Book Discussions: Ahir, Guardian of Malor Rewrite

Some of you may know that I have begun working on rewriting Ahir, Guardian of Malor, and I wanted to discuss some of the major differences between the rough draft, which has been posted on this blog and the second draft. The biggest difference between teh two drafts is that I am breaking each chapter into two separate parts, the first one following Ahir, or at least events transpiring in Ahir’s world, and the second part is focusing on Lang’kahn, starting at when he was an innocent youth and following the tale of how Tor’jahd’s jealousy corrupted him. I think that this is a major  improvement on the story because it gives more of a description of the Aureus’Aevum’s world that the brief summary that Bar’bou does for Trixie, and because you get to see that Lang’kahn wasn’t always a bad guy, and he was convinced that he was doing what was in his people’s best interest.

Another big difference is that what Ahir’s life was like before he met Bar’bou was glanced over briefly with Trixie in chapter 3, the first three chapters have been focusing on that, primarily the week leading up to when Ahir first met Bar’bou. Insight into that last week helps us understand why it was that Ahir took up the sword to fight against the Aureus’Aevum as well as why he was an orphan when he had living family on both of his parent’s sides that could have taken him in. Also, we get to see that Trixie was in the story back then, even if she was only in the crowd watching Ahir perform.

Those have been some of the major difference between the two drafts so far, and I’ll try my best to keep you updated on what is happening in the rewrite as I keep working on it. If this post can get fifteen likes I will post a sample of one of the new chapters to show you what the chapter split is like, how the new version of the story is shaping, and how an elderly man told Ahir he was like a father to him. Have a great week everyone!

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