Ahir, Guardian of Malor, Chapter 16: Lang’kahn’s victory Part 2

Trixie swallowed and hesitantly said, “I’m here to stop you, Lang’kahn, and to save Ahir.”

Lang’kahn’s eyes narrowed and he more closely examined Trixie. “I don’t recognize you, but that shield; wait, are you Trixie?” Lang’kahn laughed before continuing, “You came to stop me with just your shield?”

Trixie’s body started shaking in fear and her voice quivered as she replied, “We will defeat you, and when this is all done Ahir and I will return to our world together.”

Lang’kahn shook his head. “I don’t have time to deal with you right now, I’m in the middle of something very important. I have no quarrel with you, just take Ahir and go.”

Trixie paused for a moment. He was right, what was she going to do against him with just her shield. Even Milton would have a hard time beating Lang’kahn with just his bow. “You’ll just let us go?”

Lang’kahn smiled. “I’ll even promise not to destroy your world. All I’m asking you to do is to walk away from someone else’s fight, a fight that you can’t win. Ahir is in the cage in the corner, just take him and go and I promise to forget that your world even exists.”

Trixie looked at the corner that Lang’kahn had indicated and gasped when she saw the cage containing a black mist and Bar’bou’s bruised and battered form. Trixie rushed over to the cage and Lang’kahn nodded his head and turned his focus back to the sword that hovered over his hands.

Bar’bou sat up and groaned, “Miss Ameliason, you can’t be considering abandoning us now.”

A black mist that floated in the cage that Trixie assumed must be Ahir said, “He’s right, Trixie. We have to stay and fight, they don’t stand a chance on their own.”

Tears ran down Trixie’s cheek. She sniffled and said, “Ahir, what have they done to you? Of course we have to fight, but I couldn’t do it on my own.” Trixie bashed her shield against the cage, shattering it to pieces.

Ahir moved over to Trixie and two arms formed out of mist and wrapped around her. “Did you come alone?”

Trixie shook her head and wiped the tears off of her cheek. “No, Milton and some Aureus’Aevum came with us, but most of them are fighting outside of the tower, and Milton is outside the room with Sil’abo. What are we going to do, Ahir?”

Ahir looked at Lang’kahn and his followers. “The only thing we can do is try to get the sword away from him before he can break the seal on it. I think we have to rush him and hope he’s too distracted to notice us until it’s too late.”

Trixie shifted her stance to prepare herself to run. “On the count of three then?”

Ahir nodded his head and counted, “One, two, three!” Ahir and Trixie rushed across the room as fast as they could. Ahir reached out to grab the sword and Lang’kahn lifted his hand at the same time. Ahir and Trixie were hurtled across the room and slammed into the wall.

Lang’kahn never looked up from the sword, but said, “Please, I’m in the middle of something very important. I don’t have time to deal with you right now.”

Ahir struggled against the magic that held him to the wall, but after a short time he slumped. “What’s the point of even trying? I’m no hero without the sword; I’m just a street performer.”

Trixie continued to struggle against the magical bonds that held her. “You are a hero, Ahir! It’s not the sword that made you a hero, it’s who you are! That’s why the Aureus’Aevum chose you in the first place!”

Ahir snorted. “Some hero I turned out to be. I fell for Lang’kahn’s tricks and let him get the one thing that would allow him to fulfill his plans. I was too weak.”

“You allowed compassion to rule over reason out of concern for your friend. That is what makes you strong. You’re not weak!”

The doors of the throne room burst open and Milton flew inside. “I still think you’re weak and rely on me to save you far too often!” He fired an arrow into the sword and a second one into the ceiling. The sword leapt out of Lang’kahn’s hands and became pinned to the ceiling.

Lang’kahn growled, “I’m growing tired of all these interruptions!” Lang’kahn looked at his followers and said, “Continue the spell while I deal with these intruders.”  Lang’kahn formed a fireball in his hand and launched it at Milton. The bonds that held Trixie and Ahir to the wall disappeared when he did and they dropped down to their feet.

Milton flew to the side and the fireball crashed into the doors, knocking them off of their hinges and into the next room. The door slammed into Sil’abo knocking him to the ground. Sil’abo grunted when the door landed on top of him, and he struggled to get out from under it.

Ahir shouted with a hope filled voice, “Milton! Good to see you are alright, what’s our plan?”

Milton flew out of the way of another fireball and shot an arrow into a bit of rubble from the cage and a second one behind Lang’kahn. “Get the sword away from Lang’kahn before he can break the seal on it. I’ll come up with something else if we make it that far.”

The bit of cage that Milton had shot with his arrow flew across the room and slammed into Lang’kahn. Lang’kahn was knocked back a step and he growled, “I am not amused by these games of yours.” He grabbed the bit of cage and threw it to the side, and once it left his hands it flew into the spot where the other arrow was. Lang’kahn formed another fireball in his hand but before he could launch it at Milton another bit of cage crashed into him.

Milton released his pull on the sword, allowing it to fall down into Ahir’s waiting hands. Lang’kahn was hurling curses at Milton under a barrage of broken bits of the cage, so he didn’t notice Ahir rushing up behind him. King Dar’duo strode into the room and held a golden scepter out toward Ahir. “Not my son!”

Ahir’s body went rigid as he felt the king’s will fight him inside of his mind for control of his body. Lang’kahn turned and saw Ahir standing behind him with the Gladio Protegat raised to strike and panic filled his face. Once he saw that Ahir wasn’t moving, he started to laugh and turned to face his father. “This is perfect, not only did you ruin the only chance you had of winning, you also allowed me to achieve my victory sooner than I had planned!”

A third mind joined the fight for control of Ahir, and this mind shoved the others aside as if they were mere flies. Lang’kahn seized control of Ahir’s body and he stalked across the room. Lang’kahn said through Ahir’s mouth, “There was no reason for you to come here, Father. I was going to be coming for you soon enough, you just needed a little more patience.”

Dar’duo’s mind snapped back into his body, and he held his hands up. “Son, this doesn’t have to end in more death. We can talk this through, together. If it’s the throne you want, I will be happy to step aside and allow you to sit upon it. It was to be yours one day anyway.”

Lang’kahn snarled, “I’m not so weak that I need to be given what is mine by right.” The Gladio Protegat darted out and slashed through Dar’duo’s neck. Sadness filled the King’s face before his head rolled off of his shoulders. Before it reached the ground it began breaking down into a black dust along with the rest of his body. The dust flew out the window as if carried on an unseen breeze and the golden scepter fell to the ground, filling the room with a ping.

Lang’kahn turned and walk across the room and handed the sword to his actual body, before giving Ahir control once more. A smile filled Lang’kahn’s face. “My thanks to you, Ahir; without your help I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my victory. Thanks to you, I am now the king of the Aureus’Aevum by right.”

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