Analyzing a New Relic Insights Ad

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I’m going to analyze another commercial that I found entertaining. I’m hoping that you will comment on what you think of the commercial, maybe you will see something that I missed when I was going through it, and maybe we’ll all learn more about advertising together. The commercial I’m going to analyze today is for New Relic Insights, so let’s get started with what they did well in this commercial… First of all, as with most of the commercials that I chose to analyze, this ad is very funny. I think that humor is a very important element in an ad, although there is a case for serious or sad ads as well, depending on what is being advertised and the response you are trying to get, but in an age where our attention spans are so short, we want to see something that is going to entertain us. Do that well, and we might remember that thing about your product you want us to remember.  This commercial pits two marketing researchers against each other, and while the one researcher is cocky, knowledgeable, and very serious about what he’s doing, the other guy seems like he’s there because he knows a guy that knows a guy. That and it seems like he can’t stop eating. He goes from eating a sub sandwich to munching on a lobster in a short span of time. He’s the type of employee that I would expect to see playing Galaga while at work, and he’s in the perfect spot for it too. The other thing that I feel that they did very well in this ad was they showed how difficult gathering the data that you are looking for would be without using this program, and whether the guy was serious or not he said that it would take days if not weeks to get the information that the woman is looking for, and the other guy has the information she’s looking for before the other guy can finish explaining what he’s doing. This product looks like its fast, easy to use, you can share the information that you are getting from it easily, and it has a lot of essential information. I don’t work in that industry and I almost want to buy this product. Now to discuss the not so good things about this ad, and I found a lot of things to comment on for this part. First of all, this was an ad that was running on a Youtube video. That means that if your ad doesn’t grab my attention in the first five seconds, I’m not going to stay to see what your advertising, and you just wasted however much you paid to have it appear there. In the first five seconds the woman has walked up to the other guy and asked him to do something. I’ll admit, the guys outfit might be interesting enough to get me to stick around, but nothing interesting has happened or been said. If I wasn’t usually doing something while watching Youtube videos, I would have hit the skip button and missed out on seeing this entirely. This ad is also somewhat long. At a minute and forty three seconds, you run the risk of people loosing interest before the end, which is the only place that the product is shown. I’ll admit that the best part of this commercial is watching the one guy working so hard while the other guy is playing with toy cars, eating a sandwich and some lobster, which might make it okay that this is a longer ad, but without the catchy intro this is wasted. The biggest sin that this ad commits, is that no one ever says the name of the product that they’re trying to promote, not once. They put it on the screen at the very end of the commercial for four seconds, but with the aforementioned problems with this ad, very few people are going to stick around looking for what the product is. They did a better job of advertising for Subway and Red Lobster than they did for their own product. I learned in my advertising classes in College that you want to try to mention the name of the product or company three times because that’s the number of times a person needs to hear something for it to stick with them. They say it zero times. This point I’m not entirely sure if it’s really a problem or if it’s more of what makes this ad funny, but I had a hard time making out what Zane, the guy in the black clothes, was saying about what he was doing. It does help to establish that this guy is an expert at what he is doing, and that marketing research is a very long and difficult process, depending on the type of data you are looking for. The final problem I have with this ad, and it’s mostly for the marketing researching experts out there, but this product looks like it is designed to replace you. You could pay someone to gather and sort through all of this data to get the information that you want, or you just type a few words into this program and have it do it all for you. I mean, the second guy in the ad spent more time eating than he did touching his computer. If you are in marketing, I sincerely hope that you don’t tell your boss about this product. You can still use it to make your life easier, but I’d keep it a secret. Thank you all so much for listening to my opinion on this commercial, I’ll do my best to give it on other commercials more frequently in the future. If you have any commercials that you would like to suggest I analyze, leave them in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to leave your input on what you think they did right and wrong on this ad as well.


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