Ahir, Guardian of Malor, Chapter 12: The Threat from Inside Part 1

A field of blue appeared against the wall in a parking lot and opened up into a portal. A tall Aureus’Aevum with limbs covered in hard bark and long, pointed spikes stepped out of the portal and a deep chuckle came out of its wooden pig-like face as it looked at Milton. “Only one of you? I thought that there were three of you humans that we would have to worry about. And I was told that the wielder of the Powaga Joursi was injured, and having difficulty moving around?”

Milton snorted. “Maybe you Aureus’Aevum are just not as dangerous and impressive as you think you are. Maybe I’m more than enough for you.”

A large bird covered in black feathers that dripped black ooze with a horn growing out of its forehead flew out of the portal behind the large tree-looking creature, and cawed a laugh. “Oh, please. We’ve heard from the others. In your state you can barely survive two of us attacking you with Ahir’s help. Do you really think you can handle the three of us alone?” A large egg rolled out of the portal behind the bird.

Milton snarled. “I don’t need that murderer to deal with the likes of you. I’m not the same warrior that the others have faced, and one of you is an egg. That’s two and a half of you at best.” Milton’s eyes opened wide in shock as cracks appeared all over the egg, and pieces of shell rearranged themselves to take on the appearance of an armored man, except the armor was hollow, but a yellowish light glowed from inside the egg armor.

“If you count me as a less than the biggest threat, you have already lost, boy. Take him, and the Powaga Joursi. Lang’kahn will be happy to have them under his control, and we’ll take more servants to our lord.” The bird flew up into the sky and the tree-like Aureus’Aevum charged at Milton.

Milton shot himself with the Powaga Joursi and then shot a second arrow at the base of  a building across the parking lot. The tree creature’s fist crashed into the ground where Milton had been standing, and Milton drew back his bow and fired an arrow into a garbage can and a second arrow at the ground behind the shell-armored Aureus’Aevum. The trash can flew over the ground and crashed into an invisible shield surrounding the Aureus’Aevum. The shield cracked and the Aureus’Aevum was sent sprawling on the ground.

Milton released the bow’s pull on himself, and he slid across the ground with a smile on his face. Milton heard a crackle above his head and dove to the side as a bolt of lightning arced from the horn on the circling bird’s head to the ground where Milton had been standing. The bird’s eyes opened in surprise. “I thought that the boy was injured! How is he moving so well if his leg is injured?”

The tree-limbed Aureus’Aevum bellowed out, “It must be that traitor Tor’jahd! He must have healed his injury!” He charged at Milton and the spikes all over his body bristled. Milton fired an arrow at a dumpster sitting behind him and then fired a second arrow at the ground behind the tree Aureus’Aevum. The dumpster started rolling toward the creature, and, as it neared Milton, he jumped up and landed on top of the closed dumpster. Milton smirked when the Aureus’Aevum lowered its head and charged toward the dumpster. Milton fired an arrow into the dumpster and fired another arrow behind the shell-armored Aureus’Aevum and released the pull of the first arrow. Milton drew back the string and fired at a trash can in the alley and fired again straight down at the ground in front of the tree-limbed Aureus’Aevum.

The dumpster changed directions and started rolling toward the egg-shelled Aureus’Aevum, who was struggling to get to his feet, and the trash can crashed into the shield around the tree-limbed creature, knocking it over to land on its face. The dumpster crashed into the egg shell creature’s shield. The dumpster continued on and pushed the creature into the wall of the building, and pinned it there. Milton leapt off of the dumpster just before a fireball crashed into it.

A sound like glass shattering filled the alleyway, and the egg-shelled creature bellowed out, “What are you doing, Tal’yon? You are supposed to be striking the human while we distract him!” The creature pushed the dumpster away from himself and stepped out from behind it. The dumpster crashed back into the building once he let go.

The bird- like creature called out, “He won’t stand still! I thought we would be facing an opponent who was barely able to move!”

The egg-shelled one stalked toward Milton. “You have worn out my patience, human, and you will regret that.” It pulled it’s arm back and punched at Milton, Its fist detaching and flying at him. Milton attempted to jump out of the way, but the fist of the egg-shelled creature caught Milton in the shoulder, spun him around, and knocked him to the ground. The bark skinned-creature charged at Milton, and Milton fired an arrow at himself and then a second one at the base of a building on the other side of the parking lot.

Milton was pulled across the ground out of the way of the charging Aureus’Aevum’s fists, and he jumped up to his feet. The egg-shell-armored Aureus’Aevum launched another punch at Milton, but it missed him as he continued to be pulled along by the bow. Milton drew back the string and fired two more light arrows, one into the egg-shelled creature and the other in front of himself. The shell-armored Aureus’Aevum was pulled along the ground toward Milton, and it crashed into the tree Aureus’Aevum who had been charging. Milton released both of the bow’s pulls and fired a series of four arrows, one set into the shell-armored creature with it’s partner arrow going through the portal, and a second set into the dumpster that was stuck against the wall and into the ground in front of the tree Aureus’Aevum.

The dumpster and the egg-shelled creature flew past each other, the creature spewing out curses and promises of revenge on Milton. The dumpster crashed into the tree Aureus’Aevum, who was rising to its feet, and another sound like glass shattering filled the alley. Milton smiled and fired two more arrows, one into the bark skinned creature and one through the portal. The creature was pulled through the portal once more.

Milton dove to the side as lighting rained down from the sky into the spot where he had been standing. Tal’yon called out, “You handle yourself well, human, but I have you at a disadvantage! You don’t have anything to use your bow on to hit me with your projectiles! You may be dodging me now, but you won’t be able to keep that up for long!”

The horn on Tal’yon’s head started to glow, and three bolts of lightning arced at Milton. Milton jumped back and forth, the lightning missing him with each strike. Milton muttered to himself, “He’s not wrong. How am I supposed to break his shield?” Milton shot himself with an arrow and fired a second on at the top of one of the buildings, and was instantly pulled up into the air. He climbed up onto the rooftop and stared up at Tal’yon. Milton was only ten feet below him, but that still wasn’t high enough. Tal’yon’s horn started to glow again and a fireball formed on the tip of its horn and arced at Milton. Milton jumped back and the fireball crashed into the rooftop where he had been standing, sending a spray of brick chunks showering onto Milton.

Milton looked down at the brick chunks and frowned, saying to himself. “It’ll never work. But it’s the only idea I have, so I may as well try.” Milton picked up a brick chunk and tested its weight. “This is crazy. I’ll have to fire faster and more accurately than I’ve ever fired before.” He chucked the brick as hard as he could over Tal’yon and fired an arrow at himself and a second one at the brick chunk.

The arrow hit the brick chunk and Milton was pulled up after it. Tal’yon looked at Milton in shock as he flew past him, and Milton turned and fired off three sets of arrows, one into a cement parking stop, one into a trash can, and one into a tire, and the pairs for each of those arrows into himself. The three objects flew up and crashed into Tal’yon’s shield, shattering it. Milton bumped into the brick piece, and the two of them started falling back toward the ground. Milton smiled at Tal’yon as he fell past him, and Tal’yon started trying to fly away desperately, but Milton fired an arrow into him, and a second one into the portal. Milton fired an arrow into himself, Tal’yon was pulled past Millton into the portal, and Milton drew back the string on the bow, but didn’t fire it at the top of a building until he was about ten feet above the ground.

Milton held onto the pull of the Powaga Joursi long enough for it to start pulling him upward and slow his fall, and released it to drop the final five feet onto the ground. Milton walked across the parking lot toward the portal, and Tor’jahd swooped down and landed on Milton’s shoulder. “You handled yourself very well, Milton. I’m glad to see it was worth the risk to heal your injured leg.”

“Thank you again for that Tor’jahd, I’m not certain I would have survived that battle if you hadn’t risked healing my leg.” Milton reached out the Powaga Joursi into the portal and the portal closed around it. Milton turned to see three police officers standing on the sidewalk at the edge of the parking lot. Milton sighed. “I suppose they will want to talk to me now. I suppose I should go ahead and get it over with.”

Milton walked over to where the police officers were waiting. One of them looked a little nervous. “Are they all gone?”

Milton nodded. “For now, but others will be coming later. Thanks for making sure that no one else got involved in my fight. It helps me to concentrate on the battle better.”

The police officer smiled. “Thank you for letting us know about it. Hey, I heard that that guy Ahir’s monkey could talk. Does that bird perched on your shoulder also talk?”

Tor’jahd sighed. “Yes, I can talk. If you will excuse us, Milton has to get to class.” The police officers moved out of the way as Milton walked past.

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