Beast Blades, Chapter 10: Joining the Rebellion Part 3

Kevin shifted his head to the side and said, “Follow me.” He turned and started off deeper into the camp, and he kept on turning his head to make sure that Apollos was following him still. Apollos always returned his looks with a smile, and Kevin would just snort in reply. Kevin stopped outside of a tent, and turned to face Apollos. “I don’t much care for outsiders like you, so you had best keep on your best behaviour, because I won’t hesitate to take you out.”

Apollos shook his head. “My dear man, if you don’t care for outsiders, how has your rebellion grown? Surely not all of you could have joined together and decided to rebel all at once! Us joining the rebellion was all that Tara would talk about while we were journeying, she tried to recruit everyone we came across!”

Kevin shook his head. “Things have changed since Tara left. We found out that one of our newer recruits was sending reports of our goings on to Geraldo. It seems to reason that he would try and get new spies into our midst.”

Apollos shook his head. “I have never understood why people would want to follow such a tyrant, he seems bent on only conquering the whole region.”

Kevin snorted. “I didn’t want to talk politics with you, I just wanted you to know that I’ll be watching you extra close, so don’t you try anything. Malcolm is inside the tent.”

Apollos nodded to the man and pulled the flap of the tent open. Malcolm sat behind a desk inside of the tent going over figures on a scrap of parchment with a quill pen. He had a pair of glasses pushed all the way up his nose and a candle burned on either side of the desk. Several chests sat against the walls of the tent and there was a third smaller one tucked under a bed that that sat against the back.

Apollos placed his hands on his hips and started chuckling. “I knew that you were going to try and sell some beast blades here, but I had no idea that you intended to stay on and run the place.”

Malcolm looked up and smiled at Apollos. “Apollos! I did not expect to see you here. Did you ever find that beast blade you were looking for? If you are here for more rumors, I’m afraid that I haven’t heard any more about the legendary beast blades since you last saw me.”

Apollos shook his head. “We found the water beast blade in the Karndale valley, just as you said, though you could have been a little more specific on which part of the valley it was in. Spent almost two whole days looking for it.”

Malcolm chuckled, “I gave you as good of instructions as I could based off of the vision I received of it. I’m sure that Lucas and Tara had a fun time looking for it. Where is Lucas? I didn’t think the boy would ever leave your side after he found the legendary beast blades.”

Apollos looked down at the ground. “I’m afraid that the river claimed Lucas.”

Malcolm’s laughter died on his lips and he looked down at the ground. “I’m sorry to hear that, Apollos. Our hope died with that boy; even if the rebellion is able to resist Geraldo for a while, we won’t be able to win.”

Apollos shook his head. “You can’t give up hope yet; the blades will chose another to take Lucas’ place, and when they do I will go to help that person. Until that happens, my place is here with the rebellion where I can make a difference. What about you, I know you planned to make a stop here to peddle your beast blades, but I was surprised to hear that you were still here.”

Malcolm shrugged. “The rebellion bought up my supply of beast blades, and while it made me very wealthy, it also put me in a pickle. Where am I supposed to get more beast blades to refill my stock? Now that the catacombs have been compromised in Sharen City it will be much more difficult to resupply. The rebellion offered to have me become their quartermaster and handle their supplies for them.”

Apollos looked at Malcolm suspiciously. “That’s very kind of you to bring your skill set to the rebellion’s aid, but I know you aren’t doing this out of the kindness of your heart, what is in it for you?”

Malcolm grinned mischievously. “Well, they have offered to feed me and give me a place to sleep, they assured me this tent is only temporary while they work on building my cabin.they pay me ten gold a week to look over their numbers and handle the supplies for them. Not only that, but I get ten percent of however much I save them by going through my contacts for getting them supplies.”

Apollos shook his head. “In other words, you are making out like a bandit.”

Malcolm shrugged. “What can I say? I have a nose for good deals.” Malcolm hurried over to one of his chests and pulled out a bottle with a red liquid splashing around inside of it, and two glasses. “What do you say, would you care to have a drink with me?”

Apollos held up his hands and shook his head. “Perhaps later. I was hoping to try and teach hand to hand fighting to some of the rebels here. I think it could help to make a difference having skilled fighters going against Geraldo.”

Malcolm swatted a hand at Apollos, “Bah! You just got here, take the evening off and relax with an old friend a little! You can always start your training in the morning once you have had a chance to recover from your travels.”

Apollos stroked his beard as he pondered Malcolm’s offer. “Very well, perhaps I will have one glass.”


Aldrick strode through the camp with a man walking next to him on every side. It frustrated him that it took so much for them to trust him. He was risking everything by betraying Geraldo to help these fighters, and they wanted to imprison him! If they knew who he really was he was sure they wouldn’t have hesitated to kill him right then and there, and he wouldn’t have blamed them. Why did Apollos have to chose now of all times to join with the rebellion? Why couldn’t he have gone of seeking more legendary beast blades? He could have feigned that he was chasing Apollos and Tara still for a while longer. Instead that Acerbus had escaped to give Geraldo a warning of his betrayal, and he was expecting Elymas’ first strike to come any time now.

Aldrick saw a man look up at him and then run off into the camp. Aldrick sighed. He didn’t understand why he made so many people uneasy, as far as they should be able to tell he was just another person here to fight against Geraldo. Thomas paused in front of a tent and grabbed onto the flap. He pointed a finger at Aldrick and said, “We’re going to be watching everything you do, so don’t even think of trying anything funny, understand?”

Aldrick held his hands up and smiled. “I have nothing but the best of intentions, I’m here to help.”

Thomas glared at Aldrick and pulled the tent flap open for him. Aldrick entered inside and saw a table with a map spread out on it. Stones and small marks were scattered around the map. Aldrick looked over the map and frowned. The rebellion was far too spread out, they would need to consolidate their forces if they hoped to be able to stand against Elymas.

Thomas grunted and said, “You have a problem with what you are seeing?”

Aldrick nodded his head. “I am seeing many problems. The rebellion is too spread out, Elymas is going to be able to just sweep through your forces at his leisure if things remain like this.”

Thomas looked over the map and asked, “What would you suggest?”

“We need to bring everyone into this camp and build up some defenses around it. I hope that we never end up fighting a battle here, but if we do, I want to be prepared for it. We need to focus on doing quick strikes and then retreating. If we try to do a prolonged battle with Elymas, his magic is going to overwhelm us.”

Thomas shook his head. “If we do quick attacks and then retreat, won’t he just follow us back to our camp and destroy us there?”

“Not if we do it right. Our forces that do the attacks will scatter and lead them on a merry chase until we’ve gotten them so turned around they won’t know where to look for us. We can even have multiple ambushes set up to take advantage of their confusion while the first force retreats. We won’t be able to rely on that particular tactic too often though; they may come to expect it and turn it ugly for us.”

Thomas nodded his head slowly. “They are going to make their way to our camp eventually though. What do we do then?”

Aldrick gestured to the tent overhead. “It doesn’t look like you have too many permanent buildings here, we’ll have to become a mobile camp for now and use this place as our last stand once we get some defenses set up. Do you have any scouts here?”

Thomas closed his eyes for a second and replied, “Yes, I believe we have three?”

Aldrick shook his head. “Three isn’t going to be enough. In order for this strategy to work we’re going to need at least twenty scouts out watching for enemy movements at all times. We will have to train scouts and swordsmen before Elymas can take us by surprise.”

Thomas looked at Aldrick as if he was crazy. “Swordsmen? Why would be need swordsmen when we have beast blades to fight for us?”

Aldrick sighed. “This is a mistake that so many make these days. That old man that came into camp with Tara and me? He has defeated more beast blades with his sword then he has with actual beast blades. In the hands of a master, a sword is a very deadly thing, and it doesn’t leave you defenseless in the middle of a fight. Also Elymas won’t expect it, and I will need every surprise I have at my disposal to match wits with him.”

Thomas shrugged. “If you say so. Do you have a spot picked out for your first attack?”

Aldrick smiled mischievously. “Indeed I do. Elymas is most likely going to come on this road here.” Aldrick pointed to a road that crossed the Falance province from the northeast to the southwest. “I want to dig a series of holes alongside the road here.” He pointed to a spot on the map where the road crossed the James River. “We can hide rebels in the holes armed with earth beast blades. While Elymas and his troops are walking on the road, we can collapse it from under him and make a quick assault with earth and water beast blades.”

Barnabas strode into the tent with two armed men on either side of him. “Arrest that man.”

Thomas turned and looked at Barnabas with confusion as the two rebels armed with swords grabbed onto either of Aldrick’s arms. “What seems to be the problem, Barnabas? Nathan was just going over his plans for how to fight against Elymas.”

Barnabas growled, “His name isn’t Nathan; he’s General Aldrick, and he has been sent here to destroy us!”

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