The Super Morpher, Chapter 6: Declaration of War Part 3

Ryan took a deep breath, reached out his hand and touched the thin metal sliding door that sealed shut Ed’s Garage, and he absorbed a strip of metal from the middle of the door. He grabbed the door by the edges of the missing strip, and peeled it open. He stepped through the newly made opening and was surprised to see a room full of people with guns pointed at him. “You know you didn’t need to wait for me to start the party, guys.”

“Leo gave us the heads up that you were coming, and we’re going to do to you everything you did to him… and worse! Get him boys!” The gang members started firing at Ryan, and Ryan started laughing.

“Is this supposed to intimidate me? Let me show you how that’s done!” Ryan charged at the closest thug and punched him in the face. The thug went down and Ryan turned to face the rest of the gang and gasped when he saw a grenade roll to a stop at his feet. Ryan’s eyes opened wide in panic and he reached out of the grenade. the piece of metal that Ryan absorbed reappeared and he absorbed the grenade. His body turned into metal once more, and he glanced nervously around the room. “I just absorbed a grenade, what do I do?”

Jordan’s voice came over the radio. “You did what? Are you crazy? Why would you do that?”

“One of these thugs threw a grenade at me. I thought it might be a better idea to absorb it than be blown up by it!”

The gang leader tilted his head. “Who is he talking to? Take this crazy guy out!” The gang members started firing at Ryan again.

Jordan sighed. “If you haven’t blown up yet, I’m thinking you might be safe. I’d get rid of it as soon as you can though.”

Ryan turned and looked at the gang. “Sorry, guys, but my friend says I can’t stay for supper. We’ll have to make this fast!” Ryan charged at the closest group of thugs, and he began throwing punches and kicks, sending gang members flying across the room. Ryan finally made his way over to a man with purple spiked hair and a white tank top on, and kicked him in his midriff. The man doubled over in pain and fell to the ground.

“I’m done here, go ahead and call the police.” Ryan turned to go, but stopped and noticed a tattoo on the back of the hand of the man he had just kicked. It was a tattoo of a snake strangling a heart, and it was identical to the tattoo on the back of the other gang leaders hand.

Jordan came over the radio. “Alright, the police are on their way, you need to get out of there, Ryan. What are you going to do about that grenade?”

Ryan bent over and picked up a crowbar laying in the middle of the floor, and ran out of the garage. “I’ve given that a bit of thought, and I think the best place to dispose of it is in the river.”

“But you don’t know how much time you have left before it explodes! It could blow up right after it reappears!”

Ryan ran toward a fence that bordered the river. “That’s why I’m going in with it.” Ryan took a deep breath, jumped over the fence and into the river. He released the grenade and turned back to normal, and instantly absorbed the crowbar in his hand, turning into iron. He began to sink toward the bottom of the river, and the grenade detonated. A shock wave was sent through the river, and crashed into Ryan, but it didn’t do any damage to his iron body.

Ryan turned back to normal,and the crowbar settled onto the bottom of the river. Ryan swam to the surface, and dragged his body up onto the river bank. Jordan’s voice was distorted over the radio. “Ryan, are you okay? What are you planning?”

“I told you what I had planned, I jumped into the river and released the grenade, and everything is fine now.”

“What do you mean everything is fine now? Do you have any idea what kind of damage the shock wave from the grenade’s detonation could have caused to your internal organs?”

“Of course I know, that’s why I changed into iron. I do pay some attention in class, Jordan.”

“At least when it has something to do with explosions I guess. I think you should be done for the night, Ryan. Head back to the dorm and I’ll take a look at your radio, it sounds like it may have been damaged when you jumped into the water.”

Ryan started running alongside the river. “I think you’re right. Your voice sounds really distorted. I want you to look something up for me quick. Both of the gang leaders had the same tattoo on their hands, of a snake strangling a heart.”

“Hmm, I’ll look into it for you and we can talk about it when you get back.”


Police officers led handcuffed gang members into squad cars. Lieutenant Jacob nodded his head and scribbled some notes while listening to what the purple-spiked-haired gang leader was saying. He turned to a police officer standing at his side. “I’ve heard enough from this guy, go ahead and load him up with the others.”

Lieutenant Jacob walked over to where the police chief was standing with a group of other officers. The chief chuckled. “I can’t remember the last time we had this busy of a night. Thirty gang members, from two different gangs all picked up in one night? I have a feeling that this city is going to be a little safer with two less gangs running around in it.”

Lieutenant Jacob shook his head. “I don’t know about that, chief. I was talking with that gang leader, and he said that the Super Morpher was behind it.”

The chief shook his head. “Remind me to thank him the next time I see him. I don’t understand how you can doubt that he’s a good guy, and a good thing for this city.”

“I still think he’s part of a rival gang, and he’s just taking out his competition.”

The chief looked disapprovingly at Jacob. “If you don’t drop it with this Super Morpher stuff I’m going to send you in for a psych evaluation, Jacob. Now why don’t you go down to county and book all of our new friends and get them ready for their little sleep over.”


A man in a white suit looked out of a window at the skyline of the city, swirling a glass of wine that he holds delicately with one hand. “Your sources say he took out both gangs completely, and single handedly?”

Another man, resting on one knee with his head bowed toward the floor, replied, “That’s right. They say its the actions of that new costumed hero running around town.”

“Yes, I’ve heard of him. I found him most intriguing when I first heard of him, but now that he’s interfering in my business he’s simply a nuisance, and one that must be dealt with immediately.”

“Shall I spread the word to the other gang leaders?”

“Yes, tell them that I’m putting a bounty out onto the Super Morpher’s head. Ten million dollars to the one that can bring him to me alive, and two million if they can bring him to me dead.”

The kneeling man stood up and pulled a glove onto his hand covering a tattoo of a serpent strangling a heart. “I’ll spread the word at once, but why do you want him brought to you alive?”

The man at the window turned and smiled. “I’ve made it as far as I have in this world because I know the secret of business. Either assimilate your competition, or annihilate it. By the end of this week the Super Morpher will either be working for me, or rotting in the sewers.”

The man smiled back. “And that is why no business man with half a brain crosses you, boss.”

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