Ahir, Guardian of Malor, Chapter 15: The Battle Begins Part 1

Aureus’Aevum all around the room watched a figure sitting in the middle on top of a throne that was made from delicate strips of gold designed to look like vines growing upward and wrapping around themselves. The Aureus’Aevum seated on the throne had his eyes closed in concentration and sweat was beading upon his forehead. He was draped in purple robes with golden trim and a tall gold-colored hat sat upon his head, the top was folded backward leaving four inches of fabric hanging loosely.

Several of the other Aureus’Aevum sat around glowing blue spheres which showed a black figure marching toward the palace they occupied. Smiles filled every face, and many were drinking a black liquid from thin tall silver containers. Whispers filled the room, excitedly saying that the day that they had been waiting for was nearly upon them, that the hour of their victory was finally here.

The doors burst open and every head turned and witnessed a black mist creature escorted by a grinning Aureus’Aevum draped in a red robe and clutching a sheathed sword. The room erupted into a mix of wild cheers, sneers and laughter. “Not so tough now, are you hero?” “You won’t be hurting any more of master Lang’kahn’s loyal followers now, will you, Ahir?”

The black mist glided along without looking up or acknowledging any of their shouts. A grinning Aureus’Aevum handed a key to the Aureus’Aevum holding the sword. He used it to unlock the door of a cage and opened it.  The black mist glided right into an intricately crafted cage of iron, the bars looked like delicate vines covered in thorns with lifelike flower blossoms at the tops. The Aureus’Aevum carrying the sword swung the door shut behind the black mist, and the door locked into place with a click. The demeanor of the mist creature changed once the door clicked shut. “Where am I? Why do I look like this? What’s going on?”

The Aureus’Aevum that had escorted him leered into the cage. “What’s the matter, Ahir? Aren’t you enjoying your new home?”

The mist creature turned and looked at the Aureus’Aevum that had spoken, and hesitantly said, “Tor’jahd, is that you? What’s going on?”

A weak voice responded from further in the cage. “He’s been manipulating us from the very beginning, Ahir. He ever was and ever will be Lang’kahn’s creature.”

Ahir turned and concern filled his face when he recognized Bar’bou’s voice. He hovered over the bruised and battered form of Bar’bou. “Bar’bou, what have they done to you?”

A grin covered Tor’jahd’s face. “Don’t worry about him; he can’t be killed, remember? Well, not yet anyway. I’d be much more worried about what we’re about to do to you.”

Fear filled Ahir’s face, but before he could respond, a regal voice called out, “Tor’jahd, you have kept me waiting long enough. Bring the sword to me.”

Tor’jahd’s face crumpled up in anger, but it quickly changed to a winning smile. He turned and started walking toward the figure seated upon the golden throne. “Of course; here is the artifact that you have been waiting for, Master.” Tor’jahd held the hilt of the sword out to Lang’kahn.

A smile filled Lang’kahn’s face and he pulled the blade free of its sheath. He gazed at the blade, marveling in its craftsmanship. He swung the sword down onto Tor’jahd’s wrist. Tor’jahd jumped back in pain, clutching his hurt, but intact, wrist. He looked at Lang’kahn with confusion. Lang’kahn shook his head. “I had to know for certain if they had actually sealed the blade to that human or not.”

Tor’jahd glared at Lang’kahn. “What if they hadn’t sealed it? You were going to cut off my hand!”

Lang’kahn smiled. “Relax, Tor’jahd. There’s a reason why I went for your wrist and not your throat. If it had worked, your hand could have been healed.” Lang’kahn set the sword on his lap, closed his eyes, and held his hands over the blade. After a short time he frowned and opened his eyes back up. “This seal that they put on the sword is a real bother. Le’gaz, Yun’tu, and Whum’than, come and aid me with the breaking of this seal.” He fixed his gaze upon Tor’jahd. “This is going to take some time to break the seal. While I’m distracted by this, do what you can to keep our enemies distracted, my trusted advisor.”

A smile filled Tor’jahd’s face. He bowed to Lang’kahn. “It will be as you say, Master.” Tor’jahd turned and made his way out of the room. He spared Ahir and Bar’bou a smirk as he walked past them, and all the other Aureus’Aevum in the room followed him out.

Once they were in a circular chamber outside of Lang’kahn’s throne room, Tor’jahd turned and faced the group that had followed him out. “Master Lang’kahn wants us to create more distractions for Dar’duo, so we are going to capture more humans. I want six of you to work on opening portals around Malor, and I want the rest of you to go through and grab as many humans as you can.”

One of the Aureus’Aevum looked at Tor’jahd and frowned. “What of the human with the bow? Won’t he simply send us back like last time?”

Tor’jahd laughed. “How do you think he’ll be able to find you? Without me there telling him where to go, he won’t know you were ever there.”

The Aureus’Aevum that had spoken up glared at Tor’jahd. “I can’t believe that Master Lang’kahn accepted you back after you worked so hard to foil his plans. Do you have any idea how many of us were sent back empty-handed because of you?”

Tor’jahd leered back. “Master Lang’kahn sent me over to that place with a mission, and I was successful. The sword is in his possession and there are none that will be able to stand against him. That is why I am Lang’kahn’s advisor and you are simply his pawns, and you had best not forget your place! Get those portals open now!”

The Aureus’Aevum glared at Tor’jahd but they turned to begin preparations for his plans, and a smile filled Tor’jahd’s face. He loved the feeling of having that kind of power. He would never have the absolute power that Lang’kahn wielded, but as long as he stayed as Lang’kahn’s advisor, he could make him dance like his little puppet king, and even though it would be Lang’kahn they bowed to, it would be Tor’jahd’s vision they would be living.

Tor’jahd moved toward the staircase and started climbing for the top of the tower, and he mused to himself as he did. He thought that his life was over when Dar’duo sent Lang’kahn to replace him as the governor of the Nathair province. After all the work he did for his province, and indirectly for the kingdom, he was replaced by a youth who didn’t know the first thing about ruling. Once he noticed that Lang’kahn took his every advisement to heart, it wasn’t difficult at all to turn him against his father. Subtly, of course; it would not have been wise to come out and plainly say to dethrone his father. No, once Tor’jahd had finished with Lang’kahn, he thought that it was his own idea to turn on his father. It only took a gentle nudge here and there for him to start thinking of it on his own.

Tor’jahd may no longer be a governor, but he soon would be the ruler of this entire world, if indirectly. Tor’jahd opened the door at the top of the staircase and walked to the edge of the tower. He gazed out over the the city spread out beneath him, and the lights of the other cities in the distance. Soon, all of this would belong to Lang’kahn, which meant that it would dance to his tune. Perhaps in a millennia or two, once things had calmed down and settled into normality, Tor’jahd would take up the sword and do away with Lang’kahn. Then he would be able to step out of the shadows and take his rightful place.

Tor’jahd threw his head back and laughed. Ahir and the others thought that Lang’kahn was the one they had to worry about, but they had had the true enemy in their midst the entire time.

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