Analyzying a Chevy Ad

This week’s article is going to be about an ad that one of my followers sent me and requested I do a write up on, and if any of you have ads you would like me to analyze, leave a link to it in the comments section, I’ll check it out, and will most likely do an article on it. This week’s ad is a long one, and it has a bit of an intro to it from the guy who made the ad. If you aren’t interested in what he hast to say and just want to see the ad, skip to about 59 seconds in. I’ll leave my opinions on the ad down below, and hopefully we can all learn a little more about what makes a good ad, and what makes a bad ad. Let’s get started.

So I’m going to start with the shorter list, and that’s what they did good in this ad. Once you get into the ad, it’s a really fun and exciting music video. This ad will definitely get people to watch it, or even draw people back who have left the ad because, it’s an ad. This is more entertainment than an ad for any product. I feel that if advertisers could find a way to merge entertaining ads like this one with those in your face, “buy this product now!” ads, that we might get to a place where people want to watch your ads, and come out of it feeling good about your product. Unfortunately, I’ve seen very few ads that can combine those two attributes together.

The other good thing that they did that I noticed, was that the product being advertised was used as a method of getting to something fun. The car was used to get the main character away from boring old work, and bring him to a party instead. This is something that can be very powerful in an ad, to show how your product will make my life better, and give me a reason to want your product over your competitors. Everyone wants to have fun, well almost everyone.

Now the much longer list, what this commercial did bad, and I’ll start out with a point I’ve made in pretty much every one of these ads. This commercial does nothing to grab my attention in the first five seconds of this ad. In the first five seconds we’ve seen a man place a pile of papers into a box, sigh, and have a woman walk in with another stack of papers. Yeah, I’m hitting the skip button if I come across this on Youtube. Like I said before, if this is used on TV, when the music video part starts up it might be enough to draw people back into the commercial, but otherwise I’m afraid that this music video with a Chevy car in it really doesn’t peak my interest.

Another thing that is a point against this ad, is its kind of long. At two minutes and twenty three seconds, I’m pretty sure someone will walk by with tin foil, I’ll smell a pie, or something will happen to distract me and I’m not sticking around with for the whole ad. This could be just me, but I think that longer ads are a bad idea, that they will annoy people and make them dislike you more because they feel that you are interrupting the show they want to be watching. When you have shorter ads and you are sharing more of the space with other products, people’s dislike for those products is spread out more. Since this ad is more of entertainment than an ad really, it might be different, but I’m pretty sure that people would rather be watching the show they actually turned the TV on to see.

Another thing related to time, in this two minute and twenty three second video, we see the Chevy symbol on the car for all of three seconds. If you are going to be advertising a product of brand, it’s a pretty good idea to have that product or brand be the focus of the ad, or at least get more than two percent of the screen time. The screen time given to the product is so small, that you could think that it was coincidental that the main character is driving around in a Chevy car, or maybe you blinked and missed it all together. Thinking about it, I almost think that this commercial is promoting phones with all the emojis and phones shown in the ad, not cars. They don’t really show any logos for phones either, so maybe it’s a commercial for chips, or perhaps bubbles? They do have a lot of bubbles in this ad. Heck, Walmart could pick up this music video, ad a little bit at the end about how you can find all this stuff at Walmart, and it would be a better job of promoting a brand!

When making an ad, you have to be careful about how and what you use the things you are using to promote your product or brand, because those things will be associated with your product or brand. Like how because of those commercials about true beauty Dove had been doing I associate Dove with inner beauty, or how I associate Mountain Dew with excitement and fun. Chevy has a couple of things that you could pick up and associate with them, and most of them aren’t positive. It does show people having fun, which is something great to have associated with your product. People like to party with friends, and this certainly seems to be what’s going on here. But it also is all about emojis, and I associate emojis with texting, and texting and driving are two things that do not go together. So that’s one negative, promoting texting and driving, and another thing I picked up on that they were promoting was irresponsibility. This commercial starts out with a couple of people ditching work to go to a party. If you do this, there is a good chance that your boss will fire you, and then you’ll have all sorts of time to go to parties, but no money to pay for the gas to get your Chevy Cruze to those parties. These are all things you have to think about when designing an ad.

I that this ad really isn’t about a car, but it’s more about how emojis can help us to break through the language barrier and communicate with people, connecting us. I think an ad like this would serve Samsung or Apple better with their smart phones, if they made sure to at least show their logo a few more times. It could be just me, but I think that going with emojis for this product wasn’t the best choice. I could be completely wrong, maybe this ad is complete genius and I just don’t understand it, like many people were saying in the comments section for the video. I think it looks better on the surface than it does if you stop and take a close look at it.

That has been my opinion on this ad, if you have a different one, I would love to hear it. Writing these articles has really helped me to learn more about what makes a good ad, and what should be avoided. I think its mostly because it’s forcing me to really analyze the ad and look deeper into the message being said, how its being said, and how the product is being portrayed. I hope that maybe this is also helping others to learn more about advertising, and if it is and you see something I missed or disagree with me, leave it in the comment section down below. If you have any ads that you would like me to analyze, you can leave those down below as well, and I’ll see you all next week. It’s time for me to get back to writing more stories.


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