Beast Blades, Chapter 7: Apollos’ Past Part 1

Tara glared up at General Aldrick and pulled one of her swords out of its sheath. “True or not, if I defeat you here the rebellion has a chance to survive! Awaken, Luxaquila!” The blade in Tara’s hand began to glow and it shifted into the form of an eagle. The eagle leapt away from Tara’s hand and began to fly in circles around Tara. “Luxaquila, attack that man!” The light eagle screeched and sped over to where Aldrick was standing, and Aldrick nimbly leapt off of the ledge that he had been standing on, and Luxaquila crashed into the side of the valley, raining dirt and rocks down onto Apollos and Lucas.

Lucas and Apollos dodged away from the falling debris and glared at Tara, and Apollos drew his sword from his side. “Watch what you’re doing, Tara! You’re going to get us hurt!”

Tara leered back at Apollos. “I’m trying to stop Aldrick! Maybe you should be watching out for yourself!”

Apollos charged at Aldrick, but Charles and Hugh stepped into his way with their swords drawn. Hugh chuckled. “Where do you think you’re going, old man?”

Apollos growled at the two men standing in his way. “Move out of my way or I’ll be forced to cut you young pups down!”

Charles pulled his second beast blade out, and stabbed its point into one of the stones lying around. “You couldn’t have taken the two of us on in your prime, elder. Surrender yourself to lord Aldrick’s justice! Awaken, Pijaro!” The stone wrapped itself around the blade and formed itself into a stone hawk that took to the sky. “Strike down the old one!”

General Aldrick pulled a beast blade out of the sheath on his back, and tossed it into the river. “Awaken Magnavansimia!” The water of the river began to swirl together into a whirlpool, and a large gorilla made out of water stepped out of the river. Aldrick snickered and pulled out his sword sheathed at his side. “Get the boy!” Aldrick turned and swung his sword at Luxaquila. Luxaquila pulled out of its dive and began to circle Aldrick’s form.

Lucas’ eyes opened wide in terror at the sight of the large aquatic gorilla stalking toward him, and he fumbled at the beast blades strapped to his back. His fingers finally wrapped around the hilt of one of the blades and he pulled it free, relieved to see that he had pulled Petrusa free. He drove the point of the sword into the ground next to him and shouted out, “Awaken, Petrusa!” The dirt and rock around the blade rose up into a mound that formed into a large stone bear. Petrusa drew its head back and bellowed out a defiant roar to the skies, and Lucas smiled. He pulled out the dagger from its sheath strapped to his chest. “Time to find out what you can really do.” Lucas slashed the dagger across Petrusa’s back and the spot under its arms began to glow, and two additional arms sprouted out of Petrusa.

Lucas pointed at Magnavansimia and shouted out, “Protect me from that thing!” Petrusa dropped down to its arms and legs and charged at the water gorilla, and rammed it, sending a spray of water skyborn. Lucas watched in awe for a moment or two and then glanced toward the wagon on the other side of the river. He had left his bag with all the pieces of metal he had gotten from Sharen City on the wagon, and without them he had nothing to summon Ferrumlupus with. He started to sneak back toward the wagon.

Aldrick noticed Lucas sneaking off and smirked. “Charles, Hugh! The boy is trying to escape with the legendary blades, do something to prevent that!” Luxaquila dove at Aldrick once more and Aldrick dodged to the side and slashed out with his sword. Luxaquila screeched in pain and fell to the ground. Droplets of light dripped from the wound on Luxaquila’s back and when they hit the ground tiny light flares were given off. Aldrick turned and sneered at Tara. “Is that the best that you can do, girl?”

Tara quivered in rage and pulled out her second beast blade. “The members of the rebellion always have an ace up their sleeve, and this is mine!” Tara stabbed her beast blade down into the sandy soil. “Awaken, Tywodvri!” Sand swirled around the beast blade and formed into a bison. Tara pulled one of the daggers that were sheathed across her chest and slashed the buffalo with it. The creature’s shoulders started to glow and two wings sprouted from its back, and the buffalo took to the air, and it was joined by Luxaquila and they began to circle Aldrick. Tara smiled and shouted, “Attack!”

Hugh and Charles breathed heavily as they warily circled Apollos, and blood stained their uniforms in several spots from wounds they had received. Apollos grinned back at Hugh and Charles, wielding a beast blade in either hand, he had small cuts and gashes on his arms and legs as well. Aeroslithe was coiled up at Apollos’ side and it hissed out a warning at Pijaro. The stone hawk circled overhead eyeing Aeroslith warily.

Hugh reached for the second sword strapped to his back and he held it in front of him. Awaken, Zrukedi, and strike down the boy!” Air swirled around his blade and formed into a cheetah. The cheetah growled and charged at Lucas.

Apollos’ eyes opened wide with fear and he drove the point of the sword in his left hand into the ground. Charles saw that Apollos was distracted and lunged at him, thrusting his sword at Apollos’ chest. Apollos deflected the attack with the sword held in his right hand, and said, “Protect Lucas and awaken, Terrambarrus!” An elephant’s trumpet sounded as the dirt around the blade rose up into a giant mound and formed an elephant. It stampeded after Zrukedi, sending tremors through the entire valley. Hugh and Charles held their arms out to the side in an effort to maintain their balance, and Apollos drew his final beast blade and shakily lunged at Hugh and Charles.

Charles and Hugh parried Apollos’ attack with their swords, and Apollos danced back several steps. Hugh smiled. “Did you really think that it would be that easy, elder?”

Apollos frowned. “No, but I had hoped that it would be. I’m afraid I can’t afford to waste anymore time on you two.” Apollos charged in once more.

Petursa and Magnavansimia were exchanging blows back and forth, but it seemed that the water gorilla’s giant fists were beginning to wear down the stone bear. Magnavansimia swung a fist with water dripping off of it at Petrusa, and Petrusa ducked under it and moved around to the water gorilla’s back, and sunk his fangs into his opponent’s neck. Magnavansimia growled out in pain and tried to shake Petrusa off, but Petrusa had latched on tight. The water gorilla started reaching with its giant arms to pull Petrusa off of its back, but the stone bear dug its claws into the dripping simian’s arms and forced them down to its side.

Tara bit her lip as she watched Tywodvri and Luxaquila take turns swooping down and attacking Aldrick, but Aldrick always repelled the attack with his sword. He seemed to be doing it effortlessly as well. Anger swelled up in Tara and she shouted, “Ooh, just attack him at the same time!” Luxaquila and Tywodvri swooped down at Aldrick, talons outstretched and horns lowered, and Aldrick simply sidestepped and slashed at Tywodvri as it swooped past. Tywodvri crashed into the ground in a cloud of sand, but reformed itself into a buffalo, it shook his head, snorted a cloud of sand out of its nostrils, and charged at Aldrick once more.

Lucas stepped into the Karndale river, and was instantly almost swept off his feet by the force of the current. Lucas gritted his teeth as the cold water bit through his clothes, and he wondered what frozen mountain top this river originated from, and forced his way through the river to the bank where the wagon was sitting. He turned in surprise when he heard a snarl from behind him, and fell into the river when he saw a cheetah made from air prepared to pounce on him. The cheetah jumped into the part of the river that Lucas had fallen into, but fortunately for Lucas, the current had already pushed him fifteen feet down the river. Terrumbarrus trumpeted and swung his trunk into Zrukedi’s body, sending him flying onto the other bank, and Terrumbarrus charged through the river after it.

Lucas finally was able to get his feet under him and stood up sputtering and coughing. He looked down the river where he had been and saw the two beast blades fighting. “That elephant must belong to Apollos.” Lucas looked down at the water he was standing in and smiled. “This seems like a good time to see what my new sword can do. I think I heard Alrdick call it Ryupoto?” Lucas pulled the sword out of the sheath on his back, and dipped it into the river. “Awaken, Ryupoto!”

A whirlpool surrounded the blade, and rose out of the river into a cyclone. Lucas yelped and dropped the beast blade, and the water shaped itself into a long serpentine body, and the top of the spout separated itself into two jaws filled with sharp fangs. Two short arms that ended in claws with webbed skin growing between the three fingers formed, and the tail end of the spout grew into a webbed tail. Spikes protruded from the forming creature’s spine, and the cyclone started to freeze. Finally the column of ice shattered revealing a small dragon about the size of a human that splashed down into the water. A frozen mist appeared when it exhaled, and it turned to regard Lucas with intelligent looking eyes.

Lucas smiled. “Hello, can you go and help that elephant fight against that cheetah over there?” Ryupoto turned and charged through the water toward the cheetah, and a stream of water shot out of its mouth and crashed into the cheetah, knocking it over.

Aldrick looked over at the rising spout of water from down the river, and smiled. “That’s all I was waiting for.” Tywodvri bellowed out a low pitched roar as it swooped down at Aldrick once more, and Aldrick raised his sword over his head. “I’ve run out of time to play with you. Turn back into the steel that you came from.” Aldrick swung his sword at Tywodvri’s head, and the blade cleaved through its body. Tywodvri burst into a cloud of sand and turned back into a sword blade, and embedded itself into the ground at Aldrick’s feet. Aldrick pulled the blade free and threw it at Luxaquila’s circling form over his head. The blade pierced through Luxaquila’s body, and it shrieked before turning back into a blade and dropping to the ground. Aldrick turned and gave Tara a smile. Tara started gibbering in fear and reached for the other dagger belted across her chest and held them in front of her in defense. Aldrick shook his head and stalked toward the river.

Magnavansimia finally pulled its arm free and managed to grab Petrusa around the neck, and drove him into the ground, and then slammed his other dripping hand into Petrusa’s face. Petrusa’s face cracked and crumbled, and he changed back into a sword.

Tara watched in horror as Aldrick neared the river. “Lucas, behind you!” Lucas turned and terror filled his face. He pulled himself onto the far bank and ran for the back of the wagon, but was knocked off of his feet by the tremor caused by Terrumbarrus stomping Zrukedi flat.

Aldrick reached the bank of the river and crossed his arms. “Magnavansimia, to me!” The water gorilla hurried over to its master’s side, and Aldrick pointed at Terrumbarrus. “Get rid of that annoyance for me.” Aldrick and Magnavansimia charged through the river, Aldrick onto the river bank near Ryupoto and Magnavansimia into Terrumbarrus’s side. Aldirck’s sword struck into Ryupoto’s side, and Ryupoto slapped at him with his tail. Aldrick jumped back just out of Ryupoto’s reach and slashed at the tail as it passed him. He smiled, “You’re coming with me, you magnificent creature.”

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