Ahir, Guardian of Malor, Chapter 14: Rushing through the Portal

Trixie dropped down to her knees and cried. She finally had a relationship with Ahir, and he was taken away from her, just like her parents! It wasn’t fair, why was everyone close to her taken away? She started punching the blacktop, uncaring that it scraped her knuckles. Sil’abo rushed to her side. “It will be alright, Trixie. We’ll get Ahir back somehow.”

Trixie shoved Sil’abo over onto his side and and screamed. “How are we going to do that? Lang’kahn controls him now! He’s not even in this dimension any more! How are we supposed to save him?”

Alicia walked over to Trixie’s side with Daniel limping behind her. “Trixie, are you alright?”

Between sobs, Trixie replied, “Of course I’m not alright. I’ve lost almost all of my friends today! Milton’s probably dead, Ahir is as good as dead, and who knows what those Aureus’Aevum will do to Bar’bou? I wish I was dead too!”

Daniel put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You don’t mean that.”

Trixie pushed his hand away. “Yes I do! If I was, then at least I wouldn’t hurt like this anymore!”

Sil’abo nuzzled her hand. “There is still hope, Trixie! I can open a portal as well, we can still go after Ahir and save him.”

Trixie shook her head. “What am I supposed to do with just a shield?”

Alicia slapped Trixie in the face. Trixie raised her hand up to her stinging cheek and stared in shock at Alicia. “Pull yourself together girl! Someone just told you that you have a chance to save your friend and you give up without even trying?”

Trixie blinked a few times, and then a determined look came over her face. “You’re right! I love Ahir. I can’t just give up on saving him before I even try! We’re going to need some help though.” Trixie’s determined look was replaced with more tears. “I wish that Milton was here!”

Alicia threw her hands up in the air, and the radio on her shoulder crackled. “Officer Hardy, respond. Officer Alicia Hardy, please respond.”

Alicia picked up her radio, and said into it, “Dispatch, this is officer Alicia Hardy.”

The radio was silent for a moment and a voice replied. “There has been a development in that case you sent CSI to investigate. The young man has been found.”

Trixie rose up to her feet and eagerly moved to Alicia’s side. “They found Milton? Is he okay?”

“Dispatch, can you confirm the young man’s condition?” Alicia released the button on the side of her radio and listened for a reply.

“Young man is injured, and is being checked out at St. Thomas Hospital on Ford Ave.”

“Thank you dispatch. Alicia over.” Alicia turned and smiled at Trixie. “I’m glad that they found your friend.”

Trixie smiled and wiped tears away from her eyes. “I am too. If Milton is okay, that means that he can help me go to save Ahir! With his help I might be able to do it!”

Sil’abo nodded his head. “I agree that having Milton with us will greatly increase our chance for success. The Powaga Joursi is not Gladio Protegat, but it makes little difference in his hands.”

Alicia indicated her car. “Climb in, and I’ll get you over to the hospital as fast as I can.” She turned and looked Daniel over. “You had better come too. We should really get you checked out.”

Daniel frowned. “I’m fine, but I’m coming along with you anyway. I want to help save Ahir and Bar’bou too.”

Trixie patted Sil’abo on the head. “Milton will have a plan to save Ahir, and everything will be fine.”


Trixie shrieked when she saw Milton laying in a hospital bed, A doctor shaking his head at the bloody gaping hole where his eye had been. His face was covered in red scratches that looked like talon marks. “Milton, what happened?”

Milton grunted and then cringed when he did so. “Tor’jahd attacked me. I overheard him plotting with Lang’kahn about how to defeat Ahir and he caught me. He plucked out my eye, tied me up, and stuffed me inside the wall. I’ve lived in that apartment for two years and I never knew that the secret panel was there. Speaking of Ahir, where is he?”

A tear formed in Trixie’s eye. “Ahir is gone.”

Milton sat up and cringed, and the doctor pushed him back down onto the bed. “What do you mean Ahir is gone?”

Daniel stepped forward. “Your friend was fighting against two Aureus’Aevum, and barely managing to stay alive.”

Milton smirked. “I knew that guy would be hopeless on his own.”

Daniel cleared his throat and continued. “Yes, well, a third Aureus’Aevum appeared and took Bar’bou back through the portal with him. After that Ahir lost it and started hitting the monsters attacking him with magic.”

Milton groaned. “That fool, he did exactly what Tor’jahd wanted him to do!” Everyone looked silently at the ground for a moment. “So Lang’kahn has the sword now?”

Trixie nodded. “We have to do something, otherwise Ahir and the Aureus’Aevum will be gone forever.”

The doctor started to wrap a bandage around Milton’s empty eye socket, and Milton sighed. “Did Tor’jahd take my bow with him?”

Alicia shook her head. “No, it’s sitting down in evidence at the station. We found it in your apartment when we went looking for you.”

“Good, I’m going to need you to get that for me before we go after Ahir.”

The doctor’s face lit up. “You aren’t going anywhere until you have recovered, young man.”

Milton turned and glared at the doctor with his eye. “Are you going to stop me? If nothing is done then Earth is going to be destroyed!”

Daniel gasped. “I thought this Lang’kahn just wanted to take over his world?”

Milton pushed the doctor aside and sat up. “When he possessed Captain Ember I heard him shouting about burning our world to the ground once he was finished with his world. Sil’abo, can you open a portal to anywhere in your world, or is it random where they open up?”

Sil’abo nodded his head. “You have to know where you want the portal to open in order for the spell to work. I can take you to anywhere in my world that you want.”

Milton nodded. “Good. If you can open the portal inside of the palace, we might be able to get some supplies and help from some of your people, Sil’abo, and we’re going to need all the help we can get.”

Trixie bit her lip. “When are we going to go to save Ahir?”

Milton looked at Trixie. “We need to go as soon as possible. Every second we waste here gives Lang’kahn more chances to achieve his goals. If one of the police officers can go and get my bow for me, we can leave as soon as they get back. We have some planning to do until then if we hope to get through this alive.”

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