Ahir, Guardian of Malor, Chapter 12: The Threat from Inside Part 3

Milton opened the door to his apartment, walked inside, and dropped his keys onto the counter. He walked past a wall full of photos of Ahir, mostly from his performances. There were pictures of Ahir juggling, doing tight rope walks, doing handstands and cartwheels, and even one of Ahir eating fire. In the center of all of the photos was a picture of Milton and Ahir from when they were boys in the orphanage. Both of them were smiling, and if you looked carefully, you could see Trixie standing in the background watching Ahir.

Milton walked into his kitchen and opened the refrigerator, and pulled out a half-eaten sandwich. He opened his mahogany cupboard and pulled out a plate, placed the sandwich onto the plate, and then walked into his living room and sat in a straight-backed chair facing the large window that made up most of the north wall. His apartment overlooked a park, and he watched children frolic and play in the grass, enjoying a far better childhood than he ever had. He hadn’t been able to play, he was forced into working to earn his supper and bed.

Milton ate his sandwich in silence, and wondered when Tor’jahd would return. He usually stayed close by while Milton was in class, but today he had winged off saying something about tasks he must perform, though Milton couldn’t imagine what those might be. He always left one of the windows in his study open, for Tor’jahd to come and go as was necessary for him.

Milton opened up his backpack that he had placed up against the chair and pulled out his Advanced Geometry textbook. This was without a doubt the least favorite of his math classes, but he had to admit that learning about angles had been coming in handy since he had acquired the Powaga Joursi. He started reading over the next chapter for class, but he raised his head up when he heard voices coming from inside of his apartment. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but he was pretty sure that one of them belonged to Tor’jahd.

Milton set his book aside and got out of his chair, and started walking down the hallway to his study, where the voices were coming from. He pressed his ear up against the door and listened. Tor’jahd said, “It’s not my fault! I’ve been driving every wedge between them that I can, but it doesn’t seem to be making enough of a difference.”

A voice Milton didn’t recognize said, “I thought we could finish off Milton if I sent three of my servants against him at a time, and we would have been successful if you hadn’t decided to heal him!”

“It’s not as simple as that. Milton was prepared to pass the bow onto another, he was even considering giving it to Ahir! Could you imagine how difficult he would be to defeat if he had all three of those artifacts at his service? I don’t know that we could defeat him and claim the sword if I hadn’t.”

“Yes, they gave even myself trouble when all three were gathered together. That is why I wanted them kept separate! Everything seems to turn out exactly the way Ahir needs it to! Even when we managed to get the humans law enforcement involved they only added to his strength! You’re plans have been one blunder after another, Tor’jahd.”

“Forgive me, Master Lang’kahn.” Milton’s breath caught in his throat when he heard that name. Tor’jahd had been working for Lang’kahn all along! Suddenly he understood why he had been working so hard to keep him and Ahir separated. He started to move away when Tor’jahd continued to talk. “I may have discovered something that could be of use to us.”

“What is that? More of your pointless observations?”

“No, Master. I think our original plan of playing Milton and Ahir against each other isn’t going to work. I think we instead need to focus on turning Ahir to our purposes.”

“Bar’bou is with him, and has already drilled into his head that using magic isn’t an option.”

“Ah, but what if Bar’bou was no longer with him? I watched Ahir’s fight today, and when one of your minions attacked Bar’bou, Ahir lost it. Could you imagine what would happen if we took Bar’bou from him?”

“That has some promise, Tor’jahd. Our next attack will focus on separating Ahir and Bar’bou. But if this fails, then I’m going to be coming through the portal myself to deal with him and with you!”

Milton turned and tiptoed down the hall to his front door where he kept the Powaga Joursi. He snuck back down the hallway, and kicked the door open. Tor’jahd turned and looked at him in surprise, and before he could react Milton had fired two arrows off, one into Tor’jahd who was perched on Milton’s desk and one into the floor. Tor’jahd was instantly pulled to the floor, and Milton pulled his cell phone out. “I heard everything that you are planning, and it’s not going to work. I’m going to tell Ahir about what you have been plotting, and when he gets here he’ll use the Gladio Protegat to put an end to all of your plans!”

Milton dialed Trixie’s phone number and held the phone up to his head. Tor’jahd sighed. “I was hoping that I would get to use you for a little longer. You were an excellent pawn, but I’m afraid you have forced my hand.” Tor’jahd spread his wings, and the light of the arrows that pinned him to the ground shattered, and he rose up into the air.

Trixie’s voice came over the phone. “Hello? Milton? Are you there?” Tor’jahd flew at Milton’s face and Milton screamed as Tor’jahd’s tallons sunk into his shoulders.

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