Rebellion on Aquore, Chapter 5: The Masked Man’s Next Move Part 3

The masked man approached the well-lit mining site near Hope’s Landing and smiled. John had done what he had promised and warned the Enforcers about his attack. They were spaced around the perimeter at regular intervals, each armed with a spear and a shield. He had no doubt that they had crossbowmen stashed somewhere as well. They were taking him seriously, which was what he was hoping for. After tonight’s display, John wouldn’t have any choice but to support his actions.

He started for the wire fence that ran around the mine. If he did this right, he could trap some of the Enforcers under the fence when he broke through, it all depended on how close he could get before they saw him. A voice nagged at him in the back of his mind, trying to convince him that this was crazy, that it wasn’t too late to turn back. He had managed to make the Enforcers stay out all night waiting for him if nothing else. Trying something like this on his own could only end badly. He shoved that voice aside and continued on.

He was thirty feet from the fence when the first guard called out. He didn’t wait to see if he was the reason why they called out or if it was something else, and he charged the fence. More Enforcers started shouting and pointing at him, and five of them moved together behind the section of fence he was charging at. He continued on, and once he was close to the fence he punched the pole that the fence was attached to with a steel gauntleted fist. The pole snapped under the force of his punch, and tipped over onto the soldiers, trapping them underneath.

The masked man charged past them, heading deeper into the compound, followed by shouting guards. He smiled once more; this was going better than he had hoped. If he could keep this pace up, he could do what he came to do, get the guards all in one spot for him to deal with quickly, and escape before they could get backup. The rebellion really did need a mind like his in charge of them.

The man punched a large mining drill as he ran past, and it flew across the compound and smashed apart upon hitting the ground. The rebellion thought too small; a little sabotage only delayed them for a little while. If you destroyed the machinery outright, they couldn’t continue until they got replacements for them, and if he continued to destroy the machinery, eventually he could bankrupt them and force them to leave this rock. That was, if he allowed them to. He hadn’t made up his mind as to how far he wanted to take these attacks, but this should at the very least get their attention.

He sent another drill flying, not pausing to see if it broke apart like the first one when the first crossbow bolts hammered into his back. They bounced harmlessly off with a series of pings, and the masked man laughed. Deep down, he was thanking God that they had decided to aim for his back and not anywhere else, but they would get lucky eventually. He ran on with greater speed than before.

He ducked behind a minecart in time to dodge another flight of bolts that passed overhead. He slammed his fist into the side of the cart and it flew across the compound, crashing into the midst of the Enforcers that were chasing him. He was rewarded with several screams, and he allowed another smile to come over his face. The people would be freed from the government, even if he had to do it all by himself. That’s when the mine cart crashed into him.

He was knocked off his feet, landing facedown on the track heavily. An authoritative voice called out, “Get a net over him!” A cargo net was thrown over his body before he could get back up to his feet.

The masked man struggled to get free of the net, but he was pushed back into the ground by the Enforcer that stepped onto his back. The authoritative voice said, “You’re a tough one, that’s for sure, but you’re a fool as well. Coming here alone was a mistake.”

The masked man laughed. “What makes you think I’d be foolish enough to come here alone? I was the distraction, and you boys fell for it.”

The Enforcer on his back looked at him hesitantly, and turned to face his men that had encircled the masked man lying on the ground. “Connor, take your squad and check the perimeter to see if anyone else is out there. Jackson, contact headquarters. Let them know that the tip was good and we caught the masked man. Ask them if there is anything suspicious going on in the city while you’re at it.” He turned back to the masked man. “Even if you were just a diversion, the members of the Pedestal wanted you brought in and made an example of. You will serve as a warning against any others that want to resist the government.”

The masked man chuckled. “You have to get me to them first.”

The Enforcer stomped on his back, and the masked man grunted. “You’re not getting away.” He stepped back from the masked man. “Bind him and prep him for transport. And get that mask off of him, I want to see who this fool is.”

Several soldiers stepped forward and reached for the masked man’s arms. A drill popped out of the gauntlet and whirled to life, the net wrapping around it. The Enforcers jumped back from him and leveled their spears at him. When the strain of the net became too much for the drill, it stopped spinning and started smoking. It had been enough to uncover the masked man, who leapt up to his feet and attacked the Enforcers surrounding him. His fist connected with one of the Enforcers, sending him flying. The drill snapped from the impact and fell to the ground, the net still twisted around it.

The leader of the Enforcers began shouting orders. “Get the other net over here now! Surround him, do not let him escape!”

The masked man spared the broken drill one regretful look, and charged into the midst of the Enforcers. Enforcers went flying with each powerful punch of his right arm, sending them into a panic. They started stabbing at him with their spears, injuring each other in the process. The masked man raced away from the confused mass of Enforcers tripping over each other to get to him, their commander angrily shouting out orders into the night. The masked man was able to slip out of the compound and into the night amidst all the confusion.


The commander of the troops stood in front of the council on the raised platform that gave the Pedestal its name. Repairs were still being made to the ruined walls, but the framework was back up at least. The council had come back to meet before the renovations were complete to discuss the events of the night before. The commander met the gaze of the representative that was questioning him without blinking. “Commander Jonathan, explain to us once more how this single man was able to escape from you and your men once you had him in custody!”

Jonathan cleared his throat and responded, “He had a concealed weapon on him that we didn’t account for. It allowed him to slip free of the net we had him bundled in, and after that he charged through my men. He managed to escape in the midst of their panic.”

A different representative sneered at him. “That is an excellent display of leadership on your part, letting your men fall apart because of a single man.”

“With all do respect, senator, I very much doubt you would have done any better in their situation. Not after seeing how powerful he is and how ineffective your weapons are against him.”

The senator glared at Jonathan. “Remember your place, boy! We are the leaders of this planet and you will show us more respect.”

Jonathan replied calmly; “Forgive me, senator; I will do better to remember my place in the future.”

A different senator spoke up, “You certainly will, soldier. We put it to a vote before you arrived, and you are being demoted back to a private.”

Jonathan stepped forward. “You can’t do that! I made one mistake and you are tossing me aside, just like that?”

“It was a unanimous decision by the council; even Troy agreed with this motion. You sent half of your forces away, allowing the prisoner to escape. Fifteen of the Enforcers under your command died last night, and five of them were from spear wounds from their allies. Not to mention the other twenty Enforcers in the infirmary because of injuries. Last night wasn’t just a mistake, private Jonathan, it was an abomination. We expect better from the ones we place in charge of our forces. You are dismissed.”

Jonathan formed his hand into a fist and opened his mouth to shout back a reply, but closed it, and walked out of the room. Once he was out of the room, another senator said, “We need to capture this masked man and figure out how he’s doing all of this. If we could get our hands on whatever it is that is allowing him to do this, we could arm the Enforcers with it and ensure that no one would dare challenge our power again.”

Another senator said, “I agree. Place a bounty on the man’s head, or for any credible information that leads to his capture.”

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