The Super Morpher, Chapter 10: The Spider’s Trap Part 2

Saul opened the door to Spider’s office and allowed a woman to walk into the room. He followed her in and cleared his throat. “Spider, Miss Bolle is here to see you, as you requested.”

The Spider turned his chair so that he was facing Lori and smiled. “Ah, nice to see you again, my dear. Have you been having much success in the mercenary business of late?”

Lori returned the smile and strode across the room. “I have been quite busy, seems that there is always someone who would like someone else out of their way.” She sat down in a chair facing the Spider and rested her right leg over her left as she lounged back. “You didn’t ask me here to talk about my business, so get to the point. My time is very valuable.”

Saul rushed forward and glared at Lori. “Have some care when you speak, this is the Spider you are talking to!”

Spider raised his hand. “It’s fine, Saul. As you may have heard, a new hero has appeared in my city and has been interrupting my business.”

Lori gave Spider a sly smile. “Ah, yes, the Super Morpher. He seems to have some interesting abilities. Killing him would prove to be quite the thrill.”

The Spider shook his head. “Kill him? Why ever would I want him dead? Men with talents like his are extremely valuable.”

Lori rose up from her chair and sighed. “I’m an assassin, not a recruiter. If you want to hire him perhaps you should try talking to him yourself.”

The Spider frowned. “Please be seated, Miss Bolle. I haven’t gotten to the reason why I requested your services.” Lori sat back down hesitantly. “Being a woman of particular talents, I feel that you would be best suited to discover his identity for me.”

An intrigued look came over Lori’s face. “Espionage, that would be a new use for my powers. And how do you suggest I go about discovering his identity?”

The Spider’s frown turned to a smile and the touched the tips of his fingers together. “You can go unnoticed when you want, to be unseen in the middle of a crowd. I want you to follow him and see who he is under his mask. Even if all you can get is a picture of his face my men will be able to track him down.”

Lori smiled and nodded her head. “I see, once you know who he is you can threaten his loved ones.”

The Spider nodded his head. “Exactly. Once I know how to best hurt him, he will have no choice but do everything I say. Just like Saul here; he knows that if he even thinks of disobeying me it will cost a member of his family their life. You can’t buy loyalty this strong, but you sure can blackmail someone for it!” Saul stiffened and his hands formed into fists and he started breathing heavily, but he didn’t move from where he was standing.

Lori laughed, “Oh, you are a devious one. I’ll do this for you, but it is going to cost you. Just because it’s not an assassination doesn’t mean that it’s free.”

The Spider laughed and shook his head. “I didn’t expect you to do it for free, my dear. Saul, show her the briefcase.” Saul walked over to the side of the Spider’s desk and set it down in front of Lori. He opened it up to reveal stacks of hundred dollar bills. “Ten thousand dollars if you can find out the Super Morphers identity for me.”

Lori looked at the money for a few moments and pushed the lid closed on the brief case. “This will do for a down payment. I’ll expect three times as much once the job is completed.”

Saul lifted his hand as if he was going to slap Lori. “Who do you think you are dealing with?”

The Spider held up his hand, “Relax, Saul. The Wraith has the ability to hide herself completely from every sense, people with skills like that don’t come cheap. I accept your proposal, Miss Bole. Now here is what I would like you to do…”


Ryan stood on a roof looking at city hall in his new uniform on Monday. The giant clock that was over the steps of city hall read eleven forty-five. He had sat there staring at the clock for the last half an hour, thinking about what going up those steps would mean. Ryan knew that once he went up those steps, there was no turning back. His life as a football player would be gone forever, and he would only be the Super Morpher. Ryan took a deep breath, and jumped off of the roof to the sidewalk below.

People turned and stared at Ryan as he walked across the street. Excited whispers followed him and Ryan waved to the people he walked past. He walked up to the top step, turned and faced the crowd of people that were gathering below and said, “The Super Morpher has returned.”

The distorted voice said over the speakers hanging from poles across the city, cell phones, and radios, even the radio in Ryan’s suit, “Excellent. I knew that you wouldn’t let me down. There is a limo parked in front of city hall. Get into it or I will order for the attack on the city to begin at once.”

Ryan’s hands formed into a fist and Jordan’s voice came over the radio. “Don’t do it, Ryan. You know it’s got to be a trap, don’t you?”

Ryan whispered back, “I don’t have much of a choice. Even I can’t protect every part of the city at once.” Ryan started down the steps and the crowd parted to let him through. There was a man in a black suit with sunglasses standing next to the limo and he pulled the door open for Ryan. Ryan hesitantly got into the limo and the man closed the door behind him before getting into the driver’s seat. The limo pulled away from the curb and drove into the city.

Two other men dressed the same as the driver sat across from Ryan with their arms crossed. Ryan looked out the window, cleared his throat and asked, “Where are you taking me?”

One of the men answered, “You’ll see soon enough. Our boss wants to have a little chat with you.”

Ryan narrowed his eyes and leaned back into the seat. He kept looking out the window to figure out where they were, and he was surprised to see they were entering the business district of the city. The limo finally stopped in front of an eighty story building with a sign that read “Zimmdara Accounting Experts.” The driver got out and opened the door for Ryan and said, “You get out here.” Ryan slowly started to get out of the limo, and was shoved by one of the other men inside.

Ryan stumbled out and turned to see the two big men get out of the car behind him. One of them walked past Ryan and said, “Please, follow me.” Ryan started walking after the man, but kept looking over his shoulder to check on the other man following him. They led him into an elevator and pushed a button to take Ryan up to the top floor. The elevator ride seemed to take forever and Ryan started to wonder how much it would hurt if he fell down the elevator shaft in case he needed to escape. He desperately hoped he wouldn’t have to find out.

The doors to the elevator finally opened to reveal a hallway covered in a lush red carpet. One of the men walked past Ryan and started down the hallway, and Ryan followed him. The man led Ryan to room at the end of the hallway and opened the door. He indicated that Ryan should enter. Ryan entered into a room with one chair and a table in it. A microphone sat on the table and one wall of the room seemed to be made completely out of mirrors. One of the men said, “Have a seat.” Ryan sat down in the chair and the two men stood behind the chair.

Ryan looked around the room and said, “I’m here, what happens next?”

A distorted voice came out of speakers mounted in the corner near the ceiling. “Thank you for coming today, Super Morpher.”

Ryan snorted. “You would have attacked the city if I hadn’t; I didn’t have much of a choice.”

“Yes, I am sorry for that, but I have a rather important business proposition to discuss with you. You see, you have been causing some problems for me with some of my associates business dealings.”

A confused look came over Ryan’s face. “Business dealings? What are you talking about? I haven’t interfered with any business; I’ve just been fighting the crime in this city.”

The voice replied, “That is the very business I’m speaking of. The criminals in this city work for me, and I can’t have you saving the day anymore. That’s why I would like you to come and work for me.”

Ryan gasped. “I could never do anything like that! I protect the city and its people, I won’t hurt them.”

The distorted voice laughed. “I didn’t expect you to rob banks; no, I knew that a hero like yourself couldn’t be convinced to attack the city that you protect. No, I want you to continue protecting people, me specifically. I will pay you a great deal to be my personal body guard.”

“I can’t just step aside and let this city fall prey to whatever schemes you have for it! I will fight against you, and I will do whatever it takes to bring you and your criminal empire down.”

The voice sighed before continuing. “I was afraid that you would say something like that. Have you already forgotten that I am holding the city hostage? One word from me and the entire city will be destroyed. I know that this is a lot to take in all at once. I’ll tell you what, you go home, think about it, and come back to meet with me again in five days. Give me your answer then. My limo will be waiting for you down below and will take you anywhere you would like to go.”

Ryan stood up out of his chair. “No thanks, I can get home on my own just fine.” The two men in black suits followed Ryan out of the room.


The Spider sat back in his chair and sighed. This hero would have to be difficult, wouldn’t he? He pushed a button next to the microphone on his right and he said, “Wraith, there has been a change of plans. The Super Morpher is going to leave by foot. Get out of the car and follow him. When he takes his mask off I want you to get me a picture of his face!”

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