The Super Morpher, Chapter 7: Reactions Part 3

Ryan sprinted across town, rooftop to rooftop. “Where is the armored car being robbed?”

Jordan’s voice came through the radio tucked in Ryan’s ear. “The truck is at the corner of Fremont and Ameshi. You need to hurry, Ryan. The guards keep calling for backup, I don’t know how much longer they’ll be able to hold up.”

Ryan leapt from one rooftop to another and continued on. “I’m going as fast as I can, they’ll just have to hold out a little bit longer. So, Becky dropped a bit of a surprise on me this morning.”

“Ryan, I don’t want to know about anything that happens in Becky’s bedroom.”

“No, it wasn’t anything like that. She wants me to move in with her.”

Jordan was silent for a few seconds. “Well that didn’t take very long. What did you tell her?”

Ryan sighed. “I told her that I would have to think about it. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that kind of commitment.”

“It would be difficult for you to keep your secret from her if you were living with her. Plus there’s that roommate of her’s. Doesn’t’ she hate you?”

Ryan took a deep breath. “She said she’d kick her roommate out for me, and I’ve been thinking about telling Becky about my secret.”
“I think we should avoid telling people about your secret as much as we can. The more people that know about your secret, the more people that can accidently tell it to the wrong person. Plus knowing your secret would put Becky at risk. If you really care about her, you should be doing your best to keep her as safe as possible.”

Ryan leapt to the next rooftop. “Maybe you’re right. I’d hate to put Becky into any more danger than I have too. Plus it would be awkward having to move back out when Kari and I start dating.”

Jordan groaned. “Ryan, you are so hopeless! You need to pick one girl and stick with her! If you want to be with Kari then you should dump Becky and go to one of Kari’s bible studies! Give it a chance, what do you have to lose?”

Ryan paused on the edge of the rooftop and peered down at two teenagers hopping out of an armored car with their arms full of bags with dollar bills and coins spilling out of them. Two men in security guard uniforms lay unmoving on the sidewalk in pools of blood. “You might want to have an ambulance sent to the robbery, I see two security guards in possible need of medical attention. I’m going in to take care of the robbers.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea, Ryan? You’ll run the chance of running into the police officers that want to arrest you if I call them now.”

Ryan jumped off of the room and landed on the street, and absorbed some of the pavement. “I’m not too worried about it, it’s just a couple of punk kids that need me to teach them a lesson. This will be over quickly.”

The two teenagers turned and looked at Ryan, and dropped their bags of money to the ground. “Draxx, it’s the Super Morpher! I told you we should’ve gotten out of there sooner!”
The second youth started fumbling for the gun tucked into the back of his pants. “Stop griping and start shooting! That’s the only way we’re getting out of this!”

Ryan ran over to the two teenagers and punched the one going for his gun in the face and he dropped to the ground. Ryan smiled and looked at the other teenager. “Don’t pay any attention to him. There’s no way you’re getting out of this!” The teenager finally pulled his gun out and fired it at Ryan. Ryan ducked under the bullet and swung his fist in an uppercut into the kid’s jaw. Ryan patted his hands together as the kid dropped to the ground. “I told you, this would be over quickly.”

Ryan turned when he heard a thud from behind him, and rocket crashed into Ryan’s chest and exploded, sending Ryan and money flying. Ryan landed on the sidewalk amidst coins that were raining down all around him and the dollar bills that there slowly fluttering down to the ground, some of them were burning slowly. Ryan turned back to normal and a chunk of pavement appeared next to his outstretched hand, which was covered in cuts and bleeding.

Seven men wearing bandanas and leather jackets walked out of an alley way a little further down the street, one of them carrying a rocket launcher with three more rockets strapped to his back. “I told you that the rocket launcher would work! I don’t care how tough that guy is, he didn’t appreciate getting hit with a rocket launcher!”

Another man slapped him on the back of his head. “He may not of appreciated it, Tommy, but he was worth ten million alive!” He pointed at Ryan. “That looks an awful lot like only two million to me.”

The man with the rocket launcher grunted. “Two million split between seven guys is still going to buy us a lot of whatever we want!”

One of the other gang members walked ahead of the others and looked at Ryan, and noticed his chest rising and falling. “Draxx! What is this guy made of? He’s still breathing!”

The man with the rocket launcher smiled and smacked the other guy on the chest. “See? We still get our ten million! Pull him into the alley before any cops show up and we’ll tie him up.” A couple of the gang members walked over to Ryan and picked him up by the arms and the man that had noticed that Ryan was breathing picked him up by the legs, and they carried Ryan across the street and into the alley.

Tommy nodded and set his rocket launcher against the sidewalk. “Let’s get this guy chained up before he wakes up! Brad, where are the chains?”

A large man at the back of the group ran up with a loud clanking noise as the chains wrapped around his body jiggled and banged together. “Right here, Tommy!”

Tommy nodded his head. “Let’s get to work, boys!” The gang members surrounded Ryan and started to wrap the chains around his body. Wherever the chains crossed each other they locked it together.

Ryan’s eyes slowly opened up and he struggled against the chains that wrapped his body. “This is cute, but you had better get these chains off of me right now.”

The gang members started chuckling and Tommy swaggered forward. “Um, I don’t think so. You see, the big boss is going to pay top dollar to have you come visit him, and we’re his delivery service. I’m impressed that you survived that attack, and more so that you’re awake, but even you ain’t bustin out of those chains in your condition.”

Ryan struggled some more and the gang members chuckles turned to laughter. Ryan touched one of the chain links that passed over his arm with the palm of his hand, and the chains disappeared and Ryan’s body turned to metal. Ryan rose to his feet and the laughs died on the lips of the gang members. Ryan turned his head and took in the frightened faces surrounding him. “What’s wrong? Did I ruin your joke somehow? Sorry, how about I tell you different one instead? You guys thought you could take out the Super Morpher!” Ryan’s fist darted out and caught the closest gang member in the stomach and both Ryan and the gang member grunted. The gang member dropped to the ground clutching his stomach and Ryan held onto the arm he had punched with.

Tommy’s face changed from terror to a small smile. “We hurt him! Spread out and let him have it!” Tommy backed down the alley and picked up his rocket launcher and started to load the next rocket into it. The other gang members backed away from Ryan and pulled machine guns out and started to fire at Ryan. Except for Brad, who started running down the alley and kept on running.

Ryan lurched at the men, his teeth clenched and holding in groans of pain, he knocked them out one at a time. Ryan stood at the opposite end of the alley and turned to face the only standing gang member, Tommy. Tommy aimed his rocket launcher at Ryan. “You took them all out, even after we hit you with a rocket! What the heck are you made of?”

Ryan grinned at Tommy. “Good old Zimmdaran steel. Would you like to see?” Ryan pulled his arm back and moved it forward as if he was throwing something, and then halfway through the motion, he changed back to normal. The chain reappeared and flew down the alley at Tommy, and wrapped itself around him. The loose ends of the chain smacked him in the face and the rocket launcher slipped from Tommy’s hand as he collapsed to the ground.

Ryan dropped down to his knees and breathed heavily through clenched teeth. “Jordan, I have six gang members down that attacked me, and I’ll be chasing down a seventh shortly. Thanks for the suit again, I’m pretty sure it just saved my life.” Ryan listened for Jordan’s reply, but heard nothing. Ryan sighed. “That rocket must have damaged the radio again. That’s the second time this week! Guess I’ll just have to remember to thank him later.” Ryan slowly got back up to his feet, and looked down the alley, but couldn’t see any sign of Brad, the seventh gang member, anywhere. “I’m not in any condition to chase anyone.” Ryan limped down the alley and picked up the rocket launcher and snapped it between his hands. “That won’t be hurting anyone else.” Ryan turned and started limping down the alley, clutching his side.

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