Analyzing an Indeed Ad

It’s Thursday, which means that I am bringing you another ad for us to look at together. I’ll share my analysis of what they did good, and what they did not so good, and I hope that you will leave your opinion down below as well. This week I’m bringing you an Indeed ad for us to analyze. Indeed is a job searching website. They post job listings online and can be useful if you are looking for a new job. I found this ad in an e-mail that I received from Adfreak, which is an advertising newsletter that keeps me up to date with what’s going on in the advertising world. That’s enough of that though, the video is down below, and here comes my analysis.

One of the things that Indeed did well with this ad was they made their service look desirable. They say in the ad that they help people find jobs that make people happy, and the message of the ad is that Indeed is going to help you to find a job that you look forward to going to as much as you look forward to the weekend. I think that might be a bit of an exaggeration, especially since I’ve been on there and I found many truck driving and McDonald’s jobs, neither of which would make me happy, but to each their own. It does have a very positive message, one that would sound attractive to people. Everyone has that one job that they wish they could be doing instead of the one they’re at, unless you are one of those incredibly lucky people who truly loves what they do, and we’re all jealous of you. Indeed is offering to try to help you find that job that you love, and it has me interested in checking its services out.

A celebrity endorsement can be a very powerful tool when making an ad, but you have to be careful about who you associate your brand with. If that celebrity goes of the deep end and falls from a good standing with the public, then you are going to have some lash back as a result. This ad chose to use Mike Reno, the lead singer of Loverboy to endorse Indeed, and I think he does an okay job of it. He could use a little more excitement in my opinion. The thing I question about using him in the way that they do, is they have him say that he made a mistake when he wrote his song. It fits on message with the ad itself, but at the same time, should the person you are having endorse you, be admitting that they were wrong about the thing you wanted to endorse for them? I’m not entirely sure it was a good use of celebrity endorsement, maybe you could clear it up for me down in the comment section with your opinion?

According to the ad, Indeed has over 16,000,000 job openings posted on their website. That’s a lot of potential for job seekers, and is very encouraging news. With 16,000,000 jobs to look through, I’m sure to find the one that’s perfect for me, right? In theory, it’s quite likely, if you are willing to move. Depending on where you are looking for jobs, there may not be many available that will make you happy you get to go to work today. Still, it is an encouraging thought that your perfect job could be one of those 16,000,000. Might just take a little while to sort through them all to find it.

Indeed is mentioned once in this ad, and is shown for the last two seconds of the ad. The golden rule in advertising is to mention the product or the brand three times in the ad to get it to stick with people. It comes pretty close with this ad, which means that they just need to increase the frequency of how often it is shown. I mean, theoretically, you only need to be exposed to this ad one and a half times for the brand to be stuck in your head, so they did a pretty good job with that, of course three times would have been preferable.

And now the parts that they could really use some improvement on. The fact that there is nothing to interest me in this ad after the first five seconds. I know this gets brought up pretty much every week, but it’s true. Most of the entertainment I seek out is on the internet, and most ads on the internet get a skip button after five seconds. If you have interested me by that point, I’m gone, and I think a majority of our culture would be with me. They could really improve on this ad by putting something interesting in those first five seconds, more than just some music and a guy that I don’t recognize saying hi. That’s just my opinion though, maybe you were hooked by the first five seconds because you know who Mike Reno is.

And the last thing I want to mention about this ad is that it was trying very hard to be funny, but it didn’t make me laugh. The joke was mildly entertaining, which is why it gets this review, but it wasn’t funny. I’m not going to tell anyone, other than you guys, about it. And if I did, I’d change the way I told people about it so that they would laugh. And Indeed really isn’t even part of the joke. They based a commercial around a joke that barely had anything to do with the brand.

So that was my opinion on this ad, and I’m sure that yours differs from mine, so share your opinion down below. I’m doing this article because I want to learn more about advertising, what is good, what is bad, how to make something bad into something good, by analyzing these commercials and hearing what you have to say about it as well. Have a great week everyone, and come back to see what I have for you, next week.


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