The Super Morpher, Chapter 6: Declaration of War Part 2

“Ryan, are you sure this is a good idea?”

Ryan jumped off of the roof of one building and onto the roof of another. “You were the one that said I should use my powers to do good, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“I meant stopping trouble when it shows up, not hunting it down! Ryan, the Pit Vipers and Dragon’s Zoo gangs are two of the most dangerous gangs in this city!”

“I’m being proactive, Jordan.”

“You don’t even know what that word means!”

“Sure I do! I had to look it up when I was doing my reading for polisci class.”

Jordan sighed. “That’s not important! I wish you had never seen that story in the newspaper!”

Ryan stopped at the edge of one roof and looked down into an alley, and saw two youths with bandanas tied around their heads, one of them kicking an elderly man lying on the ground of the alley, and the other was pulling the man’s wallet out of his pocket. “I’ve got to go, Jordan. There’s a mugging in process I have to stop.” Ryan touched the edge of the rooftop, absorbed a chunk of brick, and jumped down into the alley.

The two youths stopped beating on the old man and turned to look at Ryan. “What are you supposed to be? Some sort of hero?”

Ryan smiled at them. “You could say that. I have a few questions I want to ask you. I’m hoping that you are smarter than you look and you decide to cooperate. Give the man back his wallet, now.”

One of the youth’s pulled a knife out of his pocket, and ran at Ryan. Ryan stood there and waited for the youth to reach him. The youth stabbed Ryan’s chest with his knife, and the knife blade shattered. The youth’s eyes opened up wide and he stared at the broken knife in shock. Ryan knocked the knife from the youth’s hand, grabbed him by the throat and pushed him into the brick wall. “Where can I find the Pit Vipers and Dragon’s Zoo? Where are their hideouts?”

The youth swallowed hard. “I don’t know anything about the Pit Vipers or the Dragon’s Zoo! You have to believe me.”

Ryan punched the youth’s face and tossed his unconscious form to the alley floor. He turned his attention onto the other youth standing over the old man. A knife dropped from his shaking hand. “I don’t know where the Pit Vipers call home, but I might know where you can find the Dragon’s Zoo!”

Ryan started slowly stalking toward him. “Tell me where to find them!”

“I-I-I will, but you have to let me go if I do!”

“You’ll tell me, and you will still go to jail, but I won’t shatter your bones! It’s your choice, but either way you will tell me what I want to know!”


Ryan stood in front of the door of an old abandoned warehouse. Jordan’s voice came over the radio in Ryan’s ear. “Are you sure I can’t talk you out of this? I know you have powers, but taking on a whole gang by yourself is crazy!”

“With the combination of your suit and my powers, these guys won’t even be able to touch me. Don’t call the police until I give you the okay. I want some answers before I get chased off.” Ryan reached out and touched the metal door and absorbed a large chunk of it. His body changed into metal. Ryan punched the door, and it went flying into the warehouse.

Startled gangsters picked up guns and pointed them at Ryan. A man in leather jacket walked forward and laughed. “What, is it Halloween already? Sorry, little boy, but there is no candy here. I suggest you turn around and leave now before my boys start handing out lead instead.”

“I’m not interested in any candy, I’m here for answers. Where can I find the Pit Vipers? I have business with them.”

The man in the leather jacket pulled a pistol out of the back of his pants and pointed it at Ryan. “I gave you a chance.” He fired the pistol at Ryan. The bullet bounced off of Ryan’s chest, and a smile crossed Ryan’s face. The man in the leather jacket’s eyes opened up wide  “Waste this punk!” All of the gang members started firing their guns at Ryan.

Ryan shook his head. “It’s my turn now.” Ryan ran into the middle of the gangsters and started punching and kicking. Thugs went flying around the room. Soon they were all lying around the room groaning. Ryan walked up to the man in the leather jacket. “I’m guessing you are the man in charge?”

The man groaned, and started to slowly crawl away. Ryan kicked the man in his chest and sent him sprawling onto the floor. “Yes, I’m the leader of the Dragon Zoo. What did we ever do to you?”

Ryan growled, “This isn’t about me, this is about what you are doing to the people of Leforn! Where can I find the Pit Vipers?”

“Is that all you want? The location of the Pit Vipers? So that you can do the same thing to them? I don’t think so.”

Ryan stepped on the man’s fingers, and the man screamed out in pain. “Loyalty among scum? I will admit that I didn’t expect to find that here, especially from two gangs that are fighting over the same city.”

The gang leader spit onto Ryan’s shoe. “Compared to you, they’re like brothers to me!”

Ryan reached down and grabbed the gang leader’s hair and pulled him up. The gang leader screamed. “I’m going to get the information I’m looking for one way or another, the only question is, how much pain are you going to go through before I get it.”

Jordan’s voice came over the radio. “Ryan, I don’t think I like how you are acting. Come back to the dorm and we can get a pizza.”

“Alright, I’ll talk! I’ll tell you where to find them, just let go of me!”

Ryan let go of the gang leaders hair and grabbed him by the collar of his leather jacket. “I’m listening.”

“The Pit Vipers hang out in the abandoned building that used to be Ed’s garage, over on 24th street.”

“Thank you, that wasn’t so hard was it? Not half as hard as my head is.” Ryan pulled the leader of the Dragon Zoo’s head up and headbutted him, and left him lying passed out on the floor of the hide out. Ryan stood up, turned back to normal and started walking out of the warehouse. “Give the police a call and tell them that they can find the Dragon’s Zoo gang here. I have a meeting with the Pit Vipers.”


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