Rebellion on Aquore, Chapter 2: Mistakes Made Part 2

Tarren, dressed in all black, snuck through a hole in the fence that surrounded the mines closest to Hope’s Landing, the town that the orphanage was on the outskirts of. Hope’s Landing was the first colony established on Aquore, and was named after the rocket that brought the first colonials there. John pulled the hole in the fence open wider, and motioned for the others to go through quickly. Once they were all through he followed after and pulled the hole closed so that it wasn’t noticeable if you didn’t know to look for it.

John turned to Kyle and whispered, “Kyle, stay here and keep your eyes opened for the Enforcers patrol. If you see any coming, give us the signal, and then get out of here to the rendezvous point.” John turned and looked at the other nine rebellion members. “Spread out and get to work, but do it quietly! The next patrol should be by here in an hour, so we want to be out of here in forty-five minutes, so get as many machines as you can. Now let’s get to work.”

The group broke up, and Tarren started heading closer to the entrance of the mine, stopping at each piece of machinery as he went past, pulling out pins and loosening bolts. He considered cutting some of the wiring in the drills, but decided against it. That was too obvious, and the mine workers would be able to find the problem and fix it too fast. Besides, they wanted it to look natural and not arouse suspicion. Tarren’s heart beat loudly in his chest, so loudly that he was certain that the other members of the rebellion, if not Eugene back at the orphanage, could hear it, but if they could, no one was telling him about it. Tarren was nervous, because he knew that if the Enforcers found him doing this he’d get much worse than a beating, but he was excited at the same time to be doing something that would actually benefit the people.

Tarren started work on loosening the bolts that held the wheels onto a mine cart, and the wrench slipped out of his hand. He fumbled with it, knocking it up into the air over and over again in his efforts to grab it, but eventually it fell onto the steel track that led down into the mines. A loud ping sounded into the night, and Tarren flinched. He picked his wrench up and started working on loosening the bolt on the cart faster than before.

John came up behind Tarren quietly and laid his hand on Tarren’s back. Tarren jumped and started to juggle his wrench again, but John reached out and grabbed the wrench before it could fall again. “Do you know what that noise was just now?”

Tarren gave John a sheepish grin. “Yes, I do. I sort of dropped my wrench onto the track. Do we need to abandon the mission?”

John shook his head. “I should have known that it would be you. Keep working, but keep your ears open for the signal. I’m going to check in with Kyle and the others to see if anyone has seen anything suspicious. The patrols shouldn’t have been close enough to have heard anything, so I don’t want to abandon this mission if we don’t have to. Try and keep it quiet, Tarren.” John snuck away and vanished into the night.

Tarren finished with the cart and was moving onto the next one, when he heard a sharp whistle. That was the signal that Tarren had been waiting to hear, the one that signaled that it was time to go to the rendezvous point. Tarren got up from the cart and started quickly moving to the southern part of the compound, to another hole in the fence. Tarren heard someone running behind him and turned to see John. John reached out and grabbed Tarren’s shoulder with one of his muscular arms and pulled him along.

“The Enforcers are here, we need to get moving, Tarren!” Other dark shapes appeared out of the night running behind them. Tarren broke free of John’s grip and started running on his own. Tarren reached the fence and pulled the hole open and motioned for John to go through. John stopped and tried to urge Tarren through first.
Tarren shook his head. “We don’t have time for this, John. Out of the two of us, I’m the one that would want to get into a fight with the Enforcers! Now get through the fence!” John growled at Tarren and forced his way through the fence. The dark figures that had been running behind them turned out not to be Enforcers, but Teresea and Donald, other rebellion members. Tarren ushered them through the fence, and then followed them through and pulled the fence closed.

They continued to run until they reached the rendezvous point, which was a dock by Lake Toureen half a mile away from the mines. Two other members were there already waiting for them. Lewis, a young mine worker frowned at John. “What’s going on, John? Was it the Enforcers?”

John nodded. “Yeah, Tarren dropped his wrench, that was that noise we heard, and that alerted a local Enforcer patrol.”

Lewis looked at John questioningly. “I thought that the Enforcers weren’t supposed to be around here for another half an hour?”

John shrugged. “Maybe they decided to change their patrol routes. Kyle got caught.”

Tarren’s eyes opened wide. “What?! Why did we run away and abandon him? We should have fought against them and freed him!”

John shook his head. “No, Tarren, you know how I feel about fighting! There were too many of them for us, we all would have accomplished was being caught.”

Tarren shook with rage. “Fine, I’m going back to help Kyle. It’s my fault that Kyle got caught! I was the one that dropped the wrench.”

Tarren turned to start running back to the mine compound. John wrapped his arms around Tarren. Tarren started struggling and trying to get out of John’s grasp. “No, Tarren. You can’t go, think about the orphanage! If they catch you how do you think they’ll react? Do you think that they will hesitate to cut the orphanage’s funding? Or arrest Eugene for housing you? Besides, it was Kyle’s own fault he got caught. He was sleeping at his post. I saw the Enforcers coming up behind him before I gave the signal. Now let’s just wait to see if any other members got caught.”

Tarren stopped struggling and John let him go. Tarren started pacing back and forth, muttering angrily. He turned and looked at John. “What are they going to do to Kyle?”

John looked at the ground. “I don’t know. Arrest him at least, probably question him to find out what they can about us. If he refuses to talk they may just kill him.”

Tarren shook his head. “No, we can’t let them do that to Kyle, John. We need to go and help him!”

“I already told you that we can’t, Tarren”

Tarren pointed his finger at John. “You need to call another meeting of the rebellion. We have to find some way to help and get Kyle out of there.”

John sighed. “Fine, I’ll get the word out, and we’ll have a meeting in two days.”

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