The Super Mopher, Chapter 7: Reactions part 1

Ryan walked down the street with Becky’s arm entwined in his, and he smiled at her. A night breeze ruffled the edge of Becky’s black dress. “You are the most beautiful woman in all of Leforn City, Becky, and I’m the luckiest guy to be able to spend the evening with you.”

Becky smiled, but it quickly changed from a smile to a pout. “Sweet talking isn’t going to get you on my good side. You said you were coming over last night.”

Ryan sighed. “I’m sorry, Becky, but something really important came up and I had to deal with it.”

Becky raised her eyebrows. “Was it something really important with that you had to do with Jordan?”

Ryan chuckled, relieved that he didn’t have to come up with an excuse any more. “Yeah, that’s right. I was working on a project with Jordan, and the experiment turned unstable, and we had to um, stabilize it! Yeah, that’s what happened.”

Becky turned her nose up and grunted. “Maybe you want to take him out to dinner instead of me then.”

Sweat appeared on Ryan’s brow and he gave Becky a forced smile. “Are you kidding me? If we were going out, he’d be the one taking me out to dinner! He’s the one with the job.” Becky giggled, and Ryan relaxed. “I’d much rather have been with you last night, Becky. How can I make it up to you?”

A sly smile crossed Becky’s face. “I’ll let you know how you can make it up to me when we get back to my place, but here’s a clue; you aren’t going home tonight.”

Ryan smiled and laughed, “If that is you idea of a punishment, remind me to get in trouble more often.”

Becky reached over and rubbed Ryan’s chest. “You got it, mister, but you don’t have to get in trouble to spend the night with me.”

Ryan smiled and whispered, “I know, and it’s one of the many reasons that I’m glad you agreed to go out with me.” Becky grabbed Ryan’s head and pulled him down for a kiss, and they continued walking down the sidewalk, smiling at each other until they reached the end of the block. “I hope you’re hungry, because Regie’s has the best burgers in town!” Ryan pushed the door open and walked inside of the restaurant.

Becky hugged Ryan tight. “I love Regie’s! They have the best chocolate milkshakes too!”

The hostess smiled and picked up two menus. “I’m glad to see that you are so excited to eat at Regie’s tonight. If you’ll just follow me I’ll show you to your table.” The hostess led the way over a corner booth and handed each of them a menu once they had sat down across from each other. “Have you both eaten at Regie’s before?”

Ryan nodded his head. “Many times.”

The hostess nodded her head. “Alright then. Can I start you off with some drinks?”

Ryan held up two fingers. “Two chocolate shakes, please.”

The hostess scribbled down some notes on her order pad. “Excellent choice, I love our milkshakes. Your waitress should be over shortly to take your order. Enjoy your time at Regie’s.”

The hostess walked away and Ryan started looking over the menu. This girl is crazy about me. Is it really fair that I’m keeping such a big secret from her? Maybe I should just tell her about what I was really doing last night. Ryan opened his mouth, but paused. Maybe telling her in the diner isn’t the best idea. I’ll tell her when we’re alone later. “What kind of burger are you going to order?”

Becky looked up and smiled. “I’m not sure. Their island burger is really good, but then there’s their famous mooey-gooey burger.”

Ryan closed his eyes. “Oooh, I think you just made me change my mind. I was going to get the diablo burger, but I don’t know if I can say no to a mooey-gooey burger. If a cow died to provide me with a burger, the least I can do is drown the meat in a pound of cheese.”

Becky laughed. “If those are your two choices, go with the mooey-gooey burger. I’m not sure I want to kiss diablo breath later.”

Ryan chuckled, “That settles it, the mooey-gooey burger wins, no contest. I wonder if I can at least get some diablo sauce on the side…”

Becky crossed her arms under her breasts and pouted. “You don’t want to do any kissing later?”

Ryan held up a box of mints and shook it. The box rattled revealing that there were many mints inside. “Not going to be a problem. I’ll eat the whole box after dinner if I have to.”

Becky laughed and clapped. “You certainly came prepared.” A devious look crossed Becky’s face. “I can’t wait to see what else you brought with you tonight.”

Ryan reached into his pocket and pulled out a stick of gum. “I bought some gum too, in case the mints weren’t enough.” Becky fell back into the booth laughing.


Ryan climbed up a ladder on the side of Becky’s apartment building on his way up to the roof, and Becky smirked down at him. “Admit it, Ryan. You weren’t being a gentleman by letting me go up first, you just wanted to look at my butt.”

Ryan grinned back. “I’ll admit that I’m about to trade one beautiful view for another.”

Becky stepped up onto the roof winked at Ryan. “You just keep racking up the brownie points tonight, mister. What are you going to cash them in for?”

Ryan stepped up onto the roof next to Becky, and lightly smacked her bottom. “I’ll let you know later. I want to see how many more I can get yet tonight.”

Becky danced away from Ryan’s hand and sat down on a lawn chair that was kept up on the roof. “What are you doing to do now? Can’t get to my bottom when I’m sitting down!”

Ryan sat down next to her in a different lawn chair. He reached out and gently grabbed Becky’s hand. “I guess I’ll just have to hold you hand then.” Ryan leaned back in his chair and looked up at the sky. “Would you look at those stars? They’re easily the second most beautiful view in the city.”

Becky turned and looked at the night sky. “This is nothing. They’re even more amazing if you see them out in the country away from the lights.” Becky sat in silence admiring the view. She looked over at Ryan. “How are you doing in school?”

Ryan shrugged. “I’m keeping a solid B- average. The classes keep getting tougher, but having a genius as a roommate sure comes in handy when it’s time to study. I’d be completely lost in this whole school thing if it wasn’t for him. How about, you? Are you classes going well?”

Becky nodded. “A little better for me than for you, it seems. I’m pulling A’s in all my classes except for chemistry, where I’m getting a C. It doesn’t seem like it matters how much I study for the tests or how much time I spend on the homework, the stuff just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Ryan smiled. “Chemistry is Jordan’s specialty. Maybe he could figure out a way to make it easier for you to understand. He was able to do it for me.”

Becky sighed. “When am I supposed to find time for that? I already spend most of my time in class, and when I’m not there I’m working in the campus mail room!”

Ryan shrugged. “I’m sure we can find something that will work out for you. I took chemistry last semester, maybe we could find some time on our dates for me to try and help you with your homework.”

Becky gave Ryan and sly smile. “But that would take away from our time to do… more fun things.” Ryan laughed, and Becky’s face turned more serious. “So I’ve heard that you quit the football team.”

Ryan’s laugh died down and he said in a quiet voice, “Yeah, I did.”

Becky leaned back in her chair. “Why would you do that? Everyone knows how much you loved football. Football is what got you into college in the first place!”

Ryan sighed. Okay, I’ll tell her the truth. “I have a reason, and it’s a good one. Something big happened in my life lately, and I felt that it was time to focus more of my attention onto that instead.” Becky leaned forward and looked at Ryan expectantly. Oh my gosh, what will she think when she finds out I have powers? Will she still want to be with me? I don’t know if I can go through with this. “I’m thinking about getting a job. Having some extra money seems like a good idea, especially if I want to keep taking you out on dates like this.”

Becky gave Ryan a skeptical look. “You quit the football team because you’re thinking about getting a job?”

Ryan started rubbing the back of his head and laughed. “No, that would be silly! I’ve been applying to some places around town.”

Becky nodded her head. “I guess that’s a good reason. Yes, taking me out on dates sounds like quite the noble cause. This job you get had better be a good one though. No nights and weekends.” She gave Ryan a devious smile. “You belong to me on nights and weekends.”

Ryan laughed. “I’ll see what I can do about that, but I may not get a say in it.” Ryan leaned back in his seat, and Becky got up and sat on his lap, and started stroking his hair. The two of them stared up at the night sky, and Ryan pointed up at a light shooting across the sky. “Look, a shooting star! Make a wish!”

Becky cuddled up against Ryan. “I don’t need to. I have everything I could wish for right here.”

Ryan smiled, bent over and kissed Becky. Once their lips parted Ryan whispered, “What time does Samantha get home from work?”

Becky grinned mischievously. “Who cares, my room has a lock on the door.”

Ryan ginned back. “Let’s move this party downstairs then.”

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