Analyzing a Mircle Gro Ad

I am back once again and am prepared to break down another ad for you. I’ll give you my opinion on what I think they did well with this strange ad, and I hope that you will leave your opinions down below. Maybe together we’ll learn more about advertising, and help to make the commercials that are on TV and Youtube more entertaining for us. Let’s get started.

As always, we’ll start with what this ad did well in my opinion. I’m not entirely sure if Miracle-Gro came up with a brilliant ad with this slow paced, strange, out there conversation between two men about dirt or if they need to fire their idea guy. I do know that it’s so strange and out there that I can’t look away from it. The pacing of the conversation, along with it’s subject matter make a winning combination that draws in your attention. It did for me at least.

Secondly, they give you information about the product in a way that you can understand. They don’t sit there and talk in jargon about how the nitrates excite the chlorophyll to enhance the plants growth. They keep it nice and simple with “Lot’s of rich, moist, organic things.” I can understand that. It has lots of things that will help make the plants in my garden grow. We even know that the dirt feels really good. I’m not sure if that’s something I’d care about when purchasing dirt, but thanks to this commercial, I know about it. Good job Miracle-Gro.

Thirdly, the commercial is funny, in a very, very strange way. One of the rules of comedy is that timing is everything, and I think that’s why this conversation goes over as well as it does. If you took the pauses out of the conversation, this turns into a very boring conversation I’m going to skip or fast forward over. But because there are those pauses, their responses to each other are made just funny enough to make me want to see more of them.

And the final good thing I noticed about this commercial is that they actually say the name of the product twice in the commercial. I know that the golden rule is three times, and I have harped on commercials about it before, but they at least get up to two times. The site where I found this ad had four different commercials on it and this was the only one that mentioned it more than once.

I had a difficult time finding anything bad about this commercial, because as weird as it is, I personally really like the commercial. I did quite a bit of digging, and found these three points. First, the commercial doesn’t really hook you in the first five seconds. I mean, it does, but at the same time it doesn’t. The only thing said in the first five seconds is that that’s a good looking pile of dirt. For the most part, if I heard that I would hit the skip button and continue on with what I was watching. At the same time however, I personally was interested to see what came next. It’s not every day that you hear someone praising dirt. So I’m putting this in the bad category because I don’t think this would hook your average person.

Secondly, the actors’ humor is very dry and weird. Like I said before their timing saves them and makes it funnier than it should be, but at the same time, they are still very weird and not funny. Maybe I’m wrong and these guys are actually hilarious, but for now, I’m going to say that their actors are a deterrent from this ad.

And the last thing that I almost didn’t notice, is that Nature’s Care is a Miracle-Gro product. If I hadn’t noticed that it was uploaded on Miracle-Gro’s channel, I would never have known that. They have a tiny, can’t make it out, logo on the bag at the end of the commercial, but I never would have know who was trying to sell this to me. I think that the brand should be clearly stated in the ad, but maybe that’s just me.

So my final conclusion is that this was a well made ad for the most part, which may surprise a lot of people. Is this my favorite ad ever? Certainly not. Is it one that is somewhat worth seeing? Yeah, I think it is. If I was an advertising teacher I’d show this to my class and start a discussion on it. Am I going to rush out and buy this product? No, because I don’t have a garden or any plants, and I have no place to put one if I wanted it.

Thank you for checking out my opinion on this ad, and like I said earlier, please leave your thoughts on this ad, feel free to correct me if I was mistaken on my analysis. My goal of this blog is to improve my understanding of advertising and I would love to learn from you. Have a great day everyone, and if you have any suggestions for ads that you would like me to analyze, leave it in a comment below.


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