Beast Blades, Chapter 9: Prisoners Part 1

Aldrick held the reins in his hands as Terrumbarrus lumbered ever closer to the gates of Sharen City. One of the guards on the wall pointed at Aldrick and shouted something out to the guards positioned next to the door, and they hurried out to Aldrick and the wagon. Both of the guards saluted General Aldrick and one of them moved on to check the contents of the wagon, and found Apollos and Tara bound and gagged on the wagon bed shouting out muffled curses.

The guard that walked alongside of Aldrick smiled. “Welcome back, sir! I’m sure that you are weary from travel, shall we have these prisoners handed over to a party of guards to deliver to Lord Geraldo for you, and let you kick your feet up in one of the common rooms in the city? I’m sure we’d even be able to track down a young lady to keep you company.”

Aldrick shook his head. “You will have these two delivered to the prison until I leave to deliver them to Geraldo myself.” Aldrick climbed down off of the wagon and handed the reins to the guard. “Have this wagon delivered to a local craftsman and have repairs made to it, and I don’t need to tell you that the craftsman is to understand that this is a priority job, do I?”

A confused look came over the guard’s face, but he slowly nodded his head, “Yes, I will make sure that this is done as soon as possible, but with all due respect, sir, why not have the prisoners delivered right away?”

Aldrick glared at the guard. “Who is your superior officer? I need to have a word with him about his guards questioning the orders of one of Geraldo’s generals.”

A look of fear filled the guard’s face. “Please, General Aldrick, I didn’t mean to question you, I simply thought that you would have more important things to do with your time than deliver prisoners back to the capital.”

Aldrick smiled. “I like the way that you think, boy, but I must return to be given my next assignment. That and those two have been quite the thorn in Lord Geraldo’s side, can you imagine the reward I’ll receive when I deliver these two to him personally?”

The guard returned the smile and nodded his head. “Aye, Lord Geraldo is quite the generous man when it comes to rewarding those that have earned his favor. I’m quite envious of you, sir.”

Aldrick winked at the guard and clapped him on the back. “Keep following orders and enforcing Geraldo’s laws and one day I’m certain that you will enjoy some of the very same rewards. When you drop the wagon off, have my things delivered to Geraldo’s Rest; that’s where I’ll be staying.”

The guard saluted. “Yes, sir. Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?”

“As a matter of fact, you can see that the wagon is filled with supplies when you deliver it. There is no telling how long my next assignment will last, and there is no point in going undersupplied.”

The guard nodded. “Will Captains Charles and Hugh be joining you later?”

Aldrick looked down at the ground and he quietly said, “I’m afraid the good Captains fell in the fight to capture those two. They will be difficult to replace; they were both fine soldiers.”

The guard winced. “I’m sorry to have brought it up.”

Aldrick waved his hand at the guard. “Think nothing of it, they died serving Lord Geraldo. Tell me, have my orders I left with you been carried out?”

The guard nodded his head. “Yes, sir. We have guards positioned in the catacombs constantly, and we’ve already caught a pair of rebels that were trying to get to the underground market. We have been questioning them for the last two days, and they have given up several names of those loyal to the rebellion here in the city. I’m sure we’ll get more out of them before we are finished with them.”

Aldrick forced a fake smile onto his face and nodded his head. “Good, but those aren’t the only orders I left, what of the others?”

“Those have been followed as well, of course. We searched every home and business in the city, and we found several hidden beast blades. The owners will be joining the rebels under the questioners supervision, and we’ve sent the beast blades to Lord Geraldo, though they didn’t seem like anything special. The streets are heavily patrolled at night, and we’re taking any we find outside after curfew into custody as well. I must admit that some of us questioned some of your orders when you first gave them, but the city feels more loyal to Geraldo than it ever has before.”

Aldrick nodded his head. “Excellent, that is what I had hoped to hear. If anything comes up you know where I will be staying, and you have your orders. I expect them to be carried out as well as you have my previous ones.”

The guard saluted. “Yes, sir, of course, sir!” The guard turned and climbed up onto the front seat of the wagon.

Aldrick started into the city, but paused and turned to face the wagon once more. “Private?” The guard turned his attention back onto Aldrick. “Have two girls delivered to my inn. I feel the need for extra company tonight.”

A smirk covered the guards face. “I know the very two to send to you. You won’t be disappointed.”

Aldrick nodded his head and started off into the city. Everywhere he looked, he saw destitute and downcast faces. If any caught him looking at them, they quickly smiled and nudged those around them, creating a fake atmosphere of happiness. Aldrick sighed. This city had once been truly happy, but he had crushed that. Why hadn’t he gone over to Apollos’ side before he did all of this? This city wouldn’t know happiness or freedom until Geraldo was defeated, and it was all his fault.

Perhaps it would be easier to live with what he had done to this city if he remained loyal to Geraldo, and really delivered Apollos and Tara to him. Aeroslithe shifted inside of his shirt as if it knew what he was thinking, and was reminding him of what would happen if he attempted to go down that road. He sighed. He was going to have to stick with the agreement he had made with Apollos. Perhaps things would go better with the rebellion than he thought and they would be able to liberate this town someday.

Aldrick made his way into Geraldo’s Rest and the innkeeper eagerly greeted Aldrick, and offered to to set him up in his private dining room. Aldrick requested a pitcher of wine be delivered to the corner table instead. He was determined to drown out his thoughts about what he had done to this town with as much wine as he could drink before those girls arrived, so that he would truly be able to enjoy himself.

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