Ahir, Guardian of Malor, Chapter 14: Rushing Through the Portal Audio

This is the audio version of chapter 14 of Ahir, Guardian of Malor. If you want to read along with me you can find the written version of chapter 14 down below, and don’t forget to check out my newly published story, The Kids on the Case

Trixie dropped down to her knees and cried. She finally had a relationship with Ahir, and he was taken away from her, just like her parents! It wasn’t fair, why was everyone close to her taken away? She started punching the blacktop, uncaring that it scraped her knuckles. Sil’abo rushed to her side. “It will be alright, Trixie. We’ll get Ahir back somehow.”

Trixie shoved Sil’abo over onto his side and and screamed. “How are we going to do that? Lang’kahn controls him now! He’s not even in this dimension any more! How are we supposed to save him?”

Alicia walked over to Trixie’s side with Daniel limping behind her. “Trixie, are you alright?”

Between sobs, Trixie replied, “Of course I’m not alright. I’ve lost almost all of my friends today! Milton’s probably dead, Ahir is as good as dead, and who knows what those Aureus’Aevum will do to Bar’bou? I wish I was dead too!”

Daniel put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You don’t mean that.”

Trixie pushed his hand away. “Yes I do! If I was, then at least I wouldn’t hurt like this anymore!”

Sil’abo nuzzled her hand. “There is still hope, Trixie! I can open a portal as well, we can still go after Ahir and save him.”

Trixie shook her head. “What am I supposed to do with just a shield?”

Alicia slapped Trixie in the face. Trixie raised her hand up to her stinging cheek and stared in shock at Alicia. “Pull yourself together girl! Someone just told you that you have a chance to save your friend and you give up without even trying?”

Trixie blinked a few times, and then a determined look came over her face. “You’re right! I love Ahir. I can’t just give up on saving him before I even try! We’re going to need some help though.” Trixie’s determined look was replaced with more tears. “I wish that Milton was here!”

Alicia threw her hands up in the air, and the radio on her shoulder crackled. “Officer Hardy, respond. Officer Alicia Hardy, please respond.”

Alicia picked up her radio, and said into it, “Dispatch, this is officer Alicia Hardy.”

The radio was silent for a moment and a voice replied. “There has been a development in that case you sent CSI to investigate. The young man has been found.”

Trixie rose up to her feet and eagerly moved to Alicia’s side. “They found Milton? Is he okay?”

“Dispatch, can you confirm the young man’s condition?” Alicia released the button on the side of her radio and listened for a reply.

“Young man is injured, and is being checked out at St. Thomas Hospital on Ford Ave.”

“Thank you, dispatch. Alicia over.” Alicia turned and smiled at Trixie. “I’m glad that they found your friend.”

Trixie smiled and wiped tears away from her eyes. “I am too. If Milton is okay, that means that he can help me save Ahir! With his help I might be able to do it!”

Sil’abo nodded his head. “I agree that having Milton with us will greatly increase our chance for success. The Powaga Joursi is not the Gladio Protegat, but it makes little difference in his hands.”

Alicia indicated her car. “Climb in, and I’ll get you over to the hospital as fast as I can.” She turned and looked Daniel over. “You had better come too. We should really get you checked out.”

Daniel frowned. “I’m fine, but I’m coming along with you anyway. I want to help save Ahir and Bar’bou too.”

Trixie patted Sil’abo on the head. “Milton will have a plan to save Ahir, and everything will be fine.”


Trixie shrieked when she saw Milton laying in a hospital bed, and the doctor shaking his head at the bloody gaping hole where his eye had been. His face was covered in red scratches that looked like talon marks. “Milton, what happened?”

Milton grunted and then cringed when he did so. “Tor’jahd attacked me. I overheard him plotting with Lang’kahn about how to defeat Ahir and he caught me. He plucked out my eye, tied me up, and stuffed me inside the wall. I’ve lived in that apartment for two years and I never knew that the secret panel was there.” Milton looked around, “Speaking of Ahir, where is he?”

A tear formed in Trixie’s eye. “Ahir is gone.”

Milton sat up and cringed, and the doctor pushed him back down onto the bed. “What do you mean Ahir is gone?”

Daniel stepped forward. “Your friend was fighting against two Aureus’Aevum, and barely managing to stay alive.”

Milton smirked. “I knew that guy would be hopeless on his own.”

Daniel cleared his throat and continued. “Yes, well, a third Aureus’Aevum appeared and took Bar’bou back through the portal with him. After that Ahir lost it and started attacking with magic.”

Milton groaned. “That fool, he did exactly what Tor’jahd wanted him to do!” Everyone looked silently at the ground for a moment. “So Lang’kahn has the sword now?”

Trixie nodded. “We have to do something, otherwise Ahir and the Aureus’Aevum will be gone forever.”

The doctor started to wrap a bandage around Milton’s empty eye socket, and Milton sighed. “Did Tor’jahd take my bow with him?”

Alicia shook her head. “No, it’s sitting down in evidence at the station. We found it in your apartment when we went looking for you.”

“Good, I’m going to need you to get that for me before we go after Ahir.”

The doctor’s face lit up. “You aren’t going anywhere until you have recovered, young man.”

Milton turned and glared at the doctor with his remaining eye. “Are you going to stop me? If nothing is done, then we are all going to be destroyed!”

Daniel gasped. “I thought this Lang’kahn just wanted to take over his world?”

Milton pushed the doctor aside and sat up. “When he possessed Captain Ember I heard him shouting about burning our world to the ground once he was finished with his world. Sil’abo, can you open a portal to anywhere in your world, or is it random where they open up?”

Sil’abo nodded his head. “You have to know where you want the portal to open in order for the spell to work. I can take you to anywhere in my world that you want.”

Milton nodded. “Good. If you can open the portal inside of the palace, we might be able to get some supplies and help from some of your people, and we’re going to need all the help we can get.”

Trixie bit her lip. “When are we going to go to save Ahir?”

Milton looked at Trixie. “We need to go as soon as possible. Every second we waste here gives Lang’kahn a better chance to achieve his goals. If one of the police officers can go and get my bow for me, we can leave as soon as they get back. We have some planning to do until then if we hope to get through this alive.”

Alicia nodded her head. “I can go down to the station and get your bow for you. Have Daniel radio me if you think of anything else that we’ll need for our trip. You can fill me in on the plan when I get back.”

Milton crossed his arms. “I appreciate the help, but you and Daniel aren’t going with us.”

Alisha put her fists on her hips, and leaned in close to Milton’s face. “I’m not about to let a couple of kids put themselves in danger trying to save the world while I sit back and do nothing. We’re going with you, so you had better just accept that.”

Milton growled back, “What is it that you think you will be able to do exactly? We’re going to be going into a world full of Aureus’Aevum, creatures that can only be hurt by one weapon, one that isn’t in our possession any longer, and you won’t even be human! Once you step through that portal you will be turned into some kind of monster, and will only get in our way.”

Alicia trembled with anger. “That’s not fair, they may have other artifacts like the ones that you two use that we could help with!”

Milton shook his head. “Even if they do have more artifacts, you will have no experience with them. Knowing how to pull the bow string and aim it is one thing, knowing how to use the effects of your artifact effectively is another, and there won’t be time for you to learn.”

Alicia pointed her finger at Milton’s face and opened her mouth to say something, but Daniel grabbed her arm. She turned and faced him. Daniel shook his head. “They’re right, Alicia. We will be more help by staying behind. Arguing with them is only going to take up precious time.”

Alicia ground her teeth together and sighed. “Fine. I’ll go and get your bow, and watch you kids sacrifice yourself for the rest of the world, but I don’t have to like it.” Alicia turned and stomped out of the room.

Milton watched her storm out and turned back to Trixie and Sil’abo. “Now that that is taken care of, we need to figure out our strategy. Sil’abo says that he can open us a portal into the palace. Whatever else is going on in the world, it shouldn’t have reached the palace yet. We can try to find any others there that would be willing to fight with us.”

Sil’abo raised up a paw. “If I may interject, my people are a peaceful lot, and have no experience fighting. I don’t know how much aid they could provide you with.”

Milton nodded. “I’m aware of that, but they are indestructible creatures, so they could serve as a distraction at least so we don’t have to fight those loyal to Lang’kahn alone.”

Sil’abo nodded his head. “I could see the advantage to such a thing. You can count on me to be by your side providing as much aid as I am able. Laz’krit may have some additional artifacts that the two of you could use.”

Trixie smiled. “Those could be very useful. Maybe Daniel and Alicia can come with us after all.”

Milton frowned. “No, that would be a bad idea. You and I have experience with wielding things like this, and we would at least have the artifacts that we have now to help us while we figure the other ones out. After that, we’ll have to march onto Lang’kahn’s fortress, figure out some way to save Ahir, and get the sword back.”

Sil’abo sighed. “It will be a challenge for sure. Lang’kahn has hundreds of those that are loyal to him, and each of those won’t hesitate to blast the two of you with spells.”

Milton smiled back confidently. “I’m not too worried about that. Between Trixie’s shield reflecting the spells back at their caster, and my bow maneuvering us out of the way, we’ll manage somehow.”

Sil’abo growled. “You aren’t taking this seriously enough! Trixie does very well with her shield, but even she can’t cover everything at once! All it will take is for one spell to get through and you could die!”

Milton’s face turned grim. “That is true, but if we were concerned about dying, do you think that we ever would have started fighting back against these creatures? Ahir is the only one that could truly fight back, so we have to go and save him so we can end this. We have been chosen as the protectors of our world and yours, and that’s a duty that I take very seriously.”

Sil’abo looked away. “Humans are flawed in many ways, but your people produce something that mine never has. Heroes. True, selfless heroes.”

Trixie smiled. “I’m certain that there are plenty of heroes among your people. You just live in a place that doesn’t give them a chance to develop. Look at you and Bar’bou; You were willing to come to a strange world to protect your people from the only thing that can harm them. That makes you heroes in my book.” Trixie’s face turned serious. “So how do we get Ahir back to normal?”

Milton sighed. “I’ve been thinking about that, and I’ve noticed that when we were fighting Captain Ember, it seemed like we were fighting against Lang’kahn. Each of the Aureus’Aevum that we faced seemed to be different. They were individuals, all working toward the same goal.”

Trixie nodded her head. “Now that you mention it, that is true. Ahir certainly didn’t sound like Ahir when he was turned. He talked to Tor’jahd like he was used to giving him commands. How will that help us?”

Milton shrugged. “I don’t know for sure, but if Lang’kahn is directly controlling Ahir, we might be able to get through to Ahir if we distract Lang’kahn. At the very least we’ll be able to attack Lang’kahn easier if he has to divide his focus like that.”

Sil’abo scratched his head. “Would it be more beneficial to us if we had more humans get turned then? The more minds he has to divide his focus among, the greater advantage that would give us.”

Trixie looked questioningly at Milton, who just shook his head. “That could prove useful, but Lang’kahn has no reason to divide his focus among them. He has Ahir, and he only needs him long enough to deliver the sword to him. We don’t have any way to know for certain if there would be any way to bring those people back if we were to go through with that plan.”

Trixie gasped. “What? You don’t think there is a way to bring Ahir back?”

Milton cringed. “There is a chance that there is no way, or it could be as simple as killing Lang’kahn. Tor’jahd once said that was the way to turn the Aureus’Aevum back to normal.”

Sil’abo growled. “I wouldn’t trust anything Tor’jahd said.”

Milton nodded his head. “I agree, but that’s enough planning for now. Until we get to the other side of the portal, we won’t know for sure what to expect.”

Sil’abo nodded. “The spell to open a portal takes some time to perform, so I’ll begin my preparations for that.”

Trixie looked at him. “What should we do while you work on that?”

Sil’abo shrugged. “I would recommend getting some rest, if you can. There is no telling how long this fight will last.”


Alicia walked into the hospital room with Milton’s bow gripped in her right hand and a bulging bag hung over her shoulder. “I have everything here that you asked for. Are you sure that I can’t talk you into letting me come along?”

Trixie shook her head. “This isn’t your fight. Did you get the things for Bar’bou I asked you to?”

Alicia patted the bag slung over her shoulder. “Right here.” Alicia looked at the field of blue shimmering in the middle of hospital room. “Is that the thing that’s going to take you to the other side?”

Milton walked up to Alicia and took his bow from her. He pushed his glasses up his nose with his ring finger and nodded. “Yes, and I would appreciate it if you and Daniel could watch over it. We don’t want anyone accidentally falling into it before we come back.”

Alicia looked confused at Milton. “You aren’t going to close it once you go though?”

Milton shook his head. “Once we’re done with this we might not be able to open another portal. This could be our only way back home.”

Daniel clapped Milton on the back, and Milton winced a little. “We’ll keep an eye on it for you.”

Milton nodded his head and accepted the sack of supplies from Alicia. “It’s time for us to go.” He walked over to the portal, and Trixie and Sil’abo followed him. Milton paused in front of the portal for a moment, and then stepped into it. Walking into the portal felt like trying to wade through waist deep mud, every step was an effort and came so slowly that Milton wondered if this was what it would be like in the Aureus’Aevum’s world as well. If it was, how could they hope to do anything?

Milton suddenly stumbled forward and almost tripped as the feeling of wading through mud disappeared. He regained his footing, turned and waited for Trixie and Sil’abo to enter as well. Once they had joined him, they turned and ran down the blue tunnel that looked like it never ended. Milton looked for the end of the tunnel, but couldn’t see anything but more tunnel stretching on. “How much further until we reach the end?”

Sil’abo smiled at Milton. “Not too much further, but you seem surprised. Did you think that a tunnel between dimensions would be short?”

Milton smiled back. “Considering it is a magic one, yes, I did expect it to be a little shorter.” They continued to run for a little longer and finally a white light appeared in front of them.

Sil’abo darted ahead of Trixie and Milton. “I think I should take the lead from here. Two monsters appearing out of a portal might make the king uneasy!” Sil’abo jumped into the light and disappeared.


Milton ran at the light, expecting there to be resistance like when they entered the portal, but he passed easily through the light and found himself in a building unlike any other he had ever seen. Pillars, made up of three columns of stone braided together, lined a carpet that the closest word that Milton could find to describe it was red, but that wasn’t quite right. It had beautiful patterns woven into it with more colors that Milton couldn’t comprehend. Then his eyes fell upon the creatures that stood staring at him and the portal.

Tall, lanky creatures stood around the room in long draping robes of various hues pointed at him and whispered to those near them. Their faces were the only part of their skin that was exposed, and it was a soft creamy white, with two lines of lilac purple that started at the top of their head, passed over their eyes and continued down their necks. Fear filled their large eyes with irises that ranged in color from green, to lilac, to yellow, and they all took a step back away from him.

One of the creatures that was seated upon a golden throne with a teal band decorated with stones of glowing green and yellow around his head stood up and took a step forward. “Sil’abo, who are these strangers that you return with? I do not recognize the young female with you that is dressed so scandalously.”

Milton turned to see who the creature was was talking about, and jumped in surprise to see a creature that looked just like the others around the room, except instead of robes, it was dressed in blue jeans that were far too short for it and and a tight fitting red blouse that accentuated its ample bosom, meaning that this one was clearly female. Another of the creatures that was standing close to Milton turned and startlement crossed his face once once his eyes landed upon the female, and then he smiled. “I did not expect you to take on the form of my people, Trixie. I expected something more like Milton perhaps.” The creature, which Milton was assuming was Sil’abo, turned and faced the creature that had addressed him. “I return with ill tidings, my lord. Lang’kahn has corrupted Ahir, and he brought him and the Gladio Protegat to our world. I brought the other two chosen to try and thwart his plans. This is Trixie, bearer of the Escudo Spegel, and this is Milton, bearer of the Powaga Joursi.”

The creature by the golden throne walked up to Trixie and Milton, and bowed down to one knee. “I must thank you for the efforts you have put into protecting my people. It was not easy for me to ask for aid, especially from a people that I did not know, but you have done well. Your appearance is a surprise though. I did not expect to find a human with a heart like that of an Aureus’Aevum. Your visit is well timed, for my son has begun his assault on the city.”

Sil’abo reached for the arm of the man kneeling before them and tried to raise him up to his feet. “What is he doing, King Dar’dou?”

King Dar’dou stood up to his feet. “He has been sending monsters, much like this creature, Milton I believe you called him, to attack the city. Some of the citizens have lashed out at them with magic, and I’m afraid that more of our people have fallen under Lang’kahn’s influence as a result of it. Perhaps we can start with taking care of them?”

Milton shook his head. “No, that would be a mistake. We have to ignore the monsters for now.”

The king gasped. “But they are destroying our city! This city has stood since my great, great grandfather founded it!”

Milton growled, “They are just buildings! Buildings can be rebuilt, but your people can’t! These monsters have been put here to distract us, we can’t allow any delay in our attack against Lang’kahn.”

The Aureus’Aevum around the room gasped and started to murmur angrily to one another. Dar’dou raised up his hand. “Silence! This creature is right. As much as it pains me, we can rebuild once peace has returned to us. I will listen to what he has to say.”

Milton looked confused. “You keep saying creature, what did I end up turning into?”

Trixie held up the polished surface of her shield and smiled. “See for yourself.”

Milton turned and looked into the mirror, and gasped. He was covered in tan fur from head to toe, and had claws at the ends of his fingers. He had the head of a lion and a golden mane that circled his neck, and one golden eye that seemed to glow stared back at him. “I got turned into a cat? You get to turn into an Aureus’Aevum and I turned into a cat man?”

Trixie smiled. “You’re a lion; it’s a good look for you.”

Dar’dou cleared his throat. “I believe that you were going over strategies for defeating Lang’kahn?”

Milton turned back to face the room. “We have to attack Lang’kahn directly, the only way we will be able to end this is if we can get the Gladio Protegat back from him and kill him with it.”

Dar’dou’s face fell. “Is there no way to end this without ending the life of my son?”

Sil’abo gave the king a sympathetic look. “I’m certain that we can find a peaceful way to resolve this. Perhaps we could just capture him?”

Milton shook his head. “No, the only way this ends is if Lang’kahn is dead. As long as he is alive, his followers will destroy this kingdom to free him.”

A tear formed in Dar’dou’s eye. “Is that to be my legacy, the thing I am remembered by? Being the only king to outlive my son?” Murmurs filled the room, filled with outrage and anger.

Milton growled. “We don’t have time to worry about that now! Every moment we delay makes Lang’kahn’s victory surer!”

One of the other Aureus’Aevum in the room shouted out, “Why should we listen to a horrible looking creature like you?”

Trixie stepped forward. “Please, we are only trying to help you save as many of your people as we can!”

More Aureus’Aevum started to shout out their complaints. Dar’dou roared out, “We are going to hear what they have to say! They have been fighting our war with Lang’kahn this whole time while we quivered in fear hoping they would fix our problems! I will not reject their ideas now!” Silence fell over the room and the king looked at Milton. “Tell us what you need from us, and it will be given to you. Just promise me you will shead as little blood as you can.”

Milton nodded. “We need to get to wherever Lang’kahn is hiding, and get the sword from him before he can remove the protection spell that makes it so that only Ahir can wield it.”

One of the Aureus’Aevum in the room interrupted, “He’s not exactly hiding, he’s in his palace in the Nathair district.”

Milton nodded. “Trixie and I are going to need someone to show us where that is, and that brings me to the next part. We need some of your people to volunteer to fight alongside of us.”

Roars of outrage filled the room, and one Aureus’Aevum stepped forward and angrily said, “We’re not barbarians like you humans! We don’t know the first thing about fighting!”

Milton growled back, “You expect to be able to sit back and let others fight your battles for you? You thrust your problems onto strangers, insult us, and expect us to fix everything for you? If that’s so, you are cowards and snobs!”

Shocked gasps filled the room. King Dar’duo turned and faced his people. “He is right; this is our problem. It always has been, and by us pushing our problems onto others we have brought them pain and misery.” He turned back to Milton. “They are right as well. We are not fighters, what use could we possibly be to you?”

“Your people cannot die, can’t even be injured. Who knows how many followers Lang’kahn has out there that will try to stop us? The two of us would never be able to make it through alone, but with others there to distract them we might be able to make it. It’s the best chance we have of winning this.”

Sil’abo stepped forward. “I will fight alongside you and Trixie, Milton. I’m sure many of my people will join me in doing our part to save our world.” The room was filled with hushed whispers, and Sil’abo blushed. “Perhaps many others that are not currently in this room?”

Dar’dou stepped forward. “I will join you also, and I will spread an edict through the city asking for volunteers.”

Milton shook his head. “I cannot accept your offer of aid, your majesty. If Lang’kahn is able to capture you or kill you with the Gladio Protegat, then your people will be left without a leader.”

The king sighed. “You are right.” He turned to Sil’abo,”As my scribe, take down and have this proclamation distributed immediately: all of our people are to gather before the palace for an announcement I am to make.”

Sil’abo bowed. “Immediately, sire.” He quickly left the room calling for a quill and parchment.

A bulky Aureus’Aevum stepped forward and bowed before the king. “I may have some other items that could be of use in this upcoming battle, sire.”

Dar’dou smiled. “Of course, that is an excellent suggestion.” He turned to Trixie and Milton. “This is Laz’krit, our master blacksmith. Please follow him to his vault of artifacts and see if you can find any that would be of use to you.”

Laz’krit turned and led the way out of the throne room and led them down a series of halls. Trixie and Milton stared in awe at the wonders that decorated the halls. From the murals and statues, to the wall hangings and pottery, each was more beautiful and vibrant than any artwork they had ever seen. Laz’krit turned and smiled at the two of them. “Have you enjoyed using two of my masterpieces?”

Milton and Trixie looked up startled. Milton looked at the bow in his hand. “This bow is incredible, and it has saved my life in many fights.”

Trixie smiled back. “Nothing can hurt my friends as long as I have this shield. I am very grateful for it.”

Laz’krit nodded. “Good, good. Now, what kind of an artifact were the two of you looking for?”

Milton closed his eye in concentration. “I think that something that would give us improved mobility would be best, unless you have anything that could protect us from magic.”

Laz’krit shook his head. “I’m afraid the pretty lady has the only thing I made that would protect you from magic.” Trixie blushed. “I think I may have a couple of pieces that could help you with your other request, however.” Laz’krit stopped in front of a large metallic door with a lock on it, but Milton couldn’t tell what kind of metal it was made from. Laz’krit pulled out a key and put it into the lock. He turned the key and pushed the door open, and once he did, the revealed room lit up and showed a vault filled with shelves of strange items. Milton walked in and looked around in amazement. “This is like a museum! Is this everything you have ever made?”

Laz’krit walked in after him and chuckled. “Certainly not. This only holds my creations that have special abilities, which is only a fraction of my work. I mostly work on making art and useful things, like tools and building supplies. I do get bored once in a while, however, and when I do, that’s when I make something wonderful.” Laz’krit walked deeper into the vault and Milton and Trixie followed him. He stopped in front of a shelf and picked up a pair of gauntlets and handed them to Milton. “Try these on.”

Milton put the gauntlets on, and he looked at them in confusion. “What do these do?”

A smile cracked Laz’krit’s face. “Try jumping with them on.”

Milton jumped into the air, but he never came back down. He looked at the gauntlets in amazement. “These let me fly? This is incredible! I’ll be able to find much better places to snipe with my bow with these!”

Laz’krit laughed. “I thought you would like those. I thought that maybe some architects would appreciate being able to have a different view of their work once in a while, but they weren’t interested in them or the effort it would take to learn to use them. So I put them into my vault with all the others.” Laz’krit walked deeper into his vault, and took a helmet off of a dummy. “Try this on, miss.”

Trixie took the helmet and placed it on her head. “What is this supposed to do?”

“Be careful with it, but try running.”

Trixie turned and ran back down the aisle they had just come down, and the shelves and artifacts rushed past her in a blur. She stopped, amazed. “These give me extra speed? I might be able to protect everyone with my shield if I can move this fast!”

Laz’krit nodded his head. “That’s the idea of it. Made that for the king’s messengers. They couldn’t think of any decrees that would need to be spread that fast, so they refused it. I’m glad to see some of these things are finally starting to see some use again.

Milton smiled. “Thank you for these, they will make a big difference in the battle to come.”

Laz’krit smiled and nodded his head. “I hope so. I’m going to stick around here and see if I can find more artifacts that might come in handy. You should be able to find a servant outside of the vault that will take you to where the king is giving his decree. Good luck in the coming battle, and I hope that with the aid of my artifacts we will meet again one day.”

Trixie smiled back. “I hope so too.”


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