Dairy Management Inc. Radio Ad

This is an ad that I had to design for one of my advertising classes in college. The challenge was to write a sixty second jingle for radio for Dairy Management Inc. My first task was to find a song that I wanted to use the music from and parody the words to promote the purchase of cheese as well. I finally settled on Eye of the Tiger by Journey partially because I liked the tempo of the song, but the fact that Wield Al wrote a song parodying it may have helped to sway my decision as well.

Next I sat down and tried to come up with lyrics that would convey the message I was trying to create and still went with the tempo of the song. I ended up creating the commercial that is down below.

I feel that this ad has a lot of the important elements that go into a good ad. It is entertaining and uses catchy music that will be familiar to people. I gives contact information so that people can find out more about the brand if they are interested in learning more about what is being advertised. It mentions the products they are trying to sell in this ad, and lists the benefits of using the product, or eating cheese in this case. Maybe you disagree with. If you do, leave your comments down below about how you think this ad could be improved. I would love to learn how to better make ads so that products and brands can be effectively advertised as well as make people excited to see the commercials. I want to bring about an age of advertising where people aren’t tricked into buying products they don’t need with gimmicks and false advertising, but one where companies and consumers can effectively communicate. Thanks for taking the time to listen to what I had to say, and please enjoy the ad down below. Just don’t ask me to sing it, because I can’t sing.

SFX: Eye of the Tiger Music Up and Under
SINGER: Lives on farm, milks his cows
Then he processes his dairy.
Him and his family, making some cheese,
Does this work to earn his pay.
Works so hard, doesn’t relax
Loads his truck up with dairy.
On the weekends he goes into town,
Stands in the market and says,
We’ve got coby and string cheese
We have monterey jack
If you want some pizza we have mozzarella
Spice up your sandwich with a slice of provolone
And you might want some cream cheese for… your bagel.
ANNCR: Support your local farmers by buying delicious cheese. Cheese is so amazing that will make you say ‘Ahh, cheese’ and sing a song. Cheese has protein, calcium, and many other important nutrients. Visit http://www.Ilovecheese.com.

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