The Super Morpher, chapter 10: The Spider’s Trap Part 3

Ryan walked out of the front doors of the Zimmdaran Accounting Experts building and shook his head. He knew that whoever this guy was, he had Ryan in a position where he was going to have to do exactly what he wanted. Unless Jordan could come up with some plan to help him not work for this guy and prevent the city from being destroyed. Ryan turned his head to see if any of the guys in suits were watching him, and he saw the two that had escorted him in the limo watching him still. He thought he saw something dressed all in black out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned to look at it, there was nothing there. Ryan scratched his head in confusion, and decided that he should just get out of here while he still could.

Ryan ran across the street and jumped up onto the ladder of a fire escape. He pulled himself up and made his way onto the roof and started his trek across town. He would get a few blocks away and change back into his street clothes. He could go to the library after that and meet with Kari to do some bible study prep. Ryan sighed, it wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time, but at least he would be with Kari. He jumped from the roof he was on to the one of the building next to it and turned to look back at the Zimmdaran Accounting Experts building. Whoever it was that was trying to manipulate him into abandoning the city again could be watching him from one of the windows on the top floor. Ryan shuddered and started running again. He would have to get very far away from that building before he was comfortable with changing out of his uniform.

He made his way toward a tall building not far away. Once Ryan made it to the other side of that building he could change back comfortably knowing that the building would be blocking the view of the other. Ryan made it to the roof of the building he was aiming for and crouched down behind a tall air vent he reached for his watch to change back, but he paused. He felt like someone was watching him. He stood up and looked around the rooftop, but he couldn’t find anyone else there with him. He still couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched, so he decided that he would go a little further before changing back.

Ryan ran across the roof and jumped the twenty foot gap to the roof on the other side of the street. Ryan dropped down into a roll once his feet hit the other side and he continued to make his way across town, zig zagging from roof to roof and jumping over three more streets. He stopped and checked his surroundings and felt relaxed. Not only was the Zimmdaran Accounting experts building too far away for him to be anything more than a dot even in the most advanced binoculars, he no longer felt like he was being watched. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Jordan, did you hear everything that was going on during that meeting?”

Jordan’s voice replied, “Yeah, I heard. What are you going to do, Ryan?”

Ryan sighed. “I don’t know. I can’t go work for that man, but I can’t let him destroy the city either. I was kind of hoping that you would have some sort of plan for how to get out of this situation.”

Jordan paused a moment and said, “You could try working with the police; if you combined efforts with them you might be able to prevent too much damage from being done to the city.”

Ryan shook his head. “I don’t completely trust the police not to arrest me on sight just yet. Do you have any other ideas?”

Jordan sighed. “No, but I’ll keep working on thinking of a way to get you out of this. Are you heading back to the lab?”

“No, I’m meeting Kari in the library to prep for her bible study.”

“Okay, I’ll see you back in the dorm later tonight then.”

Ryan grinned. “Going to try getting some sleep for a change? What’s the big occasion?”

Jordan grutned, “It’s a Monday, everyone knows you should try and get between ten and twelve hours of sleep on a Monday. Go have fun with Kari.”

Ryan chuckled and pressed the button on the side of his watch to change back into his street clothes. He made his way down to the street and got onto a bus heading back toward campus.


Lori dropped down to her knees and pulled her black mask off of her face, her breath came in quick deep gasps as she watched Ryan land on a rooftop on the other side of the street. There was no way that she would be able to make that jump, so unless he changed back on that roof she had failed in her mission. She had thought that she was in good shape before, but after trying to chase the Super Morpher across rooftops, she had a whole new meaning for the phrase, “in shape.” She had been certain that he was about to take his uniform off on the roof he paused on, but it was as if he knew she was watching him. That shouldn’t have been possible. She shook her head, there wasn’t anything to do now except to report back to Spider and let him know that he could keep the rest of his money.

Lori climbed down to the street below and made her way back to the Zimmdaran Accounting Experts building. She wasn’t used to failure, when she was paid to do the job it was guaranteed to be done. If Spider had just let her kill him like she wanted to, she was certain she wouldn’t have failed. She decided that in the future she wouldn’t take on any jobs that weren’t assassination attempts, no matter how big of a price tag the job came with.

She made her way up the elevator and into Spider’s office, where he sat behind his desk enjoying a glass of scotch. Saul was standing to the side waiting to be given an order, and Lori allowed their senses to notice her. Saul gasped and reached under his jacket, but Spider rested a hand on his arm. He smiled at Lori and said, “I trust that you have a photo for me?”

Lori shook her head. “He managed to get away from me by jumping over some streets. There was no way I could follow him, so I guess you get to keep your money.”

Lori turned to leave the office, but the Spider called after her, “Wraith, please wait just a moment. I would hate for this incident to blemish your perfect record, so I’m willing to give you another chance. I want you to stick around the city and try to follow the Super Morpher again. I’ll have some of my gangs cause disturbances to lure him out, and you can follow him from there.”

Lori bit her lip and said hesitantly, “If I stay on to work longer, that will affect my final bill for you.”

Spider sat back in his chair and smiled. “Of course, but we will discuss a price once you have managed to discover his identity for me.”

Saul lifted his hand up to his ear and said, “You have? Excellent, my employer will want that name right away. Very good, thank you.” Saul turned to look at Spider. “Our people discovered that a young college student named Jordan Godard has recently produced a formula that can make fabric invincible. He goes to school here at Leforn University.”

Spider nodded his head approvingly. “Good, he may be able to lead us to the Super Morpher. Have some of my men go and pick Mr. Godard up for me; I wish to ask him a few questions.”

Lori turned and started walking out of the room, but Spider cleared his throat. “I don’t recall excusing you, Miss Bolle. Where do you think you are off to?”

Lori paused and said, “Forgive me for taking my leave, but it seemed that you and Saul had other business to discuss, and I don’t get paid unless I discover who the Super Morpher is. I was going out to begin my search for him.”

Spider slowly nodded his head. “Very good, I expect to have a name from you very soon.”

Lori made her way from the room and smiled to herself. Saul should be careful what he said in front of others. If Lori could make it to Jordan before Spider’s men did, she could get a name out of him without having to track the Super Morpher down. If he didn’t know anything, or refused to talk, she could always sell him to the Spider for more than he was going to pay for the Super Morpher’s identity. Lori was not a woman you wanted to cross, she knew how to turn any situation to her advantage. Now if only she could beat Spider’s men to Jordan.

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