The Super Morpher, Chapter 7: Reactions Part 2

Dr. Mechanique was sitting in front of his desk, tightening a screw on a prosthetic hand, papers and files scattered all over his desk. He finished tightening the screw and set the screwdriver down on the desk and inspected the hand. “Hmm, yes. I believe that these improvements should give the fingers greater nimbless than ever before.” Dr Mechanique set the prosthetic down on his desk and then grabbed his left wrist and pulled his prosthetic hand off. He set it on the desk and picked up the one he had just been working on when he heard a knock at the door. “The door is open!”

The door opened and revealed Jordan, who was holding a small cardboard box under his left arm. Jordan’s eyes opened wide at the sight of Dr. Mechanique holding onto his prosthetic hand, and he started to back out of the office. “I”m sorry to interrupt, I didn’t realize that you were busy. I can come back later.”

Dr. Mechanique chuckled. “Nonsense, Jordan. Please, come in. I was just about to test out a new enhancement that I designed for my prosthetics. Have you ever seen someone attach a prosthetic hand before?”

Jordan set the box he was carrying on a counter and stepped closer. “No, I never have, but I’ve always imagined it to be a very interesting process.”

Dr. Mechanique smiled at Jordan. “It would be much more interesting, and much more gruesome if this was my first time. You see this,” Dr. Mechanique held up his left wrist to reveal that his stump was covered with metallic plate with a port in the middle and multiple locking mechanisms around the outside of it. “Is attached to the stump that the prosthetic is going to be attached to. It is a very lengthy and painful process in which the all of the nerves in the missing limb are attached to sensors in the plate. Once that is done you will be able to control the prosthetic with your mind just like you would with the limb that is missing.”

Jordan nodded his head. “That’s amazing. Is the prosthetic able to feel things and transmit those stimuli to the brain to replicate touch?”

Dr. Mechanique frowned and he got a faraway look in his eyes. “That is an advance I’ve been working toward for some time, but one I haven’t been able to achieve yet. But someday, those who have lost a limb will be able to live as if they never had!” Dr. Mechanique smiled and shook his head. “Sorry, I was describing the process of attaching a prosthetic to you! If you look at part of the prosthetic that connects to the base, you’ll notice that it has special data receiving pins.” Dr. Mechanique showed the underside of the the prosthetic, revealing dozens of tiny pins sticking out, with one larger pin in the center. “These are delicate receivers, so you must be very careful when you attach your prosthetic, just like so.” Dr. Mechanique lined the pins up on his new prosthetic with the plate on his wrist and pushed it into place. He grabbed the outside of the plate and twisted it, and a click sounded.

Dr. Mechanique held his prosthetic hand up and started bending the wrist back and forth and wiggling the fingers. Jordan smiled and leaned back against the counter. “The world is so lucky to have a scientist like you working to restore what so many people have lost.”

Dr. Mechanique smiled at Jordan. “The goal of all scientists is to figure out how the world works and how to use that knowledge to improve everyday life. Now it’s time to find out if my modifications did what I wanted them to.” Dr. Mechanique swiveled in his chair and started typing on his keyboard. His smile turned into a frown. “No, that’s not quite right.”

Jordan took a step forward and watched Dr. Mechanique’s fingers hitting keys on the keyboard. “What’s wrong? Everything looks like it’s working just fine to me.”

Dr. Mechanique sighed. “I was attempting to improve the nimbleness of the fingers on these prosthetics, which I did, but not to the degree I wanted. I don’t think the servos are quite up to what I need. I’ll have to assign someone to working on improving them, but that’s not why you came to my office. What can I do for you, Jordan?”

Realization lit up Jordan’s face. “That’s right! I have finally come up with the solution to the problem that you had me working on.”

Dr. Mechanique leaned back in his chair and and crossed his arms. “You mean coming up with a new alloy to make my prosthetics out of? I thought you were going to bring me a list of options that I could go over.”

A smile filled Jordan’s face and he reached for the box he had put on the counter. “That was what I had been working on for the past week, but then I came across something so superior to the others I’d come up with, I forgot all about the list. I came up with a new alloy made from talmarite, dentheson, and carbon! It’s durable, lightweight, and non corrosive. I was able to whip up a sample of it to show you.” Jordan opened up the box and pulled out a six inch cube of metal.

Dr. Mechanique reached out and took the cube from Jordan and grunted in surprise. “It’s so light! This cube can’t weigh more than two pounds! What do you call this stuff?”

Jordan blushed. “I decided to name it Jordanium, after me. I have the formula for it patented, so your competitors will be completely left in the dust once you start making your prosthetics out of this stuff. I’ve run multiple tests on it, and so far I haven’t even been able to dent the stuff once, and I had it sitting in an acid bath for a day, and it didn’t leave a mark on it.”

Dr. Mechanique nodded his head appreciatively. “I’ll have to run my own tests on it, but this is very impressive, Jordan. I think with something like this to work with I’ll be able to bring my prosthetics into the future! This discovery of yours is going to make both of us very rich men.”

Jordan’s mouth dropped open. “I didn’t work on this to make money off of it, I did it to help improve people’s lives, like you said that you were.”

Dr. Mechanique laughed. “Of course this is going to improve people’s lives, but we have to be realistic. We can’t just give our advances away, we need the money we get from them to help fund future advances and discoveries. Without funding we wouldn’t be able to help anyone.”

Jordan nodded his head. “That makes sense. So what project would you like me to work on next?”

Dr. Mechanique smiled. “How would you like to start working on improving those servos for me? I need to make them more powerful, and able to move more delicately. Think you’re up to the challenge?”

Jordan smiled back. “Chemistry is more of my field of expertise, but I’ll see what I can do with them.”


Ryan’s eyes slowly opened and he blinked several times. He stretched out his arms and legs as his mouth opened up in a big yawn. He looked over at where Becky and lying next to him and almost fell out of bed when he saw that she was watching him. “Becky, what are you doing awake already?”

Becky smiled. “Good morning, sleepy head. I was just up thinking about all the fun we had last night, and how nice it is to wake up with you beside me.”

Ryan blushed. “I had a great time last night too. I always have a lot of fun when I go out with you.”

Becky snuggled up against Ryan and sighed. “I wish that every morning could be like this, just me, and you, together.”

Ryan settled back into the bed. “I wouldn’t mind every morning being like this, if every night could be like last night.”

Becky sat back up and smiled at Ryan. “I’m so happy to hear you say that. Ryan, I want you to move in with me.”

Ryan jumped up and this time he did fall out of the bed. “What? But we just started dating!”

Becky moved over to the side of the bed and laughed at Ryan. “That’s true, but I really like you, and we make such a good couple!” Becky frowned. “Don’t you want to live with me?”

Ryan’s started waving his hands in front of him, and he scrambled up to his feet. “No, that’s not it at all! It just seems so sudden.”

Becky’s frown changed back to a smile. “So that means that you will move in with me?”

Ryan sighed. “I don’t think that it’s a good idea for me to move in with you yet. I already paid for my dorm for the rest of the school year, and I’m still looking for a job, so I wouldn’t be able to help out with rent or anything financial yet.”

Becky shook her head. “Not to worry! I’m sure that you could get the school to refund you for part of what you paid for your dorm, and you paying for rent won’t be a problem! Samantha and I manage just fine, and once you do get a job you can help pay for groceries.”

Ryan sat down on the bed next to Becky. “That’s another thing. Samantha hates me. I dont’ think it would be a very good idea for me to live in the same apartment as her.”

Becky sat up next to Ryan, and grabbed a hold of his arm. “That’s okay, I’ll just kick her out!”

Ryan looked at Becky in shock. “You can do that? Isn’t her name on the lease too? Where would she go?”

Becky frowned. “Technically I can’t do that, but I’m sure she’d be more than happy to move out if you moved in. She’s practically ready to pack her bags and leave now when you are just visiting. Besides, she’s been wanting to move in with her sister for a while now. She’s only in the apartment with me because I asked her to. So what do you think, want to move in with me?”

Ryan’s watch started beeping on the night stand. Saved by the bell! Ryan reached over and grabbed his watch and shut the alarm off. “I have to get going, but we can talk about this more later.” Ryan got up and started scavenging around the room for his clothes.

Tears formed in Becky’s eyes and started to run down her cheeks. She sniffled and said, “You don’t want to move in with me, do you?”

Ryan froze with one leg in his pants, turned and looked at Becky. He let go of the waist of his pants and walked over to Becky, and gave her a big hug. “I didn’t say that. It’s just that this is a big decision, and I want to think about it first. I don’t want to do anything that isn’t in the best interest of our relationship, so just give me a little bit of time to think about it first, okay?”

Becky reached up and wiped away her tears, and nodded her head. “Okay.” Ryan kissed her on the cheek and went back to putting his pants on. “I love you, Ryan.”

Ryan tripped over his pants and fell to the ground. He looked up at Becky. “What did you say?”

Becky smiled at Ryan. “I said I love you.”

Ryan returned the smile weakly. “I, uh, love you too. I have to get going, I’ll talk to you later, Becky.” Ryan finished putting his pants on, got up off of the ground, grabbed his shirt and socks and unlocked the door. He hurried out of the room and closed the door behind him. He sat down on the couch and sighed. “This is getting serious fast.”

Samantha turned around from the stove where she was frying eggs, and fixed Ryan with a scowl. “You better believe this is serious. You’re all she ever talks about, and as much as I dislike you, if you do anything to hurt her I’ll make you regret it.”

Ryan gave Samantha a smile. “Samantha, are you warming up to me? I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist my charms for long.”

Samantha grunted. “Get out of my apartment before come over there and slap you. And put a shirt on!”

Ryan pulled his socks on and stood up and started moving toward the door. “What’s the matter, don’t like what you see? Or is it that you like what you see so much you’re considering pulling that stick out of your butt?”

Samantha picked up an egg and threw it at Ryan’s head, but missed and it crashed into the door instead, splattering egg all over the door and the walls. Ryan turned and looked at the egg, and then turned and gave Samantha a big smile. “What? I haven’t even left yet and you miss me already?”

Samantha shrieked and picked up two more eggs, but Ryan grabbed his shoes and was out the door before she had a chance to throw them.

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