Analyzing another Mentos Commercial

Mentos is doing a really good job of showing up on the videos that I watch, and I’m not sure why. I don’t even particularly like Mentos, but they do a good job of making entertaining ads that I want to share. Yes, its true. Mentos, the product I wrote my very first article on is returning with another ad for us to analyze, to see what they did good, and what they did bad. It is back with another opportunity for us to learn how to make advertising that is entertaining and won’t instantly send people to their remotes to skip over, but might make them want to rewind and watch it again. As usual the video will be down below, and my opinions will be below that. A quick disclaimer, I’m having some issues with getting this video to post to my blog, so i put a link to the ad down below. Also, the original video I used was shorter, it didn’t have the bit at the end, so some of my observations may be a little off.

I’m going to start with the shorter list again, and talk about what I feel they did bad in this ad, and the thing that stuck out to me the most, could be viewed as either a good thing or a bad thing. When the guy asked his friend to throw his Mentos to distract the gorilla, he says that he won’t do it. This can be taken a couple of different ways, first, the way that Mentos wants you to take it, is that these mints are so good, that you aren’t willing to give them up for anything. They explicitly come out and say that in the ad pretty much. But if you think about it a little deeper, this guy chose mints over his friend. He didn’t have to throw the whole pack inside, just one or two mints would have been enough to distract the gorilla for his friend.l To me that sort of sends the message that if you like Mentos, you are a jerk. This ad could have gone a completely different direction, and Mentos could have been the hero of this short story instead. Or the guy could just pull his arm out since he’s not going to be reaching his wallet anyway. How did he drop it in there in the first place? Did he throw it to the gorilla to show him a picture of his girlfriend, or ask if he had change for a ten so he could get some Mentos of his own?

The only other thing that I saw that they did poorly was showing the Mentos logo in the ad. They mention Mentos once, and they show the Mentos logo for a milisecond, and that’s just not enough exposure for their brand name. One could argue that the packaging is iconic for Mentos and that was visible throughout a majority of the ad, and I would agree with you on that point. I’m sort of on the fence with this point, but I think I’m a little more on the side of they should show their logo a little more in the ad, hence why it is falling into the bad side of the argument this week. Both of the negative points I have about this ad could go either way, which in my mind makes this a very good ad.

The best thing that I think they did well in this ad was it was interesting. Out of all the ads I’ve written reviews on, this is the first one that I can say fully had my attention in the first five seconds of this ad. Not that that’s important since it’s only 23 seconds long, and therefore unskipable on Youtube. This is something that a lot of ads struggle with, being interesting in the first place, or catching my attention before you skip over it or walk away from the TV. I’ll admit that there is nothing in the ad that will really draw you back to the ad if you aren’t hooked in the first five seconds, but who’s going to walk away from a guy sticking his arm into a gorilla cage? I mean seriously, you know that’s not going to end well, and I want to stick around to see what happens.

This ad does another thing really well, it shows that everyone, including gorillas, want Mentos. Showing people valuing your product is a good idea, it helps to instill the idea that your product is desirable to the people seeing the commercial. The guy with the Mentos isn’t willing to part with them, even if it will help save his friend, the gorilla looks like he’d be willing to hand the other guy’s wallet back to him for some Mentos, and the guy with his wallet wants to use the Mentos for a distraction. That’s all three characters in this ad desiring the Mentos. It makes you start to wonder, what problems in your life could Mentos help you solve? Unless you have a bunch of diet coke you don’t want or have a problem with bad breath, it probably can’t solve any problems for you, but it makes you start wondering at least.

The final thing they did well was in a very short amount of time, they set up a story that you care about. It leaves you with a lot of questions: what is the gorilla going to do to the guy with his arm in the cage? What is the wallet guy going to do to his friend when and if he sees him again? Why doesn’t the Gorilla just take the guys wallet and go buy his own Mentos? I think Mentos has a golden opportunity here to create consumer interaction, and  have people write in with their own ideas of how this commercial is going to end, and then make some of them alternate endings for this ad. How cool would that be? Not only would people be interested to see if their idea was picked, every time the commercial comes on you would have people watching it to see if there is a different ending this time. I’m pretty sure this has been done before, and I know it has been done as click bait to get people to their websites, but I think it has real value for television too.

That was my opinion on this Mentos ad, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something from it. If you have your own opinion on this ad that differs from mine, feel free to leave it down below so I can try to see it from your point of view. I’m always happy to learn what others think about commercials and what they feel was done well or could be done better. Come back next week to see my next article on a commercial, and if you have a suggestion for one for me to look over, leave it down below. Have a great day everyone!


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