Annalyzing a Cannon Ad

I am back with yet another ad for us to analyze, this one being an ad for Canon’s EOS Rebel T6i. This is yet another ad that I struggled to find much bad to say about it, so I promise that I’ll bring another example of a bad ad to my blog next week. This ad is very entertaining, and I discovered that it has an alternate ending, which I will share the link to down at the bottom of this article. Please feel free to leave your opinion on this ad down below, and if you see anything that I missed when analyzing this ad, please let me know. I am doing this in an effort to learn more about what makes a good ad, so I appreciate all the help I can get in that part. This being said, let’s check out this ad.

This ad does a very good job of making its product look like something that you are going to want to have at all of your major life events. For the most part, this is true. I know many people that want to have everything photographed, and want to have a nice camera there to do it. I think the real question is does Canon do a good job of saying that you want to have their camera at all of your major life events? Yes and no. Canon doesn’t get in your face and say that this camera is superior to all other cameras because it has this feature, this feature, and our opponents brand will make your child look like a fuzzy monkey. What they do do however, is to make the camera predominant in almost every shot of the ad, and make sure that you can see that it is the Canon brand that took those beautiful pictures of your child being born. I think that they went with the right approach in this ad, because it feels more like a true life story than an ad. I’ll admit it is a little over the top with everyone flocking to the camera, but it still isn’t your normal, in-your-face ad.

Canon did a good job of making it look like owning their camera will take all the hard work out of being a master photographer. We don’t know what this man’s qualifications to be a photographer is, or if the camera is his or something his wife mostly uses, but we do know that the pictures he got were amazing. Why were they amazing? Because they were taken on a Canon EOS Rebel T6i. They don’t come out and say that, but I think it is implied. While I know that it’s completely untrue, and I’m sure that you do as well, this does get into the consumers psyche. Hmm, maybe if I had this camera then people would consider me an artist! Associating your product or brand with success is never a bad idea, and I think that Canon does it subtly in this ad. The fact that everything is subtle in this ad and that they don’t talk about the product until the very end is brilliant. This is the type of ad that people will watch because they don’t necessarily feel like they are being manipulated by it. Well done, Canon.

This ad caught my attention in the first five seconds because it looks like it is setting up for alternate endings, which generally are very entertaining. That got me to stick around to the very end where they actually name the product, which is a good strategy. I originally was disappointed that there wasn’t an alternate ending at the end, but it is its own separate ad. That is brilliant because if people liked your first ad, they will run to the TV whenever a Canon ad is on to see if its the version they haven’t seen yet. Like I said before, I’ll leave a link to the alternate ending at the end of this article if you are interested in seeing it. You may be asking, why am I talking about the first five seconds of the ad? Because if an ad is shown on Youtube, which is where I found this one, if it is more than thirty seconds long usually a little button will pop up after five seconds that lets you skip the ad. So the first five seconds are very important, they determine whether I will watch the rest of the ad or skip it to see the content I was there to see. Once again, Canon did this well.

The final good thing I pulled from this ad was that Canon made it obvious that they think that photographs of the major life event are better than experiencing the actual major life event. I completely disagree with this point, and feel that posing for pictures ruins the event and makes it seem fake, but that’s not the point. The point is that Canon, a company selling photography equipment, is suggesting this point, and I have plenty of people in my life that would agree with them. Want to the life of the party? Take pictures of the party and everyone will want to be around you and see what your are taking pictures of. Having a camera will make you very popular. These are the things that this ad is saying about owning a camera. Everyone in that room just witnessed the child being born, and all they care about is the pictures of the event. Even the mother is trying to see what’s on the camera! No one cares about the real baby! Sorry, like I said before this is a mindset that bothers me, but I still think that Canon did a good job of advertising their product in this way. It’s just obvious that this ad wasn’t aimed at me.

The last point I will bring up hit a bit on what was mentioned in the last paragraph. The ad makes it seem like this camera is more important than your family, which isn’t the best sales pitch in my opinion. What’s the most important thing in your life? Your wife maybe, or perhaps your new born child? Psh, I have pictures of those things on my camera! That’s truly what is important. See what I mean? It makes you look like this is the camera for you if you are selfish and don’t care about anything else, as long as you can get a picture of those things. Ads like this are entertaining, but this is going to be an association I have with Canon forever because of this ad, so you have to be careful how you go about trying to sell your product. Think about how others might view your ad, or see your brand based on how you chose to advertise it.

That has been my view on this ad, and I think over all there are a lot of good things we can pull from this ad and use on ads we are working on ourselves. I hope that you will all leave your opinions down below, and don’t be afraid to disagree with me. Our minds are set up differently and maybe you are the type of person that Canon made this ad for. As always, if you have a suggestion for an ad that you want to see me do an article on, leave it down below and I promise to write an article on it. And one last thing, here is the second half of this ad, the one where the man left the camera at home. Leave it.


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