Tide Coldwater Ad

I struggled to find an ad that I wanted to write a post on this week, so I decided to start something new, something that I hope that you will enjoy. I’m going to be uploading old ads that I worked on and made, most were projects that I did in school, and some will be new ones that I’ll work on to keep my ad making skills fresh, and to create a portfolio. If you want to see this ad, click on the link down below and it should take you to it.

tide coldwater ad

I chose to start this process with one of the first ads I ever designed with Indesign, one of Tide Coldwater detergent. I think that this is a pretty good ad, although if I had the opportunity I would most likely go back and redo the wording a bit, but that’s what every writer thinks about everything they make, right? I chose the coloring for the background of this ad to match the coloring of packaging for the product. For the project we had to come up with twenty five different possible taglines, and then choose the one that we felt was best.

I know this is much shorter than my normal articles, but if this is something you want to see more of, let me know and I’ll bring you more of these old projects of mine.


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