Analyzing a Johnsonville Sausage Ad

Hello everyone, We are back once more to analyze another commercial to grow our understanding of advertising, to see what other people have done well that we want to use in our own advertisements, what they did that we want to try to avoid. Together we can learn a whole lot about advertising and hopefully make it so that people won’t want to skip through the ads anymore. If you disagree with my assessment, or if you see something that I missed, please leave it in a comment down below. Now, let’s get started by analyzing a Johnsonville sausage commercial!

As usual we will start by taking a look at what they did well. this ad, coming in at only fifteen seconds, is almost perfect as far as our attention spans go. Researchers are showing that goldfish now have a longer attention span that we do, and it’s nothing that the fish did. This ad can catch our attention and hold it long enough for the big reveal of what the product is. I usually will harp on how the ad needs to catch your attention in the first five seconds, and I don’t think this ad does that very well, but since this ad is only fifteen seconds long, it’s not as big of a deal. Youtube will only let you skip ads if they’re longer than thirty seconds, meaning that this one is going to play out completely. You still should make it interesting so that someone doesn’t flip over to their facebook page or check their e-mail while it’s playing, but at least its not skipable, right?

As most of the ads that I do on this blog, this ad was funny. Not only was it an ad about a bunch of ladies getting excited about, ahem, “sausage”, it also went so far as to show a guy at the end dressed up as a sausage, which I’ll touch on a little bit later. I found an article, which I will link at the end of this article, that had three different commercials with the theme of Johnsonville sausage making everyone like family, and this was by far the least funny, but I wanted to focus on it for different reasons, which I’ll get to in my next point. Humor is very useful for getting our attention, and keeping it. When you see something funny, you usually want to wait to hear the punch line and laugh, then you’ll tell other people about it as well, which is a great way for a product to spread its brand. When one of those sad commercials about, adopt a puppy because they were mistreated, I don’t want to see that. I’m not a terrible person that enjoys mistreating animals or anything like that, but those type of commercials aren’t entertaining and they make me feel sad. I think I speak for most Americans when I say I want to be entertained and not feel sad. My point is funny is good for commercials.

The main reason I chose to do this ad over the others is that it shows a variety of different ways that you can use the product. showing people the not so obvious uses and benefits of your product is a great way to get people interested in what you have to say.  I enjoy cooking and when I saw some of those dishes that they brought, I wanted to try them. They succeeded on this one. The other two commercials I saw each highlighted one product, and the ad was more about the humor than it was about the uses of the product.

The final thing that I felt that they did good was they worked hard in this commercial to associate eating their sausage and family, as if eating their sausage would make everyone that enjoys it with you a part of your family. Family is a very good thing, for the most part, and has mostly good things associated with it. In a world where people are drifting further and further apart because of political issues, events in the world, and technology, Johnsonville is bringing the message of family and togetherness, of coming together over something as simple as a meal. I feel that this is a very welcome message in this day and age. If you notice from the commercial, there was even unity in diversity. Granted they could have been more diverse if they really wanted to sell the message, but it’s there

Now, the things that they didn’t do so well, or at least could have improved upon. One thing I harp on almost every time I do this is that how many times the name of the company is brought up. They mention sausage a lot in the ad, which is great, but they don’t mention that it’s from Johnsonville except for at the very end, and only one time. If I only watched the first ten seconds of this ad, which the whole attention span thing says is possible, I would be excited about sausage, but not necessarily Johnsonville’s. I learned in my advertising classes that you want to mention the name of the brand or product at least three times in an ad for it to stick with people. Three is the magic number. I have sausage stuck in my brain now, but not Johnsonville. Well, I do because I watched the ad a bunch of times while looking for things to talk about, but you get what I mean.

The other thing I  noticed that they did poorly, in my opinion, is something that is very popular in ads these days, is they made the only male character in the ad look like an idiot. I had a female teacher that had an issue with this in one of my advertising classes as well. She said that she had a wonderful, brilliant husband that went out of his way to take care of her and make sure that she was happy, and seeing commercials where men were portrayed like this completely turned her off of that companies products. She would rather go with one of their competitors because of the way they portrayed men in certain ads. It’s funny, but it’s also insulting that they only male at the gathering, therefore a representative of the male population in this ad, is an idiot.

That was my take on this ad, if you disagree with me or spotted something I missed please leave it in the comment section below. I would love to learn as much as I can while doing this, so feel free to educate me. If you want to see the other ads that I chose not to do, you can find them here: Johnsonville sausage ads. That’s about it for me for this week, I’ll be back with another ad for you next week, and if you have any suggestions for ads for me to analyze, please leave them below. Have a great day everyone!


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