Ahir, Guardian of Malor, Chapter 13: Milton Missing Part 3

The group of people gathered around the fountain in the park cheered for Ahir while he juggled on the ledge surrounding the fountain at the parks center. Ahir smiled at the crowd, and switched from juggling with both of his hands to using just one. He used his free hand to wave at the crowd, and they cheered even louder. Bar’bou started screeching and jumping up and down to get Ahir’s attention. Ahir turned and looked at Bar’bou, and Bar’bou nodded. Ahir caught all the balls, bowed, and tucked them into the pocket on his vest. “I’m afraid that is all for now folks, but make sure to come back tomorrow for another show!”

The audience groaned and started to break up, but some decided to stay and called out for more tricks. A police officer that had been leaning against a tree walked over to where Ahir and Bar’bou were scooping up the money left by the audience. “Does this mean that another portal has opened?”

Ahir stuffed the last of the bills into his backpack, and Bar’bou jumped onto his shoulder. Bar’bou nodded before saying, “Your assumption is accurate, we require transportation to the northern side of the city post haste.”

The police officer nodded his head. “I have the car parked just over there.” The police officer started jogging across the park.

Bar’bou sighed. “I said… wait, you comprehended my prior expression? By what nomenclature are you know by?”

The police officer turned and smiled at Bar’bou. “My name is Daniel Thatcher, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Bar’bou. If you’ll excuse me, I have to call this in.” Daniel started talking into his radio.

Bar’bou jumped up and down excitedly on Ahir’s shoulder. “Ahir, I request that this officer be the one that accompanies us from this point forward. Finally, one of you humans that I can converse with freely!”

Ahir smirked at Bar’bou. “I thought you enjoyed saying everything twice. I’ll see what I can do about it, buddy, but I’m guessing we’ll have more than one officer taking turns with us.” Ahir opened the door of the squad car and climbed in.

Daniel turned the lights and siren on and pulled away from the curb and started speeding down the road. “Can you give me anything more specific than on the northside of town?”

Bar’bou shook his head. “At this state of remoteness I’m afraid that only a vague sense of direction is experienced, but more specifics will be provided once we approach the phenomena.”

Daniel nodded. “Keep me informed and I’ll get you there as fast as I can.”

Ahir smiled and looked at Daniel in wonder. “How do you understand him? He may as well be speaking another language as far as I’m concerned.”

Bar’bou crossed his arms and stuck his tongue out at Ahir and Daniel laughed. “I minored in English in college, so I’m no stranger to Bar’bou’s way of speaking. Do all Aureus’Aevum speak with such an extensive vocabulary?”

Ahir shook his head. “Bar’bou is the only one that I’ve met that talks this way, but the others don’t seem to have any trouble figuring out what he’s saying.”

Daniel smiled. “I wonder what the Aureus’Aevum’s world is like. I hope that I get to find out someday. Hold on tight, I’m going to try to get you there in record time!” Daniel pushed the pedal down to the floor of the car and it sped down the road, Bar’bou calling out directions as they progressed.

After five minutes Bar’bou braced himself and called out, “We’ve arrived!” Daniel slammed his food down on the brakes and the car slid to a halt. Ahir pulled his seatbelt off and jumped out of the car, the hilt of the Gladio Protegat gripped firmly in his hand. He pulled the sheath off of the blade and cast it to the ground and took in the scene. A creature with the upper body of a minotaur with straight metal legs that ended in metal balls, which it rolled around on to move and a vine-like tail with glowing yellow spheres hanging off of it. It was wheeling it’s way toward a portal that hung in the air in front of a building with a screaming human grasped in each of its huge humanoid hands.

Its partner turned and inspected Ahir. The creature’s lower body had the appearance of that of a grizzly bear, but where it’s head should have been, a serpent’s long lithe body grew, with two large lizard arms growing off of its torso. “The one we were warned about has arrived, Dal’kord!”

The minotaur-like creature turned and looked at Ahir and bellowed out a laugh. “He has come alone! Without the others to aid him, he is no threat to us, Yolt’ord! We’ll return to lord Lang’kahn with these humans and the Gladio Protegat!

Ahir growled at the two Aureus’Aevum. “I started out doing this on my own, and I’ll have no problems taking care of you myself now!” Ahir charged at Dal’kord with his sword held high. Dal’kord swung out at Ahir with his tail, but Ahir jumped over the tail and swung his sword down, but the blade halted when it crashed into an invisible wall. Ahir kicked out at Dal’kord’s head twice, and a sound like glass shattering filled the parking lot they were fighting in. Ahir landed on the ground and took another swipe at the minotaur-like creature’s tail, severing it. Dal’kord bellowed out in pain and dropped the two humans he was holding.

The people screamed as they fell to the ground, and Ahir helped them to their feet and shoved them toward Daniel. “You need to run! It’s not safe here!” The people took Ahir’s advice and ran from the two beasts. Yolt’ord charged up to Ahir and punched Ahir with one of his scaly fists. Ahir gasped and flew across the parking lot and crashed into a parked car.

Ahir struggled to catch his breath and the two Aureus’Aevum stalked closer, closing in on Ahir, and Yolt’ord laughed. “This is the human that has sent so many of our people to an early demise? Clearly we were misinformed. He is no threat to us.”

Dal’kord snarled out, “You may think he is no threat, but he has robbed me of my tail! It was a lucky attack though, I was distracted by the two I was carrying!”

Ahir glared at Yolt’ord and growled. “You’ll recognize me as a threat once I’m finished with you!” Ahir leapt to his feet and charged at Dal’kord. Dal’kord attempted to backhand Ahir, but Ahir dropped down to his knees and slid under Dal’kord’s hand. He swung his sword up at Dal’kord’s head and grunted in surprise when Yolt’ord grabbed Ahir in both of his hands from behind.

Bar’bou cried out, “Ahir! You can’t take them both on at once alone! You have to find some way to separate them!”

Ahir squirmed in Yolt’ord’s grasp and muttered. “At least I don’t need a translator to understand him this time.” Ahir pulled his leg back and kicked Yolt’ord’s serpent-like body as hard as he could.

His foot crashed into an invisible shield and Yolt’ord laughed. “That’s not going to work, little human. Why don’t you surrender the sword to us, and we’ll let you go on your way?”

Ahir brought his leg down in another kick against Yolt’ord’s shield. “I’ll never surrender, not when it means that my friend’s world would be enslaved!”

A sinister voice called out, “Is this the friend you speak of?”

Ahir turned to look at the spot where Bar’bou and Daniel had been watching the fight and gasped. Daniel had been knocked to the ground and wasn’t moving, and Bar’bou was struggling in the hands of a fiery wolf standing on its hind legs, its yellow eyes glaring at Ahir. Ahir reached out his hand toward Bar’bou. “Leave him alone! I’m the one that you want!”

The wolf shook his head. “You should take better care of your friends! I’m glad that you weren’t in charge of protecting me.” The creature laughed again and started walking back toward the portal.

Tears streamed down Ahir’s face and he struggled in Yolt’ord’s grasp. “Bar’bou! No! Let him go!” Lightning crackled all over Ahir’s body, and shattered Yolt’ord’s shield. The lighting struck into Yolt’ord’s body. Yolt’ord screeched in pain and he let go of Ahir. Ahir’s feet touched the ground and he charged toward the creature striding toward the portal.

Bar’bou called out, “Ahir! Don’t let them take me! Help me!”

Yolt’ord dove onto Ahir. “Get back here, you little nuisance!”

Ahir struggled in Yolt’ord’s grip and a strong blast of air lifted Yolt’ord off of Ahir and then encased his body in ice. Ahir turned back just in time to see Bar’bou disappear into the portal. “Help me, Ahir!” Bar’bou’s voice echoed around the parking lot.

Ahir dropped to his knees, sobbing. Ahir’s eyes glowed with a sinister red light, and he turned and glared at Dal’kord. “If you hadn’t been distracting me, I could have saved him.”

Dal’kord formed a fireball in either of his hands. “What are you going to do about it, human? Now you truly are all alone.”

Ahir’s hand formed into a fist and a fiery whirlwind surrounded Dal’kord. Dal’kord’s eyes opened wide in panic and he started to shriek in pain.

A police car pulled up behind Daniel’s and Trixie opened the door and jumped out. “Ahir, what are you doing? You can’t use magic! It will corrupt you!”

Ahir stalked toward the whirlwind of fire surrounding Dal’kord and growled, “That doesn’t matter anymore. They took Bar’bou from me, and they’re going to pay for it!” The whirlwind disappeared and Ahir slashed through Dal’kord’s neck. Dal’kord’s body began to break down and fly away, lifted on an unfelt breeze.

Trixie ran to Ahir’s side and grabbed his arm. “Ahir, you have to stop! We can still save Bar’bou, but you just need to calm down!”

Ahir shoved Trixie aside and snapped his fingers. The ice around Yolt’ord’s head shattered and disappeared, and Ahir’s body jerked. A smile crossed his face and he continued on to Yort’ord’s side. “Long have I lusted for the ability to do this.” Ahir swung his sword through Yort’ord’s neck and laughed as his body began to disintegrate. “This is marvelous! With this power I will be sure to become the next king of the Aureus’Aevum! Any who would dare oppose me would meet the same fate as Yort’ord.”

Trixie looked at Ahir and sobbed. “What are you talking about, Ahir? We are supposed to be protecting the Aureus’Aevum, not conquering them!”

Tor’jahd swooped down from a nearby rooftop and landed on Ahir’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, Trixie, but Ahir is no longer here. I have the pleasure of introducing you to Lang’kahn, my master.”

Sil’abo ran to Trixie’s side and growled. “Tor’jahd, you traitor! How could you still be working for Lang’kahn after what he has done?”

Tor’jahd cackled. “After what he has done? You fool, I am his advisor, who do you think gave him the idea to do all of this?”

Trixie rose to her feet, her body racked by sobs. “Did Milton figure it all out? Is that why you killed him?”

Tor’jahd grunted in disgust. “Milton learned what he wasn’t supposed to and could have caused trouble for us, if he hadn’t foolishly tried to attack me.”

Lang’kahn barked out, “Enough, Tor’jahd! The hour of my victory is upon us, and I won’t stand for any more delays.” Lang’kahn turned and walked through the portal and it winked shut behind him.

Thank you for checking out my story, if you liked this and want to see more like it, come back on Monday when I will publish part one of chapter 3 of Rebellion on Aquore, come back tomorrow when I will have all of chapter 13 for you, and Sunday for an update video on what happened previously in chapter 2 of Rebellion on Aquore, and a glimpse of what is going to happen in chapter 3. Check out the other stories I’m working on writing, here: Tales of the Imagination, check out my facebook page connect with me and give me some feedback: Facebook, and follow me on Twitter here: @EJBorchardt. Please like, comment, and tell your friends if you like what you’ve read. Also, if you enjoy reading my stories, and you enjoy drawing, I’m looking for pictures of my characters. If you want to send me your fan art, I promise to include it with some of my posts! I look forward to seeing that art!


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