The Super Morpher, Chapter 8: Reflecting on Doubts Part 1

Jordan jumped when the door of his lab banged open, and he turned to see who was there. He got up from his desk and rushed over to help a limping Ryan into the lab. “Ryan, I was so worried about you when your radio went dead. What happened?”

Ryan forced a grin that quickly turned into a grimace. “Oh, nothing much. Just got shot by a rocket launcher and then tied up in chains. Sounds like they were going to try to sell me to  somebody named, “the big boss,” whoever that is.”

Jordan’s mouth dropped open and he stared at Ryan. “You survived getting hit by a rocket launcher?”

Ryan nodded his head. “Just barely. If I hadn’t had your suit on, and been made out of stone at the moment, I’m pretty sure I would have been a gonner. Thanks again for this suit, it’s amazing.”

Jordan nodded his head. “Now if only I could find a way to do the same thing with your radio. Seems like the thing busts everytime you go out lately.”

Ryan snorted. “That’s true. Did you ever hear anything about those paramedics? Did they make it to the hospital in time?”

Jordan shook his head. “I didn’t hear anything. I stopped listening to the police scanner when your radio went silent.”

Ryan nodded his head. “I hope they made it out okay. Do you think I’ll run into anymore ambushes like that one?”

Jordan shrugged. “I think it’s pretty likely. I warned you about going after those gangs, but you wanted them to pay. Did you really think that you wouldn’t attract anyone’s attention? Or that they wouldn’t strike back out at you? I’m more worried about how they’re going to ramp their next attack up since the rocket launcher didn’t work.”

Ryan grabbed his head in both hands. “This isn’t what I wanted. I was only trying to make this city a safer place, but all I’ve done is increase the danger out there. Maybe I should just quit this whole superhero thing, let things go back to normal. This city wouldn’t be in so much danger if I did that, right?”

Jordan put a comforting hand on Ryan’s back. “You have to see this through, Ryan. If you quit now their attacks will get worse and worse in an effort to draw you out, to force you to face them. You have to keep on doing what you have been, helping people and making a difference in this city. You’ll just have to do it with better equipment than you have now. That’s where I come in.”

Ryan looked up with hope on his face. “You made me my motorcycle?”

Jordan shook his head. “What? No, I already told you that was a dumb idea. If you will come over here with me, I will show you what I’ve been working on.” Jordan walked over to a lab table with a belt, and several spheres lying on it. Jordan picked up one of the spheres and threw it to Ryan. “Squeeze that.”

Ryan gave Jordan a weird look, shook his head and squeezed the sphere. One end of the sphere opened up and a metal marble rolled out and into Ryan’s hand. Ryan looked up at Jordan and Jordan was grinning excitedly. “It’s a case for carrying different materials for you to absorb. If you get into a tight spot you will have one of those to help you get out of it! Aren’t they great?”

Ryan scratched his head. “How am I supposed to bring these with me? The suit doesn’t exactly have pockets on it.”

A big smile crossed Jordan’s face and he picked up a yellow belt and showed it to Ryan. “You won’t need pockets when you have your handy utility belt! The belt and the capsules, which I’m thinking of calling morphing caps by the way, each have a magnet in them so that the morphing caps will stick the to the belt! Isn’t it great?” Jordan stuck one of the caps to the utility belt and it stayed there.

Ryan looked at the belt skeptically. “Mmhm. What about these things? What do these do?” Ryan reached over and picked up another sphere shaped object with a red button on it.

Panic filled Jordan’s face and he waved his arms. “Don’t touch that button!”

Ryan grinned and put his thumb on top of the red button. “Why? What will happen if I do?”

Jordan took a few steps back. “You’ll be covered in a super sticky substance that even you will find difficult to get out of.”

Ryan’s eyes opened wide and he gently set the capsule down on the lab table and wiped his hands on his pants. “Why would you making a morphing cap like that?”

A sly smile crossed Jordan’s face. “It’s not a morphing cap, it’s a sticky bomb. This will help you to apprehend criminals, and hold them until the police can arrive. Sound’s pretty useful, don’t you think?”

Ryan nodded his head. “Sounds like it could be fun. I could even use them to slow the police down if they decide to start chasing me again. Did you have anything else you wanted to show me?”

Jordan shook his head. “No, that was all I’ve had time to make so far. Why don’t you put your suit on and we can see how it looks with the utility belt I made for you?”

Ryan rolled his eyes but pushed the button on the side of his watch. “Activate transformation.” A blue glow enveloped Ryan’s body, and when it faded, his Super Morpher uniform was on him.

Jordan walked up and wrapped the belt around Ryan’s body, and clasped it shut. He started sticking morphing caps and sticky grenades to the belt. He pushed a mirror in front of Ryan and a huge smile filled his face. “It looks great on you, Ryan! What do you think?”

Ryan frowned and looked at his reflection in the mirror. “What do I think? I think the belt with all these capsules on it makes me look kinda bulky. I’m pretty sure it would slow me down too. Nope, I don’t think this is going to happen. I mean, look at all that yellow.”

The smile faded from Jordan’s face. He sniffled. “You mean you don’t like it?”

Ryan sighed. “Don’t get me wrong Jordan, these all seem like really great ideas, and if you could make the belt thinner, and maybe black it would be a little better.”

Jordan nodded. “I could make those changes. I could probably make the morphing caps a little smaller too.”

Ryan smiled at Jordan. “Thanks buddy. Has anyone ever told you that you are the most amazing genius friend a guy could ever ask for?”

A smirk covered Jordan’s face. “You may have mentioned it a couple of times, usually when you want something.”

Ryan took the belt off and gave it back to Jordan, before pressing the button on the side of the watch. “Activate transformation!” Ryan sat down on one of the chairs in the lab and leaned back. “All I want right now is a bit of a nap before I go back out on patrol, and for my body to not hurt so much when I wake up.”

Jordan frowned. “You might not want to nap in here then, it’s going to get kind of loud once I start working on the modifications you want.”

Ryan sighed and stood up. “I guess I’ll go nap back at the dorm then.”

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