Rebellion on Aquore, Chapter 7: Working Together Part 2

Tarren sat on top of a large mound of earth at the mining site that Scott and John had wanted to meet with him. He watched Scott and John nervously talk to each other and considered why they would want to meet with him. Perhaps John asked him here so that he could kill Tarren, or maybe Scott wanted to get his hands on Tarren for taking that glove from his house. Either way, Tarren really couldn’t blame them after all the harm that he caused this planet.

Thoughts of leaving filled Tarren’s mind. They didn’t know that Tarren was here yet, or if they did they hadn’t given any indication that they did. He could slip away without them ever knowing he had been there. He was certain that putting that mask and glove somewhere no one would ever find it and forgetting that he had ever seen it would eventually help things to go back to normal. At least he hoped that it would.

Tarren sighed. He had wanted to talk with John to see if he had any ideas for fixing the damage that had been done, and this was as good an opportunity as any. He cleared his throat and said in a deep gravely voice. “Good evening.” John and Scott jumped and looked around the mining site for the source of the voice. Tarren continued, “I wanted to start this meeting off by saying how sorry I am for the events that my actions have brought to pass. This was never my intention, and I came here tonight in the hopes that you would share some wisdom with me on how to fix this situation.”

Scott finally found Tarren and smiled. “Ah, the Masked Man. It is truly an honor to meet you. Those attacks of yours has certainly gotten this planet into a bit of an uproar.”

Tarren flinched at his words and replied, “I only want to try and make right what I have done and help things to go back to normal.”

Scott shook his head. “It’s too late for things to go back to normal I’m afraid. Our only option is to continue with your attacks. It’s the only way that this planet will be freed of the tyranny of the government. I think that we need to keep hitting the government hard and where it will hurt them the most. We want you to keep attacking the mining sites, including one of mine. The government will have no choice but to increase the guard on every mining site, which will spread them thin. Once they are, we can do one final assault on the Pedestal and get the senate to a position where they have no choice but to negotiate with us.”

Tarren shook his head. “At what cost? Look at how bad things have gotten for everyone from just two attacks? If we do more the Enforcers might start striking out at the people, and I don’t want more innocent blood on my hands.”

Scott sighed. “It’s already too late. If we turn back now the government will see it as a weakness, and know that they can use the people against us to get anything they want. We have no choice but to continue what you started.”

Tarren paused. What Scott was saying made sense, and it did seem like it would make things better for everyone in the long run. “What you are saying makes sense, but I don’t know if I’ll be lucky enough to get away if the Enforcers are waiting for me again.”

Scott smiled slyly. “Not to worry, you won’t be going in alone. We want you to work with the rebellion on this. Together we’ll be stronger than either of us was before this.”

Tarren turned and looked at John. “You have been pretty quiet, John. If I remember correctly you said that you would see me dead if I ever tried to contact the rebellion. What are your thoughts on this?”

John’s hands formed into fists at his side. “This whole business if foolish and risky. We are basing the future of this planet and the families that live here on this plan, and if we screw up, there are no second chances.” John sighed before he continued. “But I feel that Scott is right. We have no choice but to move forward at this time if we ever want things to get better. The rebellion will welcome you into our ranks, if you so choose to work with us.”

Tarren sat in silence for a few moments thinking about Scott and John’s arguments. Finally he replied, “I will work on this with you, but I do not want to be a part of the rebellion at this time.”

Confusion filled Scott’s face. “Whyever not? John tells me that you were eager to join with the rebellion the last time you met with him.”

“I’m sure there are many miners in the rebellion, like John, who resent me for what I have done. They may think things will get better if they were to turn me over to the Enforcers. Not only that, but as long as I don’t know who you are, and you don’t know who I am, if one of us is captured we can’t betray the others. I wish to work in anonymity for as long as I can.”

Scott nodded his head. “I can respect your wishes, though I don’t know how the rebellion will take it. They may not want to work with someone that they don’t know.”

Tarren turned away from Scott and John. “I can walk away right now and you won’t have to worry about the whole thing any longer.”

Scott shrugged. “Very well, we will proceed as you wish. John and I will call a meeting with the rebellion and discuss our first strike. I’m assuming that we can get in touch with you the same way that we did today?”

Tarren nodded his head. “That is fine. I will await your next meeting request. Until then, may the chaos that is consuming this planet leave you untouched.” Tarren lept off of the mound he was standing on over to the next and made his way away from the mining site.


Scott watched the Masked Man leave the mining site, and hurried after him in an effort to try and give him an idea of where to look for him. It didn’t take long for the Masked Man to pass from his sight, and he doubled over breathing deeply. John hurried over to his side and looked at him with confusion. “What were you trying to do?”

Scott replied in between gasps of air. “I’m trying to figure out who he really is. You want to know too, don’t you?”

John nodded his head. “Of course I do, but what good is chasing after him going to do? Did you expect him to take his mask off once he was out of our sight?”

Scott shook his head. “I have several people that I suspect may be the Masked Man, but after seeing the direction that he left, I’ve just ruled Tarren out.”

John’s eyes opened wide. “Tarren? You think that Tarren is behind the mask?”

Scott shrugged. “You have to admit that these attacks are something that Tarren would want to do if he could.”

John nodded his head. “You may be right, but how could he do anything like this? He doesn’t have access to the type of technology that this Masked Man uses.”

“Who knows where this Masked Man got his equipment? It’s not important though, he’s going to work with us now. I have a cold dinner waiting for me at home, so I’m going to call it a night. Set up a meeting with the rebellion for two nights from now. We’ll discuss how to move forward then.”

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