank, and none of them said anything about him carrying anything with him.”

Jacob frowned. “Well, maybe he hid it somewhere in his suit.”

The security guard looked at Jacob incredulously. “Have you seen his suit? Where would he hide anything in that?”

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll ask him when I track him down. Go ahead and and continue the security footage.” The security guard hit play on the tape and Lieutenant Jacob watched the screen closely.

The security guard pointed at the screen. “There, did you see that? He put the bar back.”

Lieutenant Jacob frowned on the screen. “But where did it come from? It seems like it just reappeared.”

The security guard rewinded the tape and watched it closely. “You’re right. I wonder how that happened? Tape must be skipping.”

“Hmm, I don’t know about that. Thank you for your time, give us a call if you can think of anything else that might be useful.”


Lieutenant Jacob walked up the stairs behind one of the security guards from Sam’s Electronics and Things. “I’m sorry to hear about Darrell’s death. I’ll make sure that the Super Morpher pays for it.”

The security guard turned his head and looked at Lieutenant Jacob. “Why should the Super Morpher pay for it?”

“It’s his fault that Darrell died. If he hadn’t interfered with a police operation we would have been able to save Darrell’s life.”

The Security Guard shook his head and continued up the steps. “It wasn’t until the police got involved that Darrell died. The Super Morpher did everything he could to keep Darrell alive.”

“Well, that is your opinion, and maybe it will change after we watch the fight.” The security guard opened the door to a room that was filled with computer monitors showing different areas of the store.

The guard sat in a chair in front of the monitors and pointed at the middle screen. “You’ll want to pay attention to that one. It gives the best view of the confrontation, in my opinion.”

Jacob watched the computer monitor intently. He watched the fight between the Super Morpher and the thieves. He pointed at the monitor. “There, rewind that. I need to see it from a different angle.” The security guard rewinded the tape and Jacob watched a different monitor. “Did you see that?”

The guard looked at the screen confused. “See what? That he got shot?”

Lieutenant Jacob smiled. “Yes, and it looks like it hurt him. Maybe this guy isn’t as invincible as everyone thinks he is.”

The guard shook his head. “That may be, but he sure didn’t act like it bothered him too much. Look at how hard he’s fighting now. The bullets aren’t even making him flinch now.”

Jacob stroked his chin. “Hmm, you’re right. Something about him changed. Wait, his skin color, it’s different now than it was before. He looks like he is made out of metal!”

The guard nodded his head. “That would make sense if that was one of his powers, being called the Super Morpher and all.”

“But why did he wait to change until after he got shot? Is it possible that he can only change into what he’s touching? Thank you for showing me this tape. Could you send copies of all camera angles to my office?”


Lieutenant Jacob walked into the police department and cringed when he heard the police chief bellow out, “Jacob! My office, now!”

Jacob sighed and walked into the police chief’s office. The police chief slammed the door shut behind Jacob. Jacob put a fake smile on. “You’re looking good, chief. Did you get a hair cut?”

“Really? You want to talk about my haircut? I figured you’d want to tell me all about how the Super Morpher is responsible for the busy day our department had. He seems to be all you can talk about lately!”

“He was at all the crime scenes, Terry.”

“From what I understand he helped out at all the crime scenes as well.” Jacob opened his mouth to reply, but Terry held up his hand and cut him off. “Save it, I don’t want to hear about your conspiracy theories right now. There’s something bigger than a masked vigilante going on here. These attacks both happening today seems like more than a coincidence to me. I think a gang war is about to break out, and we’re going to have our hands full dealing with it. So I have a new assignment for you.”


Ryan ignored his ringing phone as he continued to do pushups with one hand. Jordan looked up from his computer screen. “Ryan, aren’t you going to answer that?”

“No, right now my phone is only a distraction, one that I can’t afford until I become a better hero, until no one else dies because I wasn’t good enough.”

“I agree that your phone is a distraction, but it’s a distraction for me as well, so either answer it or turn it off.”

Ryan stopped doing pushups and pulled his phone out of his pocket. “Oh, it’s Becky. I probably shouldn’t ignore this one.” Ryan answered the phone and held it up to his ear. He walked out of Jordan’s lab. “Hello?”

Jordan smiled and turned his attention back to his research he was working on for Dr. Mechanique. He heard a knock on the door frame and he smiled. “So, are you running off now because Becky called? I thought your training was too important for distractions.”

Lieutenant Jacob cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who Becky is. My name is Lieutenant Jacob and I’d like to talk with you.”

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