Rebellion on Aquore, Chapter 3: Meetings and confrontations part 3

Tarren stood in front of the tall gate that blocked the path to Scott’s home and took a deep breath. “Once I tell Scott about what’s happened he’ll find a way to help us, I know he will. He’s the one that’s been guiding us since the massacre, he wouldn’t leave any of his followers to die in prison!” Tarren took one last deep breath and pushed the gate open and started his trek to Scott’s house.

Shrubs and trees lined the cobblestone path up to Scott’s home, and the path formed a ring around the fountain in front of his large mansion. The fountain had three iron dolphins, riding an iron wave, with water squirting out of their mouths and Tarren whistled. “With money like this you would think that Scott would have done a little more for the poorer members of the rebellion.” Tarren shook his head and started up the stairs to the large, blue-stained, wooden door.

Tarren pounded his fist on the door and and a hollow thudding echoed around the courtyard. After several moments had passed Tarren knocked on the door once more, and this time the door opened to reveal an older man in a suit. The man gave Tarren an appraising look and shook his head. “I’m sorry, but the master doesn’t give handouts directly. I suggest that you try the local shelter.”

The man stepped back from the door and began to close it, but Tarren reached out and grabbed the door before it closed all the way. The man glared at Tarren, but Tarren cleared his throat. “You must be mistaken, I’m a friend of Scott’s and I had hoped to talk with him about something. Is he home?”
The man sighed and opened the door to allow Tarren inside. “The master is relaxing upstairs, if you will please just wait here, I will go and inform him of your arrival Mr…?”

Tarren smiled. “Tarren. You can let him know that Tarren is here.”

The man nodded his head and started up a staircase. Tarren looked around the room at Scott’s belongings with wonder in his eyes. Scott had paintings covering his walls and statues of men and women made from bronze, marble, and even one made from quorite, all in different positions and poses. Tarren shook his head at the paintings, though. Some of them were scenes of old battles or famous people from Earth’s past, but some were just lines or splotches of color. Tarren couldn’t figure out how those could possibly deserve a spot among the rest of the art, but clearly Scott belonged to a group of people that thought differently than Tarren ever would.

Tarren wandered around the room examining the paintings and ended up next to a table with piles of paper on it, and a steel glove. Tarren looked more closely at the glove and noticed that there were lines of light and wires on the outside of the glove and he picked it up to study it. This looks interesting. I wonder what it does?

    Tarren heard someone clear their throat behind him, and he stuffed the glove inside of his jacket pocket as he turned around and saw an scowling Scott standing behind him in a white bathrobe with golden trim on the edges of the collar and edge of the sleeves. He had his arms crossed and his voice was full of anger. “What are you doing here, Tarren?”

Tarren smiled at Scott. “You have a beautiful house, Scott, and some really great art. I don’t understand the one that’s just a red line though. Maybe you should replace it with…”

Scott interrupted Tarren. “I asked you what you are doing here, Tarren, not your opinion on my art collection. Do you know what will happen if anyone from the government finds out that we met like this? Do you know what will happen if anyone connects me to the rebellion?”

“I’m sorry, Scott, but something terrible has happened and I need your advice on what do next.”

Scott sighed. “This couldn’t wait until the next meeting? You had to risk coming here tonight?”

Tarren shook his head. “There’s no way that this could have waited! Tyler and the other members of the team that went to try and free Kyle were captured! I need your help coming up with a plan to help them escape.”

Fear filled Scott’s eyes. “You went through with that fool plan of yours? I told you not to risk it! Do you know the danger that you have put us all in now?”

“We can still get them out of there before they say anything about the rebellion! We just need to come up with a plan and act fast!”

Scott shook his head. “I advised against this rescue attempt of yours from the beginning, but you ignored me. Why should I help you out now?”

Disbelief filled Tarren’s face. “These are good people, people who have fought against the tyranny of the government alongside you! How can you just abandon them to their fate just because they were willing to risk their safety for that of their friend?”

Scott glared at Tarren. “Don’t speak to me as if you moving ahead with your plans affected only you! You put all of our safety at risk with this foolish stunt you pulled, and you put my safety at further risk by coming here! I want you to leave now! And don’t let anyone see you!” Scott turned and headed back toward the staircase.

Tarren chased after Scott and grabbed him by the arm. “Please, Scott! We need your help!”

Scott turned and backhanded Tarren across the face, knocking him to the floor. Tarren raised his hand up to his lip and pulled it back, revealing blood. Tarren looked up at Scott in confusion. Scott’s body quivered and he growled, “Get out of my home, and never return here again! If you don’t leave now, I’m calling the Enforcers to come and take you away, so you can rot in a cell next to your friends from the rebellion!” Scott turned and stalked his way up the stairs. “Timothy! Prepare my things in case I have to leave this planet quickly!”

Tarren glared at Scott’s retreating figure. “You coward! How did you convince us that you cared about the people on this planet?” Scott ignored Tarren and slammed his door shut at the top of the stairs. Tarren got up and wiped the blood off his lip, turned his head and spit a mouthful of blood onto the bronze statue of a man on a horse. He made his way over to the door, and let himself out, slamming the door behind him.

Tarren stood on the stairs and stared up at Scott’s house. “We don’t need you! We’ll save Kyle, Tyler, and the others on our own, somehow! Then we’ll bring this government to its knees and remake it so that it’s for the people! We certainly don’t need you to do that!” Tarren walked down the cobblestone path and kicked a loose rock into Scott’s lawn. He stuck his hands into his pockets and found the glove he had found on Scott’s table.

Tarren examined the glove. “I’m not taking it back now, not after all that. I wonder what this thing is for anyway.” Tarren pulled the glove of his hand and the lights on the glove began glowing brighter.

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