Analyzing a Cantina Ad

I haven’t come across many ads that have really attracted my attention lately, so I was at somewhat of a loss for what ad to do this week. Then I remembered an ad that one of my teachers showed me as an example of what a bad ad looks like. So I decided to look for this ad, and fortunately for all of you, or perhaps unfortunately, I was able to find it. So here is my review of a Cantina ad. As usual, please leave your opinion in the comments section down below if you think I missed anything or if this ad was actually really good. Either way, let’s take a look at the ad and get into my analysis.

Let’s start with what they did bad; because that’s the easiest thing to do with this ad to be honest. The first bad thing they did, was they used the robot. Tequila-bot is horrible in every way. It looks like they had some left over ventilation equipment and glued that and some boxes together, along with other random things they found lying around the dumpster out back. That’s where this thing belongs in my opinion by the way. But it’s not all about looks, right? How about we discuss the sound that it makes when his friend dies? That was a short burst of annoying, wasn’t it? Not to mention its facial expressions during that scene. I’m pretty sure I could wake up screaming if I ever dreamed about a face like that. We’re back to looks again, and I apologize for that. My last couple of comments about this ad will avoid the robot’s appearance, I promise. Let’s talk about the way that it abandons his friend and the battle field to presumably get more tequila shots, a fish burger, and garlic fries. This certainly doesn’t make the Tequila-bot seem like someone I would want to spend time with; I’d be worried that I’d break my arm and it would go off to get wine coolers. This is not a characteristic that you want your mascot to have, you want people to feel like they can trust your brand, not that it will abandon them for a burger if it gets bored. And the final thing I have to say about the robot is that it is a terrible dancer. That’s right, I said it. the man in the cardboard box can’t dance. It looks more like he just saw and is attempting to run away from a spider than it does a dance.

Then we have the little jingle that they feature in this ad, that was truly brilliant, a masterpiece! Or perhaps the singers were terrible and the song was worse. If I had to say something good about the jingle, It would be that they rhymed dies with fries. I mean, the song and singers were terrible, but at least it rhymed, right? Music can be a very powerful thing to have in your ad, to help people to get the viewer into the emotional mood that you want them to be in for the ad, or help to have something very popular associated with your brand or product. Jingles are powerful too. They have a way of getting stuck in your head. Have a good one in your ads, and people will randomly think about your brand and be more likely to purchase your product. Have one like this, and someday you can have a blogger remember your ad to write an article on about what to avoid in advertising.

I don’t know about you, but this ad certainly seems to say that the Cantina supports the abandonment of wounded soldiers. The ad pretty much shows that the human was injured at the very least, but he didn’t seem like he was actually dying to me, he sounded pretty alive at the end. So what this ad is really saying is if your friend gets hurt, leave him where he is and go do shots. Loyalty is over rated and if you stay to try and help him you might get hurt too. It’s as if this ad was made my emotionless robots that don’t understand the concept of loyalty or friendship.

And the final negative thing I have to say about this ad is that the video quality seemed to be somewhat lackluster. That may have been intentional to make it seem like an old movie type of thing, but it didn’t work for me. It just seems to have been another in a long line of bad choices that they made when making this ad, like making the ad. This very well could be an example of how to make an ad on a low budget, but I think it would have been better to hire a professional and do something on the radio.

You may find this difficult to believe after all the things I said previously to this, but I did find some good to talk about. For example, they mentioned the name of their business multiple times, and even showed where they were located. You know, so you know which part of town to avoid. I learned in my advertising classes that people need to be exposed to something three times in order for it to stick with them, and they mention/show Cantina enough times for it to get stuck in your brain after one showing. The only other positive thing I have to say about this ad is it is one of the few ads that I remember after years of not seeing it. Most of the other ads I’ve seen in my life, I’ve forgotten about, but this one pops up in my memory once in a while, especially because of the jingle. I’ll never go to the Cantina because of this commercial, but I won’t forget about it either.

This has been my opinion on this ad, and feel free to disagree with me down below. In fact, I dare you to disagree with me and say that this is a good ad. Also, if you see anything that I missed that was either good or bad about this ad, leave that down below as well, and don’t forget to leave your suggestions for what ad I should analyze next. Or you’ll likely get another one like this one. Have a great week everyone, and remember that together, we can make advertising something that people look forward to as much as the shows they are watching.


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