Analyzing an Ad

I came across this ad in an article I was reading last week, and I decided that I wanted to write an article on it. Before you call me out, it wasn’t because I’m a huge football junkie and I love my fantasy teams, because  I’m not and I’ve never had a fantasy team. It was because of the message that I got from this video: friends don’t have anything to talk about without fantasy football, and I became determined to tear this this ad apart, and after analyzing it, this ad came up neutral as far as my good verses my bad points went, and most of my bad points were more personal problems with the ad than things they did poorly. I give this ad a good grade and you’ll see why down below. I just want to remind everyone if they disagree with me or if they notice something about the ad that I missed, please leave it in the comments section so that I can learn more about advertising, which is my whole reason behind this blog. If you have any ads that you would like me to analyze, leave a link down below and I will do an article on it. Now, let’s get this analysis started.

This ad did a good job of making sure to get the name of the brand they wanted to advertise into the ad. The narrator announced the brand name twice and it was up on the screen for a while at the end. The golden rule of getting someone to remember something is for them to be exposed to it at least three times. Once someone sees this commercial, or any of the other commercials that they did as part of this campaign (I’ve found three others) it is likely that they will remember that does fantasy football. You want to be careful when constructing an ad however not to make it an overload, or to force it into the ad. You want it to feel natural and to be something that won’t annoy people to the point where they change the channel just to avoid your ad. Well done, well done.

This ad does a good job of using celebrity endorsements. Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb are two well known football players, especially if you are from Wisconsin like I am. They chose to use two celebrities already associated with the brand to create even more excitement in their product. I showed this ad to some of my friends and they complained that there wasn’t more dialogue between the two so clearly they were a good choice to make. You have to be careful when you use celebrities to represent your brand in an ad like this, because your brand is forever associated with those people now. If they do anything crazy, like so many celebrities do, that is now associated with your brand. Going the route of celebrity endorsement may get your brand more attention and be a huge benefit, at the same time you risk ruining your brands reputation if you make the wrong choice. If you decide to go this route with your ad, choose wisely.

Background music is something that can help set the mood for your ad and can be powerful when combined with your ads message, and I think the lack of background music in this ad was excellent. It helped add to the silence to illustrate what life will be like if you didn’t have fantasy football. I would normally advise having some sort of music in the background of your ads, but there are times when silence truly is golden.

That has been everything good I’ve found in the ad, and the rest that follows is purely my opinion. If you disagree with me, that’s fine, but I thought that this ad made men seem incredibly one dimensional. It made it seem like all we think about is fantasy football. I mean, come on, guys think about regular football too! Of course I’m being sarcastic, but you have to admit that this ad makes it see like if you took fantasy football away from us, or if you don’t play it, you would strip us of our personality. I don’t know about you, but I find plenty of things to talk about with my friends that has nothing to do with fantasy football. In fact, it never even comes up. Not only that, they show that these men are more than just friends, they are team mates, but they have nothing to talk about outside of fantasy football. I find this incredibly offensive.

This next point is somewhat related, but they have that text on the screen at the end that says that “friends don’t talk small talk, they talk fantasy.” I have small talk with my friends all the time that has nothing to do with fantasy football. Does this mean we’re not actually friends? Has my entire life been a lie? I understand that there are guys out there that this is an accurate portrayal of, that they eat sleep and live fantasy football. They don’t say that though, they make this a representation of all men, and I saw an ad in this campaign that had a woman in it too, so that goes so far as to say that a friendship isn’t real without fantasy football.

The only other bad thing I saw in this ad was that there were Green Bay Packers logos everywhere in the ad, which makes sense when you think about who is in the ad and where it’s taking place. The Packer’s logo is even owned by the NFL I believe, so it’s not a terrible thing to have it there, but generally you want to avoid putting logos for things other than the product you are trying to sell or your brand in your ad, especially so prominently since it can send mixed messages and be a bit distracting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and please understand this has been my opinion on the ad and I would love to hear yours. If you have any suggestions for ads that you would like me to write an article on, leave it in the comments section below. Did you see what I did there? This is the second time in this article that I put this little message in, so I’m going to get you to remember it. Have a great week everyone, and remember, together we can change advertising to be something that people want to watch again, rather than skip over it.


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