Rebellion on Aquore, Chapter 2: Mistakes Made Part 3

Two days later, the rebels met once more in Obadiah’s basement, the basement was filled with the murmur and laughter of the members as they talked about their victories at the various mines on Aquore. The room slowly fell to silence once Scott walked down the stairway. John and Tarren were standing on a table on the other side of the room, and it was to them that he spoke. “Why have you called this meeting, John? I don’t recall any other plans that were to be implemented at this time.”

John bowed his head to Scott. “Scott, thank you for coming. A problem has arisen and we need your assistance to sort it out.”

Various people in the crowd called out, “Problem? What problem, John?” “Yeah, what happened?” “Tell us!”

John motioned for everyone to settle down, but before he could respond to them, Scott interrupted. “Yes, what is the problem, John? I’ve received reports from each of the squad leaders that everything went very well with our plan. Machines fell apart and the work was slowed.”

Cheers filled Obadiah’s basement. John shouted over the cheers, “Kyle was captured during our operation!”

The room fell silent and all eyes were once more on John. Scott frowned. “I can see how that would be a problem. How was he captured? Didn’t his squad post a lookout?”

John gritted his teeth. “He was a member of my squad, and he was our lookout. He fell asleep and didn’t see the Enforcers coming up on him.”

Scott shook his head. “I don’t see how this is the problem of anyone here. Kyle got himself captured by his lack of of commitment, and endangered you and everyone in your squad. I say we let him rot in prison and let it serve an example to the other members of the rebellion. Perhaps then this will be a mistake that is never repeated.”

Some members of the crowd murmured their agreement, and many heads thoughtfully nodded. A few shook their heads. Tarren spoke out from his perch next to John. “Kyle is one of us, and we can’t just leave him to rot in prison! He risked his life to try and make this planet a better place for each of us, for each of our families! He made one mistake. All of us have made mistakes before! I say we have to go and try to rescue Kyle! I guarantee you he would be giving this speech right now if it were any of us!”

A man in the crowd shouted out, “Yeah! Kyle saved my life when we broke into the Enforcers barracks and stole their uniforms! I would have walked right into that patrol if it hadn’t been for him!”

A woman in the crowd nodded her head. “That’s right, Kyle saved my little Tye when he ran in front of that car!”

The crowd started chanting and cheering, and John smiled. “What do you say, Scott? We’re going to need your help and expertise if we’re going to try and pull off a rescue attempt.”

All eyes turned to Scott, who was still shaking his head. “I cannot advise that you do this. This is far too aggressive of a move! If you do this, more will be caught and the government will strike back against the people. If you do this, you are only going to make things worse for everyone! We’ll have another massacre on our hands, and this one will be even worse!”

The crowds shouting and chanting died off into a fearful murmuring. “It is just one man, and if we do anything it might end up being all of us.” “Kyle did this to himself, I’m not sure we should risk everyone else’s safety for one person.”

Tarren shook his head. “We can’t let that possibility deter us. We all decided to unite together, no matter the risk, to try and make this a better world for all to live in. Kyle is our brother, united in a common cause, the pursuit of justice. If we do nothing, then we’re no better than the government that we complain and fight against. Think of what will happen to Kyle’s family! His wife, and his two young sons. If we do nothing, his children could end up as orphans as well. Is that what we want to do? Is that what we stand for? Bringing more suffering to those around us? Those we claim to fight for? Join with me, my brothers and sisters, and together we will bring Kyle back, and show the government that we are not something to be taken lightly!”

The crowd burst into cheers, many thrust their fists up into the air, and a smile crossed John’s face. He patted Tarren on the back, nearly knocking Tarren off of the table and into the crowd, and John jumped off the table. He made his way through the crowd to where Scott was looking disapprovingly at the crowd. John held his hand out to Scott. “What do you think, Scott? It sounds like they are up for a rescue mission to me.”

Scott frowned and swatted John’s hand away. “You all are going to your deaths,and you are risking everything this rebellion has worked for on one man. You will have no aid from me in this mistake.” Scott turned and started walking up the stairs.

“Scott, wait! We’re going to need you to get us some blueprints of the layout of the castle! We won’t be able to break in if we don’t know where we’re going.”

Scott turned around and glared at John. “Good. Maybe that will stop you all from performing this fool’s errand. You will receive no help from me, John. If you come to your senses, or somehow survive this, I’ll be in touch.” Scott turned and stalked up the stairs.

John sighed. He turned back to the crowd and quieted them down. “I am happy that you all agree we need to help Kyle, but we need to make a plan. Does anyone have knowledge of the layout of the Pedestal? It won’t do us much good to make a rescue attempt if we don’t know which part of the building to go to or how to get there.”

A man in the crowd called out, “My dad helped design the place, I think we still have an old copy of the blueprints somewhere that we can use.”

John nodded. “Excellent, now we need volunteers that would be willing to go in with Tarren and myself. Any takers.”

Hands started to go up in the crowd, when an old man shouted out, “John, you and Tarren must not go! If something were to happen to you, the rebellion would be without a leader, and if Tarren was to be caught, the government might strike out against the orphanage.” Everyone turned and looked at the old man, who pushed himself through the crowd. “It’s fantastic that so many want to help out our brother in his time of need, but we have to be careful in whom we choose. We’re going into the heart of the government’s power, there is a chance that things may not go as well as we want them to. I’m old, my wife’s dead and my children grown. I have nothing left to lose, so I volunteer to help Kyle.”

The crowd started murmuring about whether any of them should go or not, and John bowed his head in thanks to the old man. “Thank you, Matthew, for your wisdom and your courage. Are there any others who will volunteer? We need someone to lead this mission!”

Hands went up once more in the crowd, but this time there were fewer, and they went up less enthusiastically. A young man named Tyler stepped forward. “I volunteer to lead this mission, John.”

John nodded. “We have a team chosen, now we have to come up with a plan. I am open to suggestions, anyone?”

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