Analyzing an Audi Ad

Hello everyone, I am happy to be back once more to take our weekly look at an ad, and this is our first non video ad that we will be looking at… even though there is still a video showing the ad. This week the ad is from Audi, and they are advertising their new cars that run on engines that leave behind nothing but water vapor, and advertise that in a really cool way. So without any further ado, let’s get started with this ad. Just a quick warning, every time I clicked on the link down below, it started playing very loudly, so you may want to take precautions for that.

One of the best things you can say about an ad is that it’s innovative and attention grabbing, and this certainly qualifies for both. I know that companies have used steam in their ads before, in fact McDonald’s did an interesting display ad for when then introduced their coffee, but its definitely a format that you don’t see used much, at least I don’t in my small little town in central Wisconsin. Having advertising that implements a part of your product into it, is very cool. They may have missed an opportunity of having this ad made by the water vapor left behind by one of their cars, but perhaps the cars don’t produce that much vapor. I don’t know, but it would have definitely taken the ad up a notch in my book. I think you saw in the video that it grabbed passer by’s attention because they show people taking pictures of it.

This ad certainly peaked my interest, but it seemed like it give a lot of information about the car itself, which may have been the point. Audi may be hoping that you were interested enough by what you saw to go and check out their car online. I’m interested to see how much a car like this would cost to own, maintain, and how much you would save on fuel.

This ad shares the same drawback as every other ad, that it doesn’t do you any good if people don’t see it. I know they said that they put the ad in busy places in big cities, but that’s no guarantee that their target audience will see this ad. This form of advertising is much more difficult to target specific groups of people, so they have to count on large numbers of people seeing it, and hope that their targets are among those who view the ad.

The main downside to this ad is that it is only visible at night. I know that lots of people usually go out to enjoy night life with their friends, so maybe this was a good decision on their part, but I don’t go out much, so it would have been lost on me. It also appeared to me that the ad could have been blocked if someone had parked in that open parking space, but maybe it wasn’t a parking space, maybe they especially reserved it somehow, personally I think this is a fantastic ad and really don’t have much negative to say about it.

Thank you for once more taking the time to listen to my view on an advertisement, and I hope that you will leave your opinion of it down below. Together we can learn more about how to make effective, entertaining ads that people will want to see, and will make advertising better for everyone. If you have any suggestions for ads you would like me to analyze please leave them down below in the comment section. Have a great day everyone!


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